Best Hidden Gun Storage Products For Vehicle, Home, and Self

Best Hidden Gun Storage Products For Vehicle, Home, and Self

Hey, remember back in the day when everybody had a rifle rack on the rear window of their trucks in plain sight, and that was ok? Those days are long gone, so let's talk about real solutions. If there's one thing Americans love more than trucks, it's guns. Fortunately for all of us, as the interest in guns skyrocketed, so did the firearm storage market.

Today, we have options that range from bra holsters for handguns (yep, that's a thing) to coffee tables with hidden compartments. 

The type of gun storage solution you need depends on what you need it for. Vehicle storage for hunting trips, a gun safe to keep your kids safe, or an easy-access storage compartment in your home in case you need protection at a moment's notice. 

best hidden gun storage products

List of Best Gun Storage Products

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Vehicle Gun Storage Ideas

If you want to carry a gun in your car, you need to know that firearms are one of the most common items stolen from vehicles. To protect your investment and keep your firearms from falling into the wrong hands, make sure they are out of sight and in a locked gun compartment when you leave the vehicle. 

And before you go crossing state lines with a truck full of guns in a secret compartment, make sure you know the gun concealment reciprocity laws

DECKED Gun Storage Drawer System

Hidden Vehicle Gun Storage

If you've got a truck or van,  we ain't gonna lie, the best hidden gun storage solution out there is DECKED. 

DECKED drawers give you enough secure storage for an entire arsenal of long tactical guns , and still allow you to haul up to 2,000 lbs of game on top. Use our divider system to separate guns by size, and store your ammo in a DECKED D-box for weatherproof storage and easy carrying.  

What makes DECKED drawers so different? 

Firearms are valuable equipment that needs to be securely locked up, protected from the elements, and easily accessible. DECKED drawers slide out to give you instant access to your gear without climbing into the truck bed. Close and lock, and nothing is getting. Not rain, not burglars, or even curious kids. 

  • Console Gun Safe - The Console Vault puts a hidden gun safe designed for handguns right under your vehicle’s arm rest. Choose a keyed or a 3-digit combination locking mechanism to keep your favorite Glock out of sight and securely locked down. They even offer motorcycle gun safes! 
  • Under Seat Storage Space - Rockland makes custom built gun storage solutions that fit under your vehicle seats. Hide your handguns where they are fully concealed, securely locked, and easy to get to.

Check Our DECKED Gun Storage Products

> Gun storage for home

Gun Storage at Home

Gun owners often keep a variety of guns stashed around the house for home defense, and that means they need a variety of ways to hide weapons in plain sight. Don't worry, there are tons of solutions on the market.

Gun Safes

We love the old-timey bank-vault look, but we love the cutting edge tech even more. It has bright white motion-sensing LED lights, a power docking system with 2 110v outlets and 2 USB ports, and an S&G mechanical lock with no vulnerable solenoid or key override feature with a re-locking feature to foil burglary attempts. 

While a great big metal safe isn't exactly a subtle way to hide your gun collection, they are unquestionably the safest way to go.

  • For a smaller option with quick access, consider a biometric safe. The RPNB Gun Security Safe is small enough to stash in a drawer and won't open for anyone but you. This means instant access without remembering a combination, finding a key, or even wave a fob at an RFID lock. 

Gun Storage Furniture

There are so many creative furniture solutions on the market; it would be impossible to list them all. Here's a shortlist of cleverly built furniture pieces you'd be proud to have in your home.

  • American Furniture Classics carries some great furniture choices. We're particularly fond of The Gunfather Clock . It may look like a classic grandfather clock, but it can hide up to six long guns in a locked cabinet. 
  • USA Gun Cabinets offers high quality, solid wood construction built by Amish craftsmen. Check out their bookshelves with slide racks for long gun storage. They don't appear to lock, but they sure look great.
  • We also like the gorgeous bookcase options from DutchCrafters , another Amish craftsman store. Custom options let you choose open or closed-door shelving  (glass or wood doors), a hidden compartment that slides out from the right or the left, and a traditional keyed or magnetic locking system. 
  • Keep your gun next to your bed with this great looking CastleCreek gun concealment nightstand featuring two hidden drawers. It doesn't lock, but if you need your gun handy while you're sleeping, it's a nice temporary storage.

Home Decor

  • Liberty Home Concealment offers an assortment of decorative items that do double-duty as hidden gun storage. Your guests will never suspect that your carved wood American flag has secret compartments hiding several handguns behind the stars and stripes. They also have concealment clocks, lamps, picture frames, and other decorative items. 
  • Tactical Walls - One of the most popular gun concealment decor manufacturers out there, Tactical Walls, is a family-owned and veteran run business that offers a huge variety of handmade items right here in the United States. Options range from a gun cabinet hidden behind a sliding concealment mirror   with an RFID or magnetic lock to shelves with a secret compartment . We really like these products: high-quality craftsmanship - solid hardwood construction with no fiberboard or ABS. 

Hidden Gun Conceal Carry

Conceal Carry

Carrying isn't the same as storage, but we thought the category deserved at least honorable mention. There are some surprising recent entries to the market (did I mention bra holsters?). 

  • Dene Adams carries an astonishing array of conceal carry garments designed for women, including the previously mentioned bras, corsets, shorts, and leggings. 
  • If wearables aren't her style, a stylish concealed carry purse or backpack might be a better fit.
  • Men also have CCW garment options. Undertech offers sweat-wicking undershirts, crew neck tees, and shorts with specially designed pockets in strategic places.
  • Madison Creek Outfitters offers a line of jackets and vests with a hidden handgun pocket inside for easy access....and the second amendment printed on the lining. 

Consequences for Poor Gun Storage

We know you take gun safety seriously. Even if you have a CCW, there are times you'll need to leave your gun at home or in your vehicle. And there are times when you might inadvertently break the law without thinking about it. For example, in some states, you can't carry a gun onto school grounds, which includes the parking lot and pickup line. Lots of workplaces also prohibit guns on premises.

Without proper gun storage in your vehicle , you may wind up on the wrong side of the law during a traffic stop if you open your glove compartment to get your registration, and there's a gun inside. Ditto for holstered guns. Police can get mighty nervous when they see you're armed, especially if you're a little peeved at being stopped.

And, of course, there's always the possibility of robbery. Based on FBI data, American Progress reports that 1.8 million firearms were stolen from private individuals between 2012 and 2017. That's more than $829 million worth of guns.

The only sensible solution is to make sure your guns are safely secured at all times: in your home, in your vehicle, or on your person. 

That's why you need DECKED . To keep your guns protected from weather, theft, and casual observation.


Check Our DECKED Gun Storage Products

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