The Access Tonneau Cover And Your Alternatives

The Access Tonneau Cover And Your Alternatives

The Original Access Tonneau Cover, also known as the Access roll-up tonneau cover, has been around for more than 30 years, and is a staple among America’s pickup truck owners. They have, of course, developed other models, including the Access Lorado tonneau cover, the Access Literider tonneau cover, and the Access vanish tonneau cover, both of which have never managed to eclipse the small improvements that have been added to the “Original” over the years.

So, let’s take a look at examples of the Access roll-up tonneau cover and even a few DECKED brand alternatives for people who want a little more security and organization along with improved aerodynamic performance.



 DECKED factory


Who Makes The Access Tonneau Cover?

The Access tonneau cover has been made by Agri-Cover since it was introduced in 1991. Agri-Cover only goes back to 1981. They were founded in North Dakota as a manufacturer of roll-up tarp systems. The Access roll-up tonneau cover was invented in 1991, and the company relocated to Jamestown, North Dakota in 1993.

Since then, they have diversified into utility plows, truck bed racks, mudflaps, folding tonneau covers, truck-mounted winches, and soft truck toppers. They still make several versions of the Access tonneau cover, of course.


What Does An Access Tonneau Cover Actually Do?

People buy truck bed covers like the Access vanish tonneau cover or the Access toolbox tonneau cover to give better aerodynamic performance to the open bed of their pickup, to keep litter and debris from collecting in the open bed, to protect cargo from wind and rain, and to improve the looks of their truck.

There are some inherent flaws in the Access tonneau cover design, but that can be said for literally any type of tonneau cover.

The Access tonneau cover is soft and flexible by nature. It has to roll up to allow access to the bed, after all. The flexible material and Velcro-type fixtures cannot help but wear over time. The Access roll-up tonneau cover, like any tonneau cover, will therefore have a limited service life.

Next, the Access tonneau cover is not a terribly secure system. Even if they cannot be opened in the normal way without first opening the tailgate, they can be detached from the sides of the bed easily. This system will not deter a determined thief. An Access tonneau cover will not, therefore, protect expensive tools or pieces of equipment in any meaningful way.  

Finally, if your truck has a saddle-style or rail-mounted tool box or some similar accessories, you will not be able to mount any kind of tonneau cover.

Still, if all you want is to keep the back of your truck pretty and water-tight, an Access Original tonneau cover will probably do the job fairly well.


How Green Are The Accessories You Buy For Your Truck?

I get it. We all have priorities, and the ecological friendliness of truck accessories is not always very high on the list. We might first look at the price, or at how good the product looks. Durability or strength might be a higher priority than recyclability. Many believe you can’t have a good, solid product that is easy to recycle these days. The makers of Access tonneau covers certainly seem to feel that way. But not DECKED.

Making a “green” product isn’t really all that challenging in practice. You have to make sure that your materials are either reusable or recyclable, and you have to make sure the processes you use to make them don’t pollute the environment. Well, DECKED products have 3 chief materials – steel, aluminum, and an advanced polymer resin (that’s plastic to you and me). Steel is fantastically recyclable, as is aluminum. Melt it down and make something new out of it. A steel reinforcing rod might spend 30 years being part of a DECKED drawer unit and then another 20 being a bed spring or something. Same for the aluminum we use.


DECKED system

But What About The Plastic? Isn’t Plastic “Bad?”

No. plastics can be extremely recyclable, and DECKED made sure from the very beginning that our plastics were. Our polymer resin isn’t just recyclable in theory, like many of the “green” plastics out there, either. It is easy and economical to recycle. In fact, we discovered very early on that it was much more economical to recycle our own plastic waste – cut-offs, mis-cast pieces, trim, etc. – than to just buy more material. As a result, every product that leaves DECKED’s factory in Ohio has a high percentage of recycled material already in it.

What that all means is that DECKED products are extremely ecologically responsible, not just strong and great-looking.


DECKED system


The Access Tonneau Cover Generally

Most models of Access tonneau cover, such as the Access Original tonneau cover, offer effective weatherproofing of a pickup’s truck bed. Using an Access tonneau cover can also reduce the aerodynamic drag of your pick up. This can, indeed, make your vehicle more fuel efficient, lower running costs, and actually reduce your truck’s carbon footprint. These are important benefits, but a tonneau cover is not the only way to get them. More on that later.


Access Original Tonneau Cover

The Access Original tonneau cover is the accessory that made the brand back in 1991. The latest models are easily spotted by their “Slantback” rear edge design.

This model can be opened and closed only with the tail gate of the truck down.

Access Original Tonneau Cover Prices

The Access Original tonneau cover is relatively inexpensive, starting at around $550 to $600.



Access Lorado Tonneau Cover

The Access Lorado tonneau cover is a low profile tonneau cover which is made to measure for a wide range of popular pickup trucks. It is a roll-up style tonneau much like the Access Original tonneau cover, but it sits just 1 inch above the truck box itself. It also comes equipped with the Autolatch II Dual Locking System.

Access Lorado Tonneau Cover Prices

Depending on the year and model of your truck, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $600 for a new Access Lorado tonneau cover.



Access Literider Tonneau Cover

The Access Literider is a roll-up tonneau cover designed to be easily operated by a single person. They are, as you might suspect, small, light, and easy to mount and operate.

Access Literider Tonneau Cover Prices

These are also fairly inexpensive. Depending on the year and model of your truck, you can expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $500 for a new Access Literider tonneau cover.


Access Vanish Tonneau Cover

The Access Vanish is a roll-up tonneau cover designed for superior protection of your cargo and an ultra-low profile. It extends a mere ½ inch above the truck bed when closed, and can be locked or unlocked with a single finger when the truck bed is down.

Access Vanish Tonneau Cover Prices

These are also fairly inexpensive. Depending on the year and model of your truck, you can expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $500 for a new Access Vanish tonneau cover.


Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover

The Access Toolbox Edition is a roll-up tonneau cover which mounts behind a saddle-style truck bed tool box, such as the DECKED Tool Box (see below).  It works independently from the tool box, protecting the rest of your bed and cargo from the weather and ensuring better gas mileage.

Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover Prices

These are also fairly inexpensive. Depending on the year and model of your truck, you can expect to pay anywhere from $550 to $600 for a new Access Toolbox Edition roll-up tonneau cover.


Access Limited Tonneau Cover

The Access Limited Edition roll-up tonneau cover is relatively low profile, extending roughly 1.5 inches above the rails. Its unique XT-DIAL Tension Adjuster allows you to tighten the cover to perfection, further improving your aerodynamics and mileage.

Access Limited Tonneau Cover Prices

These are also fairly inexpensive. Depending on the year and model of your truck, you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $650 for a new Access Limited tonneau cover.


Access Tonnosport Tonneau Cover

Another low-price option, the Access Tonnosport tonneau cover is a low profile system with both slide locks and a trigger latch for easy operation.

Access Tonnosport Tonneau Cover Prices

These are one of the least expensive Access tonneau cover models, and can often be found for less than $400.


Access Tonneau Cover Alternatives

The tonneau cover is not the only way to improve the fuel economy and cargo protection of a pick-up truck. Many truck owners prefer to mount a hard shell or “topper” over the bed of their pick-up. This gives it a profile more akin to that of an SUV, and keeps the wind and rain off your cargo – arguably more reliably than a tonneau cover can. Many pickups come from the factory with truck toppers already installed, and many others can be bought aftermarket.

Aftermarket toppers are typically made specifically for a particular make and model of vehicle. They come in the same range of colors that the trucks were sold in. However, you can still get “generic” truck toppers that fit a wide range of models with the same general bed dimensions. Many of these come in supposedly neutral colors like black or white, but they rarely look as “natural” as a model-specific topper.


Leer DCC-MT3 Truck Topper With Tool Storage

This truck topper is very useful, but can only be installed by a Leer Authorized Dealer. It’s main selling points are an adjustable shelf and lockable side hatches for tool and supply access. It can also be fitted with modular tool boxes.


Leer 100XR Truck Topper

The Leer 100XR gives the same kind of weather tight seal that a tonneau cover might. However, it allows a great deal more internal storage space, as well as windows which can provide ventilation for hauling pets, or camping. Side window and rear door tinting is standard, as is automotive grade paint and roof insulation.



Where Can I Find Access Tonneau Cover Products Near Me?

Access tonneau cover products can be bought at auto accessories and mod shops all over the country. Most major auto parts stores and specialty truck accessory centers carry Access tonneau covers, at least in their online shops.


While you’re shopping for accessories, though, don’t overlook DECKED. We have some alternatives to the Access tonneau cover which offer many important features Access does not.

DECKED system



What Could Be Better Than An Access Tonneau Cover? We Have A Few Suggestions.

The DECKED Drawer System – Better Aerodynamics Plus Secure Storage and Bed Protection

The DECKED Drawer System streamlines your truck bed in the same way a tonneau cover does, but adds a great deal of utility besides. Its most relevant feature is probably the two full-size underbed drawers. Each drawer can store a solid 1,000 pounds of tools or equipment and still open smoothly.

Perhaps more importantly, the DECKED Drawer system is secure enough to store the tools and gear that make up a worker’s livelihood. Each drawer locks separately, and the locks can’t even be accessed until the tailgate is dropped.

Unlike a tonneau cover, the DECKED Drawer System lets you pile all the cargo you could normally carry, on top of the bed protector. This protects the bed of your truck and lets you access your tools without unloading.


DECKED tool box

The DECKED Tool Box – Mobile, Ultra-Secure Tool And Gear Storage

The DECKED Tool Box fits behind the cab of any modern pickup or working truck. It can be used with both the DECKED Drawer System and even the Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover. Now you can transport all of your tools and supplies in a weatherproof container that is literally armored against thieves.




That is only half the story, though. The DECKED Tool Box is a part of the DECKED tool organization ecosystem. The DECKED Tool Box comes with a DECKED D-Box and DECKED Snack Tray small parts container as standard, and many other extras are available. For example, you can even order the DECKED Tool Box with a ladder mounted inside for easy access to the tallest truck beds. Ladder height can be customized to the height of your bed.

DECKED system with logs


We hope you learned a little about the Access tonneau cover, the Agri-Cover company, and some of the alternatives to the tonneau cover that DECKED has to offer. When you need to take your tools on the road, there is no better solution than DECKED.