Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Tonneau Cover

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Tonneau Cover


Purchasing a truck bed cover can be mind-boggling since there are several types, different brands, and various materials that are available. However, it shouldn’t be. With some important considerations, you can choose the appropriate truck bed cover for your pickup. This tonneau cover guide can help you in finding the best tonneau cover that fits your budget, your type of truck, your requirements, and more.


How to Choose the Best Tonneau Cover


Before you start shopping for your truck bed cover, be sure to consider these crucial factors.




The reasons why truck owners wanted to install tonneau covers vary. Perhaps you want to secure your truck bed while transporting some precious items. In this situation, it is greatly recommended that you should get the best hard tonneau cover with an intricate locking mechanism.


Or maybe you want to protect your truck bed from the harsh weather. In case, your main objective is to improve the look of your pickup truck, then the cover material and locking mechanism may not be relevant. Rather, you should go for the look and style. This means that you should choose the best soft tonneau cover that is created from vinyl. These kinds of tonneau covers can help in enhancing the visual appeal of your truck without spending too much.


Image of a red F150 pick-up truck.



Generally, tonneau covers are vehicle specific. In other words, the best hard folding tonneau cover could fit in one specific vehicle but not in another vehicle. There are a lot of reasons why compatibility issues may arise. For instance, the absence or presence of a bed liner, the actual size of the truck bed, and so much more. To prevent any issues during installation, be sure to check if the best roll up tonneau cover that you want to purchase is compatible with the type of your truck. Obviously, you don’t want to have the best tonneau cover 2020 that looks awkward on your truck, or something that requires you to make some changes on the parts of the truck bed.


That is why it is important that you know the size of your truck bed when looking for the best tonneau cover for ram 1500. Additionally, you must learn about its construction. This can greatly help you in finding the appropriate truck cover. Get a tape measure and take measurements. Begin at the bulkhead then move towards the inside of the tailgate. Aside from wanting to have a quality cover, you also want to have something that will fit perfectly.


Cover Material


Different materials are being used by manufacturers in creating the best tonneau cover f150. Also, each tonneau cover material has its own advantages and disadvantages. In choosing the right type, you must consider the security of your truck bed as well as your driving conditions. Keep in mind that vinyl tonneau covers are easy to clean or install and look stylish as well. Nevertheless, they are not sturdy enough and cannot provide you with sufficient security for your bed truck.


Image of a black pick-up truck with a tonneau cover.


The best retractable tonneau cover that is made of aluminum is durable, however, they can dent easily from the impact. On the other hand, fiberglass and plastic tonneau covers are weather-proof and sturdy which makes them an excellent choice for additional truck bed protection. At the same time, they are also durable and lightweight.


Easy to Clean And Maintain


Keep in mind that cleaning the best truck tonneau cover can be quite difficult. There are some truck bed cover materials that must be handled gently to prevent any damage. While other truck bed covers can be cleaned by any available materials without any problems. Also, there are some cover designs that can accumulate grime and can be more challenging when it comes to maintenance. Depending on your driving conditions and specific circumstance, you always want to have the best tri fold tonneau cover that is quick and easy to clean. Additionally, choose the best folding tonneau cover that can be cleaned by readily available materials.




The best hard tonneau cover 2020 can withstand weather beatings compared to the others. There are also covers that will fade quickly due to the weather, while others can endure through moist conditions. If you are living in a place that has a dry climate, then you should select the best hard roll up tonneau cover that can stand up to such conditions. Perhaps it could be made of metal such as an aluminum cover. Otherwise, if the climate in your area is frequently wet, then you should choose a material that does not corrode quickly, for instance, fiberglass or plastic.


Picture of a blue pick-up truck with a tonneau cover.

Easy to Install


Unfortunately, there are some truck covers which are difficult to install, for instance, a hinged, hard tonneau cover. This type of tonneau cover is large and heavy, hence, more than one person will be required to lift it onto the truck bed. Most often, a forklift will be used. The best roll-up tonneau cover or retractable cover is more compact and light. So, you can install them easily without any help. If you prefer to go the DIY way, then choose a truck bed cover that is easy to install.




Nowadays, there are a lot of tonneau cover manufacturers on the market. If you want to find the best tonneau cover 2021, then you should do some research. Read customer reviews online, most specially, on the company where you want to purchase the best roll-up tonneau cover. The viewpoint of the previous customers can greatly help you in deciding which brand is worthy to buy.




Usually, the prices of truck bed covers vary. Most often, the type of cover you choose will likely depend on the amount that you can afford. Bear in mind that hard tonneau covers are more expensive compared to the soft ones. Depending on your needs, be sure to choose the best waterproof tonneau cover that fits your budget. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to choose the cheapest covers. It is recommended that you should settle on the best rolling tonneau cover that has a moderate price. Prices that are very cheap could mean low quality, while expensive prices could mean you are buying a brand.


Image of a white pick-up truck.


If you are having some doubts, then you can always ask some recommendations from your friends or relatives who have purchased the best soft roll up tonneau cover before. Usually, they can give some information about the best brand to go for when it comes to tonneau covers. Although, it is not necessary that the brand is popular or a big company. The most important thing is the quality, and there are only less companies that manufacture quality covers.


With these considerations, you will find that purchasing the best tacoma tonneau cover for your truck will be less daunting. You can quickly find the appropriate design, type, and material for your vehicle. Most of all, you can get the one that is compatible with your truck.


Common Questions When Buying a Tonneau Cover


Where can you purchase a tonneau cover?


With regards to the question where you can buy tonneau covers, the answers may vary depending on your preference. If you are shopping online, then there are several covers that you can choose from major retail sites. You could also go to the websites of leading  manufacturers and order the best tonneau cover for chevy colorado directly from them.


On the other hand, you could search for the phrase, ”tonneau cover for sale” on search engines. The best thing about shopping online is that you will have a variety of options. Therefore, you can do a tonneau cover comparison to ensure that you are choosing the best one.


How much is the average price for tonneau covers?


For hard tonneau covers, the price could range between $500 to $2,000, while for soft covers, the price range is between $100 to $ 500.


Image of a Tundra Pick-Up Truck.


What is the average time for installing a tonneau cover?


Generally, it will depend on the type of your cover. Some are simple and easy to install on your truck bed while others are difficult and complicated to put on. The average time for the installation of a typical truck bed cover is usually between 30 to 60 minutes.


Can the tonneau cover be installed by yourself?


Absolutely. Installation of truck bed covers does not require any skills. Additionally, they also include instruction manuals that could guide you. Nevertheless, if you are not sure on what to do or you are stuck halfway on your installation, then you should get some help.


How to Maximize Your Truck Bed Space


The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System can make car camping easier than ever. It is designed to maximize the space on your truck bed while making it look good at the same time. Sometimes pickup truck conversion can be overwhelming. However, perfectly constructed models can give you the best car camping experience. But what if you don’t have the time or the technical expertise needed for storage remodeling? The good news is, DECKED manufactures storage systems that are intended to maximize space and promote cleanliness while making your pickup truck look good.


How the DECKED Storage Systems Company Started


In 2013, the company launched storage systems that are made of recycled U.S. materials. Rather than creating plywood storage systems, they choose to adopt environmentally-friendly storage systems with sleek designs. DECKED Truck Bed Drawer Systems are entirely made in the U.S., specifically in Northwest Ohio.


A person opening drawers on the DECKED Storage System.


The initial launching of DECKED became a continuous series of easily-accessible weatherproof drawer systems accompanied by dividers and containers. These are ideal for storing and organizing tools, camping gear, hunting and fishing supplies, equipment, hardware, and many more. DECKED also manufactures bags which are perfect for organizing small items. These are very valuable for any road trip to make sure that you have everything you need.  


Every DECKED accessory can fit snugly into the drawer system. The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System comes with anti-theft locking systems and allows you to customize your storage system. You can choose your own preferred specification while keeping everything organized and clean. Installing the DECKED storage system also means that you don’t have to sacrifice the weight. The drawers are equipped with covers that can hold up to 2,000-pound payload, so you can easily carry all your gear without having a second thought.


The DECKED storage system is made of high-quality materials which is great for a few days of off-the-grid camping in the mountains. Aside from carrying all your gear, the system can comfortably carry all your accessories even the ones which you didn’t end up using. Camp cooking is never an issue, thanks to its drawers which can be used as a cutting board, stove, or a sink.


The people who are behind these do-it-all products are willing to go an extra mile just to produce a product that can work best for you and your pickup truck. The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System will be shipped free of charge and installation does not require any drilling.


A person organizing items on a DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System.


Depending on the model and make of your vehicle, the prices of DECKED storage systems can range between $1,150 and $1,500 and come with a lifetime warranty. When browsing the company’s products, make sure that it is based on your exact vehicle. If you have any questions, then you can easily get in touch with any team member.