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DECKED's D-Bag is a Must Have Electrician Tool Bag. Here’s Why

DECKED's D-Bag is a Must Have Electrician Tool Bag. Here’s Why

Have you found yourself rummaging around your bag for your power tools only to discover that they're not there? We all love our power tools, and you need to easily access them at all times in your line of work.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned bags that didn't stand up to trade demands. No longer will you have to worry about your bag ripping on the bottom or being unable to hold all of your power tools.

Worry no more about lugging your tools around. There’s excellent news for electricians on the move. DECKED has created a multifunctional electrician backpack tool bag that is portable, stylish, and functional.

Electricians who install and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures need to get the job done quickly and correctly.

You’re a professional. You're good at what you do. So why risk it? Protect your tools and your back with a tough bag, built to last and guaranteed not to rip, tear, or snag.

All professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts need a highly ergonomic, organized, and durable bag that is designed to organize every tool required for a complete electrical job. The bag should be spacious enough to hold almost all of the tools you need to complete any task and help facilitate easy transportation of all your gear from job site to job site.


Don't waste your time on cheaply-made electrician bags that you have to replace continually. Invest in a quality bag which will last for years while encouraging proper tool storage.

We've considered feedback from many professional electricians and have come up with some parameters to look for while buying the best tool bag for electricians.

Organization/Pockets: The critical aspect of any electrician bag is the pocket for storing screwdrivers, pliers, and all your power tools conveniently in one bag. Does the leather electrician tool bag you want to buy have room for everything and provide organized, compartmentalized, and efficient access?

Durability: Look for reinforced stitching at stress points and quality zippers that won't break easily. Will the tool bag last a lifetime, and does it have a rugged exterior and pockets that keep all your business-critical tools readily accessible and organized? How well does it hold up under repeated use and abuse?

Carrying Options: Can you switch back and forth between carrying options like shoulder straps or carrying handles for your different needs?

Construction: If you’re loading up the power tools, you’ll need a backpack to support heavy weights without damaging the seams or material. After all, you don’t want loose nuts and bolts hitting the ground, do you?

Weight Distribution: If you're working with many tools, don't skimp on the ergonomic factor. You need to evaluate how well the bag distributes the weight of tools and supplies comfortably.

Material: Small electrician tool bags are typically canvas, nylon, or leather. Which one holds up the best? And which material do you just like the look and feel of?

Therefore, you need the best rolling tool bag for electricians or electrician's tool bags to keep up with the needs and tick all the checkboxes for something as crucial as an electrician job.

Introducing the DECKED D-Bag For All Electricians

D-Bag is water-resistant, weatherproof, UV resistant, lightweight, and is designed for everything from power tools to smaller hand tools.

The DECKED D-Bag (aka the Drawer Bag) is a versatile, military-grade hybrid soft fabric front (for easy access) and hard shell back (for protection).

The D-Bag is water-resistant, weatherproof, UV resistant, lightweight, and is designed for everything from power tools to smaller hand tools. The D-Bag integrates very well with the DECKED Drawer System. Got no drawers? No problem (but we think you should get one). The D-Bag is great for solo use too.

It is designed by an expert DECKED team who was tired of the market's clumsy electrician leather tool bag. The result is a bag that stands up to abuse, maintains its shape, and is snag-free.

The rugged exterior ensures your valuable tools are protected from impact and abrasions. The interior compartment features nylon to keep everything organized and secure to load without hesitation.

Components of D-Bag

DECKED's D-Bag has been designed with the professional electrician in mind. We've spent countless hours working on our best electrician's tool bag design, functionality, and durability. We built this D-Bag for people just like you. These are lightweight, easy to carry, and exceptionally well-organized. Here are some key components that make this bag the best choice for you.

Removable Duffel Bag

This is made of 900D TPU coated nylon with thermoformed EVA foam base and provides extra storage space inside the main bag. It is secured with heavy-duty ring snaps that securely fit into the main bag. The duffel bag is perfect for carrying more oversized items such as extension cords, cutters, drills, and screwdrivers.

Removable Tool Roll

The Removable Tool Roll (also 900D TPU coated Nylon) comes inside the D-Bag (and can be purchased separately here). It is an essential carrying solution for electricians, home repair enthusiasts, and contractors requiring a set of tools and accessories to be carried in a safe, organized, and convenient way.

You can stop wasting time rooting around in pockets for your wire strippers, rivets, or electrical tape. It provides an easy way to store your tools from jobsite to jobsite.

The Removable Tool Roll (900D TPU coated Nylon) comes inside the D-Bag and provides an easy way to store your tools from Jobsite to Jobsite.


The D-Bag is built to last, with high-quality zippers, heavy-duty stitching, and a robust frame that keeps it standing upright when full. The non-snagging zipper pulls allow you to unzip even while wearing gloves.

Aluminum handles

With reinforced carry handles, it becomes easier to grab the tool bag and therefore can be taken into the field or stored on your truck without unnecessary space.

We have a table-wise feature-rich comparison of electrician's tool bags from top vendors like Milwaukee electrician's tool bag, Dewalt electrician's tool bag, Klein electrician tool bag, and CLC electricians tool bag. The detailed comparison can be checked here.  

Tool Bag








900 Denier TPU coated ballistic nylon with a thermoformed EVA foam base

Removable tool roll (900D TPU coated nylon) with heavy-duty ring snaps for security.

Removable duffel bag (900D TPU coated nylon). with heavy-duty ring snaps for security

Besides the removable tool roll and duffel bag, what you see is what you get. And that isn’t a bad thing with this bag



1680D ballistic weave with a molded bottom

Nine interior pockets, 11 exterior pockets

Orange interior for tool visibility, large zipper compartment



Heavy-duty poly fabric body and poly ballistic trim and binding

43 internal pockets, seven exterior pockets.

Large center compartment for power tools and two separate external compartments

Two zippered side compartments loaded with even more pockets



Canvas with heavy-duty feet on the bottom of the bag

Total 28 internal pockets, 13 external pockets.

LED light inside the bag with three levels of light output.



1680D ballistic material and impact resistant, molded base.

Total 53 total pockets and a fold-down front storage panel.

Protected tech pocket for a laptop or tablet and an integrated rainfly.


Depending on the type of job, you can remove and detach your components to carry around the tools you need.

Features of the D-Bag

The design of this storage unit is a culmination of a decade of innovation, research, and development. Its simple, functional, durable, and affordable designs are great for electricians, handymen, and anyone else whose work requires them to move around frequently.

Organizational Storage: With many compartments and pockets in the bag, there is plenty of room to organize your gear into separate compartments and pockets.

This bag has plenty of storage compartments for smaller items like screwdrivers and more oversized pockets for larger tools like tape measure and leveler.

Hard Yet Flexible: The rugged, ballistic EVA foam creates a hardshell bag that won't bulge or get snagged in drawers. In contrast, flexible TPU coated panels allow them to expand and collapse depending on what you need to carry.

Portable:  No matter where you are working on a job site, you should always have easy access to your essential tools. This electrician tool bag makes things more accessible because of detachable compartments to ensure you can use them in places besides your job site.

Versatility: By making sure that your bag is compact, lightweight, and portable, you can rest easy knowing that your valuable tools are never too far away from you when you need them the most.

Advantages of the D-Bag

The D-Bag features ergonomic carrying options, which means you can snap the straps in several ways to make them comfortable to carry, going from a traditional usage to a Backpack or a Crossbody Bag in a matter of minutes.

Whether you’re an electrician or just a DIY enthusiast looking for a new project, we think you’ll find that D-Bag hits all the right notes.

  • Removable tool roll and duffel bag to put your most-used tools and equipment exactly where you need them
  • Fully weatherproof and portable in nature
  • Adjustable straps to carry it as a briefcase, "pizza delivery" style, over the shoulder, or simply as a backpack
  • D-Bag is lightweight and cool-looking
  • With a compact size, you can fit all your items in one place without any hassle

The durable material is water-resistant with reinforced stitching, a padded back, and reinforced carrying handles so you can easily carry tools. It’s spacious, comfortable, and well designed, and it doesn’t compromise function for form.

Multiple Carry Options/Mode: Briefcase, Backpack, Horizontal Carry, Shoulder Sling, or No Strap

There is no one-style-fits-all bag for the electrician tool bag. Every electrician has their style of working, and thus they have their own needs of an electrician leather tool bag.

The D-Bag features ergonomic carrying options, which means you can snap the straps in several ways to make them comfortable to carry, going from a traditional usage to a backpack or a crossbody bag in a matter of minutes.

Backpack Mode: For days when you need hands-free movement around the job site but don't want to lug around a giant bag everywhere you go, try out a backpack mode. When you're climbing a ladder to reach on a second-story roof, you'll appreciate that backpack tool carrier option.

Briefcase Mode: This mode is more professional and formal than backpack mode as there is no strap hanging off of your shoulder. You can choose a briefcase mode if you work in a more formal environment.

Horizontal Carry: You can nest the handles together on the strap and then carry it horizontally.

No Straps: If you want to use the bag without the straps, you can just snap them right off with a handy minor carabiner system.  

The D-Bag was created with one goal in mind: To give you the freedom, convenience, mobility, and comfort that you deserve as an electrician. It has been designed, engineered, and tested to maximize the space and comfort of your daily commute.


The D-Bag has been designed, engineered, and tested to maximize the space and comfort of your daily commute.

We think the innovative organization, ergonomic  features, and high-quality material make it the perfect tool organizer for professional electricians. When you're at a job site, you need a bag that's easy to carry and keeps your tools secure. The last thing you need is tools falling out of open pockets.

It's just a bonus that the D-Bag fits perfectly into the DECKED Drawer System. It comes with a removable tool roll and duffel bag, as well as plenty of zippered compartments, pockets, and built-in organization for all your small tools and gear.

Altogether, you can turn your work truck into a portable tool storage unit loaded with anything and everything you might need.