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We live in interesting times, my friend. If there was ever a time to be ready for anything, this is it. To be prepared for anything from a zombie apocalypse to an alien invasion, you need plenty of room to store and carry your gear. You’ve got to do it safely, securely, and make sure everything is ready for use—no matter where you wind up, and the right tactical truck gear is the way to do it.

Owning a high-quality, off-road vehicle that can handle any kind of terrain or go overland is obviously necessary. Beyond that, you may need to trick it out for emergency bug-out situations. Preparation is your best defense. You think a zombie will approach your fully-stacked, fully-loaded truck? Or that lime-green Volkswagen bug with those horrid fake eyelashes on the headlights? Yup, we thought so, too.

If you’re carrying tactical gear, you need it to keep it safe and secure. Not only that, but your guns, ammo, and supplies need to be kept clean and dry. The best option for protection from the elements and wannabe thieves isn’t camo. Instead, it depends on what you’re carrying and what your specific requirements are. Any good-sized vehicle has plenty of tactical storage and transport potential. Making the most of that potential requires some careful thought. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities for tactical storage solutions.

Tactical Truck Gear – Bed Accessories

Tactical truck gear - accessories

Your truck is an all-purpose vehicle designed to haul a bunch of stuff in all kinds of conditions and over rough terrain. But to make it really useful, you’ll need to organize and accessorize. We created our DECKED system to help you maximize your space and turn your basic truck into the ultimate survival vehicle, ready for a relaxing weekend fishing trip or, you know, that zombie apocalypse. Not that we’re worried or anything.

DECKED Drawers for Gun Storage

Installing full truck bed-length drawers doesn’t mean giving up space for cargo or larger equipment. The DECKED drawer system fits neatly into your truck bed, creating a new floor 12” above the base.

By fitting over your wheel wells, the DECKED drawer system actually increases your truck bed loading capacity. And because the system has a massive 2000lb payload, you can still carry large-scale items like ATVs, motorcycles, pallets of bricks, and just about anything else you can think of.

The drawers beneath use the entire truck bed for weatherproof, secure, lockable storage; it’s ideal for carrying your guns, ammo, and other tactical equipment and survival gear. The drawers slide out at waist-height for ultimate easy access. Each drawer has a 200lb capacity and can be locked separately for extra security.

DECKED drawer systems are used and trusted by law enforcement agencies, including the police, military, FBI, US Border Control, Search and Rescue, the US Coast Guard, and many other public safety service agencies in the USA. If the Man trusts DECKED tactical truck gear to keep their rolling arsenals safe…so can you!



Made especially to fit the DECKED drawer system, D-Bags work just as well on their own. The D-Bag can be worn as a backpack, slung over your shoulder, or carried like a briefcase. That’s right. If you should so choose, you can lug this bad boy into your next board meeting.

The removable straps are easily adjustable to suit your needs and designed to carry heavy, sharp objects such as tools and hunting equipment. The D-Bag also comes with a removable DECKED Tool Roll and DECKED Duffel Bag that fit inside the main bag and secured by heavy-duty, military-style ring snaps. The D-Bag is weather-resistant and made from thermoformed EVA foam coated with a ballistic nylon cloth. The reinforced lid makes the bag strong and made to handle some tough conditions and abuse. In other words, it’s the perfect bug-out bag to grab, go, and live to tell the tale.

DECKED Drawer Dividers

DECKED Drawer Dividers

Every pickup truck driver knows the sound of cargo sliding around in the back of the truck. You can hear it now in your head, can’t you? Not only is it annoying, it can be dangerous. The DECKED drawer system along with our custom drawer dividers puts an end to that problem once and for all. No more sliding—your stuff stays exactly where you want it.

Tonneau Cover

Want to keep the lookie-loos away from your cargo and ditch all that webbing? Tonneau covers work with varying levels of security, but any one of them will keep casual surveillance at bay. There are several types to choose from, so choosing the tonneau cover that’s right for you and has a good warranty might take a little research.

Tonneau covers range in price from just a couple of hundred bucks up to around $1,500 for a matching hard shell. Soft covers are much cheaper but much less secure. If a tonneau cover is your only security measure, get the hardest shell and most expensive option you can afford. Some of the cheaper options won’t keep your cargo completely dry, but the pricier ones are mostly weatherproof. Most of the hardcovers also use the truck tailgate to lock.

Interior Tactical Truck Gear

Experienced preppers know you gotta be ready for anything. Still, it’s not easy to find room for all the everyday carry (EDC) stuff you need to deal with contingencies. You might need more space for your tactical gear for the “just-in-case” moments in life. Here are some of our favorite solutions to keep the cab of your truck organized and you a happy camper.

Seat Back Storage Systems

There are several types of seat back organizers available to turn your seat back into a tactical wall, but the Grey Man Tactical RMP has features that make it stand out. Instead of sturdy fabric, which will sag under the weight of your gear, the RMP relies on a rigid insert panel molle made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to provide structure.

You can also customize the panel any way you like. With pouches and straps to hold radios, flashlights, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, tools, knives, bear-repellant spray, customization and preparation has never been more possible. You can even get a buttstock cup kit and rubber clamp to serve as a rifle rack. The RMP puts everything you need in reach and you’ll still be able to haul passengers. Well, they might have to have short legs, but you weren’t going to stuff linebackers in the backseat of your Tacoma anyway, right?

Ceiling Mounts

To keep your guns handy and out of the way, make use of the otherwise empty space above your head. Tactical Shit’s Center-Lok overhead gun rack , for example, is an overhead rifle mount designed for quick access to your tactical weapons. In the event of a threat, you can free your AK in seconds by pulling just two Velcro straps. It works for full-sized trucks with a center post, like a Chevy Silverado extended cab, Toyota Tundra full crew, Dodge Ram, or Ford F150 full crew, almost essential in any tactical truck gear setup.

Seat Mounts

Universal-fit seat mounts on the backs and sides of your front seats are another handy way to keep your glock close by and easy to grab in a hurry or emergency. Protech Outdoors’ Seat Buddy Holster puts your sidearm literally at your side—and at your fingertips.

Interior Gun Storage Boxes

interior gun storage boxes

Whether you want to store your rifles or your handguns, there are options available to suit your needs. Lockable under-seat pistol boxes utilize otherwise unused space in your vehicle. SeatVault storage systems are a well-concealed solution for inside the cab. They fit under the backseat for the ultimate combination of concealment and security.

Tactical Seat Covers

For full car seat functionality and extra storage, a Coverking tactical seat cover holds a whole lot of gear. Designed to fit your specific vehicle, seat back organizers are available in a range of hard-wearing fabrics, colors, and camo/camouflage options. They can also be adapted to fit your personal requirements.

Wireless Charger

You may want to get off the grid, but let’s be honest, giving up your connection to, say, helicopter rescue can be pretty inconvenient if you fall off a mountain. Keep your phone charged, protected, and safe with a Pelican Go Charge Case . It’s tough, waterproof, and it even floats!
So whether you’re prepping for an alien invasion or that zombie apocalypse, you should be ready to go if you incorporate some of these ideas for your tactical gear. Get modular accessories for any truck; disasters don’t discriminate whether you have a 4Runner, Tacoma, or even a Jeep Wrangler. You’ll need access to anything overhead, under your seat, on your side, and in your truck bed. You want to be a full-on Transformer that any zombie will piss its pants just looking at. Have your firearms and all your necessary gear whenever you need it and properly secured. So go ahead, zombie, give us your best shot. With DECKED , they have another thing coming.


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