• Organized #VANLIFE

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  • Peace of Mind

  • Know your gear is safe within the lockable drawers below

Organized #VANLIFE


Customize your storage

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Peace of Mind

Know your gear is safe within the lockable drawers below Start Your Build

Van Storage & Organization

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a #Vanlife diehard, you know how important it is to keep your van clean and organized. The DECKED drawers are modular and customizable to fit your needs. Add a D-Box or Crossbox to store your tools or cooking equipment, set up Dividers to keep things from getting mixed up, or use the full drawer as your mobile closet.

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Overland Sleeping with Storage

Keep your gear within the drawers below and elevate above your wheel wells with a wall-to-wall sleeping platform. Leave a mattress on top for an always-ready bed or blow up a pad when you get there. Comfortably fit 3 people for an added van sleeping solution.

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Camp Kitchen Envy

Don’t mess with your foldable table and stack of bins anymore. Set up a drawer specifically to act as a pull-out kitchen, modify your drawer to have a sink, stove, or cutting board, and leave Gordon Ramsey speechless with your “always ready” van kitchen.

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Haul the full load

Maybe you don’t have the wood floors or shiplap ceilings and your van is more truck than luxury cabin on wheels. That works too! Our system can act as a false floor and hold up to 2000 lbs of payload on top while storing 200 lbs of dry storage in each drawer. The drawers will still slide like butter on a hot knife, and you can rest assured your gear is easily accessible.

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Customize Your System

While you can’t change the color of a DECKED system, you can customize a few things to keep it fresh. Add Coretrax rails to the top of your DECKED for added tie-downs, mount a Cargo Glide or Bed Slide for even MORE sliding drawer action, or build out your custom shelves right on top of the DECKED platform.

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Built to last

Life on the road is tough on gear, which is why we build our product to last. Yes, the recycled HDPE blend molded around a steel frame gives DECKED an unmatched structural support, but it is also the lightest weight and most durable material available. Any issues with your DECKED system and our support team will be happy to help.

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Customize your storage

Our line of accessories allows you to have a modular storage system that can be customized to fit any need. No more digging through one pile of gear. Separate your work from your play so you don't waste any time searching for stuff. 

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