Still Using the Rev Tonneau Cover? Up Your Game With the DECKED Drawer System

Still Using the Rev Tonneau Cover? Up Your Game With the DECKED Drawer System

Buying a pickup truck is one thing. Owning it is another. When you own your truck, you care about improving its form and function. With a wide range of aftermarket truck parts, you can personalize your pickup truck however best fits you and its needs.

But in all that there is, something remains true to almost any pickup truck owner: the satisfaction that their gear is safe and secure in the truck bed. Most aftermarket truck parts dealers understand the importance. That is why there are more tonneau cover providers than ever thought possible. As styles, brands, and materials to choose from increase, shopping for a stunning and robust tonneau cover has easily seemed pretty overwhelming. But keep calm. There is a solution for you. With more information on what to look for in a tonneau cover, it can lead you to select a perfect one. That is a cover that can do the most for your truck, inside and out.

Factors to consider for your next tonneau cover

There is a wide variety of bed customization options, and almost all of the products in the market offer great solutions for different reasons. But remember, a cover can work for one truck but might not for another. Maybe its preference, the truck needs, or generally a quality priority. Whatever is your reason, there is something for everyone. But before getting into that, when shopping for your next tonneau cover, here are several things you should consider a priority.

The essence of a tonneau cover is to prevent unwanted access either from elements that can potentially harm your cargo or thieves. The best choice is a cover that can offer all that together.

Some covers keep morons from accessing the truck bed, including the owner. But that is not how it should be. You need a cover that prevents thieves, with a design that will give you full access to the truck bed. Also, the best choice is a cover that opens and closes quickly to allow ease of use.

The best tonneau cover is one that can last for the long haul. This factor is vital, especially if you load and unload cargo repeatedly; of course, you want one that meets your needs and budget. However, to enjoy a high-quality cover, you need to be capable and willing to go a bit over the board with your spending.

Moreover, the warranty equals trust. Some dealers offer no or limited warranty, while others offer a lifetime warranty on covers. But the best tonneau cover should protect your investment.


While Tonneau Covers have come in handy in securing Pickup Bed cargo, there are times you need more than just coverage.You may need organization, an assurance of extra security and power.In short , you need the DECKED Drawer System.

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Most popular types of tonneau covers in the market

As said before, there is something for everyone. Covers are in many types and styles, but the most popular options you can consider are here.

  • Soft or hard rolling covers
  • Soft or hard folding covers
  • Retractable covers
  • One-piece solid covers

Tonneau cover brands

Selecting a tonneau cover for your truck is a process. You can get the best type from the various options and still get it wrong if you go by the wrong brand. Why is the brand crucial? Honestly, it is everything. From products' materials, installation, affordability, warranty, compatibility, technique, and more. But stay tuned as we bring you up to speed.

Tonneau covers are critical pick up truck accessories for securing your cargo tray , but DECKED does more than that.You have a full bed piece of equipment that makes it possible to protect , secure and organize your cargo.

What is the absolute impact of a brand?

The following is a review of Rev brand of tonneau covers and a low down of their pros and cons. Rev is one of the most popular tonneau covers in the market, offering great hard folding and hard rolling tonneau cover solutions. Nonetheless, have you heard about the DECKED? The uncategorized and matchless DECKED system cover; don't sweat it. More of it later. It is a suitable substitute for a Rev tonneau cover. But first, let's look at the Rev brand of tonneau covers.

Pros of Rev tonneau cover

  • Durable materials    

The material that goes into a tonneau cover determines how long it will last.The Rev tonneau cover is polyester made. It is a good quality material that guarantees protection to your truck bed.

  • Waterproof material

Water is a critical element that you want to keep from your truck due to the damages it could cause. Tonneau cover by rev got your truck covered. The materials get designed with an exemplary permeability feature.

  • Easy to install

Rev tonneau cover installation is light and easy as the company uses honeycomb, a quality material at the core, including adjustable wheels.

  • Tight security

Tonneau cover by rev comes with a lock attached to the box to enhance security for your truck's belongings.  

Cons of Rev tonneau cover

Despite the range of benefits that Rev Tonneau covers offer, they come with significant shortcomings that equally affect user experience.

  • Limited warranty

Warranty is crucial when getting a tonneau cover shipment. What happens when something goes wrong and you have already invested your money? Sometimes defects occur with anything like the material, and you want assurance of remedy either through repairs or exchange and even refund. Rev has a limited warranty policy which means there are inherent restrictions to the purported protection guarantee against product problems.  

  • Price

Rev tonneau cover is one of those pickup truck accessories that you'd have to break the bank to acquire. Its pricing is not very accommodating to clients on a budget. Therefore, if the price is a central variable when looking for a tonneau cover for your truck, it is not the place for you.

DECKED comes as a package of accessories to make your tools and cargo arrangement and organization better.


The Rev brand cover has built a good reputation for their products. That gives the market a level of confidence in thm. It's a good thing. But you know what! It is more beneficial having a substitute that can give you all of that, plus extra offers for an incredible experience. That's where DECKED comes in.

DECKED Truck Bed Storage System

Why DECKED should be your substitute truck bed cover

DECKED is all about creating a Truck Bed Drawer System and Truck Bed Tool Box from scratch to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. Our product lines are successful outcomes of learning and improving with time to ensure we bring our products into the 21st century with style and innovation.


Material means a lot about the quality of a tonneau cover. Our products got you on that because they're made of materials from the future. The toolboxes get a high-impact polymer resin material. Plus, the design gets reinforcement with galvanized steel and aluminum.

Generally, plenty of scientific engineering goes into making our toolboxes for trucks, but that is not intriguing enough until you comprehend the benefit that comes with all the effort. Before going for the benefits, other perks should encourage you to step up your next tonneau cover with the DECKED system.

Some unique Specs

Large enough. That should already sound right. It means accommodating the flatbed of most trucks. Remember, there is something for everyone, and DECKED enables that dream to come true for you.As much as other brands have the space, ours has a massive edge—large storage boxes with an inbuilt aluminum ladder as an optional add-on.


With DECKED Drawer System there is just nothing you cant do, securing tools, huge cargo , filed service items you name it.

DECKED Truck Bed Storage System Benefits


Rev hard rolling tonneau cover or hard folding tonneau cover achieves the essence of a tonneau cover. But using the DECKED system protects your truck's cargo tray much better. It is so tough. It'll make a crowbar cry because of the rigid, durable, long-wearing, long-lasting materials that go into its manufacturing. Picture this, you can try to bend it, break it, or abuse it in any manner, but it is resistant. Equally, your cargo gets protection from any element.

The Drawer System Boasts a 2000lb payload on the upper surface and a 200lb payload on each sliding drawer.These are not features you'd find in a tonneau cover


This one's for you if you are in a crime-ridden area and looking to secure your truck with an indestructible bed cover. It is thief proofing. It is lock enabled, and you control it with keys. Plus, it is so tough even a crowbar cannot break a thief into your cargo.


Water is a culprit you want to keep away from your truck bed. DECKED materials are water-resistant, enabled by galvanized steel that is also corrosion-proof. You are sure that using it as your next tonneau cover gives your equipment a chance to last and serve you longer.

It is a brilliant organizing system

Imagine a tonneau cover that protects your truck and keeps it organized on top. Honestly, it is an option for grabs and to brag about because, as a truck guy, you understand the convenience that comes with an organized truck bed. Primarily, you enjoy the accessibility of equipment, and you are also sure to find them where you left them after locking them in your truck. Our Accessory Line has improved that, which better be your next space solution if you are serious about your truck.

With DECKED, you'd carry weight the equivalent of a half tonne truck and still expect it to function perfectly.

Easy installation 

Installing a bed cover on your truck should be a straightforward process to save your time. DECKED system installation is precisely that. Well thought through to accommodate a DIY option, which is clearly outlined in a video guide and  instruction manuals. No drilling or assembling is necessary.


While rev tonneau cover gets a limited warranty, DECKED goes all out on this by giving you a generous lifetime cover. We readily attend to calls seeking a replacement in case of damage because we like to link with our customers to protect their interests.

Free shipping

DECKED products are 100% US-made. All orders throughout the country get delivered to you for free, and the best part is that you get quality service. The package arrives at your doorstep covered adequately to ensure all parts are intact.

Most flat truck beds can fit

While most rev industries' tonneau cover has a limited truck model edition, the DECKED fits most flat truck beds. If your truck lacks a tonneau cover to fit, we provide another opportunity for your bed truck. We are constantly customizing the container spaces to develop the capacity to fit a broader range of truck models.

  • 2020 - Decked Jeep Gladiator with 5' BED LENGTH Black

What makes DECKED an exceptional substitute tonneau cover?

The DECKED system is not your average grandad's toolbox. The materials, science, and designs are futuristic as they get built with a structure in mind to achieve the essence of a truck bed cover successfully.

Suitability is another area of our expertise. DECKED designs allow seamless access to your cargo. The drawer systems can smoothly slide in and out, and can be operated at waist level with little strain.

Rve Tonneau covers are merely cargo tray covers and may not withstand significant weight or pressure nor can they offer a platform for serious cargo holding. On the other hand,the DECKED Drawer System can hold up to 200lbs of gear while maintaining a 2000lb payload capacity with tie-down points for actual cargo carrying capacity. WE are confident you would love that quickly.

DECKED Drawers will hold everything tight. You can stop the worry of items moving around uncontrolled. Our accessories line helps organize your truck bed to work better and is generally badass.

Generally, DECKED is a suitable substitute for a tonneau. It can keep your stuff out of the elements, out of sight, and from flying out of your truck bed just like a tonneau cover does. On top of it, keep your stuff organized and accessible. Another catch you would not want to miss is that you can organize things inside DECKED, and put others on top of it as it can withstand a substantial weight on. There is also an option of topping it off with a tonneau, especially if your truck leaves a good space after installing DECKED drawer systems. It all works together to store, organize, access, and protect your gear, which can help your truck bed look sexy like your truck. That sounds like a dream come true.