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Go Beyond the Extreme Tool Box with the Truck Tool Box That Pushes Every Limit You Do


Go Beyond the Extreme Tool Box with the Truck Tool Box That Pushes Every Limit You Do  


Limitations? They’re just not cool. You work hard, you play hard, and you need the tools and gear that will keep up with you. That goes for a truck tool box, too. So far, maybe it’s been all in the name for you — an Extreme tool box has a lot to offer, for example, as the name implies. Maybe an Extreme tool box review has caught your eye, and you’ve looked for an Extreme tool box for sale.


Yep, it’s got a lot. But it doesn’t have everything.


And when it comes to a tool box that’s durable, designed like Fort Knox, weatherproof, and easy to organize, we’ll risk bragging a little bit and point to our own DECKED Tool Box.


Hey, if you work hard at something and make it the best it can be, you should be proud of it, right?


We’re not ones to bash the competition. We recognize good work when we see it. An Extreme Tools tool box might meet many of your needs, but if you really want to take it to the limit, you can push hard every day with the DECKED Tool Box bringing the performance you demand.


This Tool Box is from this century. You need modern materials and design to push your performance to the extreme these days. The DECKED Tool Box is made from materials from the future. And it’ll last you for many years to come.


“Put up or shut up,” you might say.


We thought you’d never ask.




A man wearing a baseball cap starts to take a blue-cover D-Box out of an open and full DECKED Tool Box installed in the bed of a white pickup truck. The optional ladder is deployed.

Your DECKED Tool Box in saddle style is the tool box that looks as good as your truck, and it works and plays as hard as you do, too. The average Extreme tool box offers a lot, but not all that the DECKED Tool Box does.

Go Beyond What’s Offered in an Extreme Tool Box


You want a tool box that goes with you. You need one that will last. And you want all the best qualities in a truck tool box that’ll help you get the job done.


Check. Check. And … check. That’s the DECKED Tool Box.


Our saddle style tool box was engineered right here in the USA. We want to make the lives of working men and women better, and we push ourselves to the limits with that in mind in everything we do. The DECKED Tool Box easily installs in your truck, and it’s tough, secure, weatherproof, and built with a few surprises on board.


It could be that you’ve seen favorable Extreme Tools tool box reviews. Maybe you’ve compared an Extreme tool box vs. Snap-on, or looked at an Extreme pro series tool box. But can you easily take these tool boxes with you to the jobsite or campsite?


You’ve got places to be. A tool box with its own wheels built onto the bottom has limits. Take the DECKED Tool Box with you when you go.


  • One-of-a-kind built-in access
  • Durability that’s thief-proof
  • Weatherproof design
  • Made to be organized
  • Little surprises with big advantages


Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.



A construction worker in a yellow hard hat pulls the optional ladder out of the DECKED Tool Box installed in a white pickup truck while at a construction site.

Ever seen a ladder built into a saddle style truck tool box? You have now. We’ve built the DECKED Tool Box with an optional ladder that folds right into the box and out of the way when not in use.


Optional Ladder Nests Right in the DECKED Tool Box


Quick access to your entire saddle style truck tool box can be a trick. It’s fixed in place just behind the cab, and unless you’re 10 feet tall and bulletproof, you can’t stand beside your pickup and still reach gear in the bottom of that cavernous box. And “standing on your tippy toes” is something that’s fine for a child — but not a grown adult on the job site.


We’ve all been there. You can come up with a few silly gymnastics moves to try to get to tools deep inside the box, and you might get some laughs from co-workers and a strained muscle or two for your trouble. Or you can climb up on the tailgate and into the back of the truck and crawl to the box.


See? Limitations … totally uncool.


Now you’ve got a better choice: the optional integrated ladder that you can order with your DECKED tool box.


The nesting step ladder slides right out of the box but still gives you access to all your gear. It drops to the ground even on a lifted truck, and it’ll clear the side of the truck so it won’t damage your ride.


Open the DECKED Tool Box lid, pull out the ladder, and before you know it you’ll actually feel like you’re 10 feet tall (we can’t do much about the bulletproof part). Made from 6000 series aluminum, the ladder can be purchased separately.


Step up your game — and right into easy access to all your gear.


Of course, you don’t want sticky-fingered thieves to get to your tools, tackle, ammo, or camping gear. So our tool box is easy for you to get into — but puts a hard limit on the goals of any criminal.




A construction worker on the job site stands on the optional ladder to get a tool out of the DECKED Tool Box, shown with its lid open and installed in a white truck.

The reinforced 30-pound lid on the DECKED Tool Box keeps thieves at bay and makes worries about sag just a memory.


Keep Your Stuff In and Thieves Out


We could say the DECKED Tool Box is built of injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement.


Or we can just say it’s badass tough.


Either way, we’re right, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve built this tool box with a sturdy lock and latch system and galvanized steel-reinforced top. The steel reinforcement offers extra stability and security.


Our tool box is easy on the eyes, tough on thieves.


It’s impact resistant and impossible to break into with a pry bar. You can’t even put a dent in it — literally. It won’t ding, dent, or rust. Its tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points. It’s so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.


Designed like Fort Knox, the DECKED Tool Box includes a steel armored locking mechanism with a driver side lock, and it comes with two keys. One lock secures multiple latch points. The lid must be open for the tool box to be removed from your truck.


Did we mention that it’s weatherproof? Well, we’re about to get into that.


Even in the most demanding conditions, such as at a dusty, dirty construction site, the DECKED Tool Box is tough enough to go the distance. It's pictured here installed in a black pickup truck, with the lid open, and full of gear.

At work or at play, you and Mother Nature can throw anything you’ve got at the DECKED Tool Box, and it can take it.

Take Mother Nature’s Extremes Beyond An Extreme Tool Box


Keep your gear bone dry, even when you’re soaked to the bone.


Molded, not welded, by design, the DECKED tool box features a seamless lid and tub. Think Tupperware — when closed, the box seals tightly with an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) gasket. The upstanding lip is overlapped by the lid when it’s down, essentially creating a rain gutter.


You’ll never be distracted on the hunt, on the job, or on the boat by worries that a sudden summer downpour will ruin your extra gear. Enclosed in the DECKED Tool Box, everything from your dad’s Remington to that new circular saw is safe in all kinds of weather. Your stuff will stay completely dry.


We’ve tested the DECKED Tool Box at 180 degrees and -5 degrees. It’s engineered to the max. Anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware in the box mean durability that you can count on today, tomorrow, and beyond.


A worker wearing a white hard hat stands on the optional integrated ladder to reach into the back of a white pickup to access the DECKED Tool Box, where gear is organized by accessories including a blue-lid D-Box.

With a D-Box and Snack Tray included, the DECKED Tool Box makes organizing your tools and other gear a snap.

Our Tool Box is Made to be Organized Your Way


Some tool boxes dictate your organizational system for you with a whole lot of drawers. Think Snap-on extreme green tool box or the Extreme tool box 56. And bigger — like the Extreme Tools 72 inch tool box, for example — doesn’t always mean better.


Organize the way you want to with accessories like the D-Box and Snack Tray for the DECKED Tool Box. One of each comes with every DECKED Tool Box, and you can add to the mix with more to make the most of storage efficiency.


The D-Box secures right into the tool box. Each one is weather-sealed and engineered tough in heavy duty plastic. Store your most-used tools in the D-Box, then grab it and go when it’s time to push the limits of your day.


The Snack Tray cargo bin stays put in grooves on each side of the DECKED Tool Box and gives you quick and easy access to loose bits and small items. Adding a second Snack Tray to your tool box is up to you; it’ll fit without the optional ladder.


With these accessories in place, you’ve still got plenty of room for both small and larger items, ranging from hand tools and battery packs to bolt cutters and compressors. Organizing the DECKED Tool Box is one part of your day that has practically no limits. You can use the energy you save by being well-organized for your next adventure.




A motorcycle rider secures his dirt bike in the back of a pickup using tie downs built right into the DECKED Tool Box, shown with its lid open.

The DECKED Tool Box just doesn’t have the limits of options like the Extreme tool box 41 or Extreme tool box 72. Tie-downs are one of the big details on the DECKED box, and there’s a pair located right where you need them.


Be Surprised in the Best Way by Details from DECKED


Little surprises can mean big problems  — not so with the DECKED Tool Box, which features built-in surprises that are all good. But then, we like to give our fellow truck owners more than they expect.


Our tool box beats the standard limits we all think of for a saddle style box. Let’s start with the pre-installed tie-downs. They’re handy right at the base of the tub so you can anchor down anything from a motorcycle to a load of boxes to go along with you for the ride.


Don’t forget the gas struts and torsion system, which means effortless lid opening. You don’t have to worry about the 30-pound lid slamming down on your fingers, either. When open, it stays in place.


In addition, the DECKED Tool Box uses solid brackets and bolts that fasten inside of it to attach to your truck. It takes just a couple of minutes to install in your truck and uses four clamps to hold tight to the bed rails.


You can look at a 72 Extreme tool box or an Extreme green tool box, and while those are quality alternatives, you won’t find these kinds of options.


Looks matter, too. Your truck is sexy, your tool box should be also.


You want the tool box that looks as good as your truck, or at least looks like it came from this century. That comes right from DECKED.


Tough conditions are no match for the DECKED Tool Box, so take it wherever you go with confidence. Shown here is the box in use in the back of a pickup truck at a dirt bike track with a motorcycle in the back of the truck and the rider on the DECKED telescoping ladder to access the tool box.

Take the DECKED Tool Box to extremes wherever you go. It’ll live up to even the most formidable demands.

Take Your Work and Play to the Max, Right Past the Extreme Tool Box


This ain’t your granddad’s tool box, because it’s not 1973.


We’re all pushing the limits here in the 21st Century. We know that you go above and beyond every day. You deserve a tool box built to do the same.


Step up your game. You’ve got work to do and fun to have that demands more than the Extreme tool box. Designed with features that let you go the extra mile, the DECKED Tool Box is weatherproof, impact resistant, easy to access, and offers a whole lot more than the old dented aluminum diamond pattern saddle style box.


Did we mention it looks pretty badass too?


Dive into the details on our website. You might have considered Extreme tool box financing. That’s cool. We’ve got financing options, too — a couple of them.


It’s time to order your DECKED Tool Box. Our limited lifetime warranty means we’ll have your back. Get the details today!