Drawer System and Tool Box Integration - Chevy

1). The DECKED Drawer System is NOT COMPATIBLE with the DECKED Tool Box for any short 5'6" or standard 6'6" bed length trucks.

2). Do you have an 8 foot bed and/or an 8 foot DECKED Drawer System integration in your truck? The New DECKED Tool Box is compatible with select 8 foot Drawer Systems. This combination provides a solution to the 19-20" of remaining space cabside that exists with 8' Drawer System integrations. 

The Tool Box is compatible with the following DECKED Drawer System 8 foot SKU's for Chevrolet 8 foot trucks purchased on/or after 1/19/2021 ONLY:

  • DG10 - Silverado 8' bed 2500 & 3500 (2020-current) - New "wide" bed width

NOTE: If you purchased a DG9/DG10 Drawer System before 1/19/21, it is compatible with some customization of the cabside ammo cans. Please contact us for directions and for more information before you purchase  orders@DECKED.com | 208-806-0251.

NOTE: The DG9 (Silverado 8' bed 1500, 2019-current - New "wide" bed width) is not yet compatible with the Tool Box, but it will be compatible with the Tool Box soon. Stay tuned or contact us for more information orders@DECKED.com | 208-806-0251.

NOTE: The Tool Box NOT COMPATIBLE with the DG5 Drawer System [Any Silverado 8 Foot 2007-2018 - or - Limited edition "old body style" 2019]. The cabside gap from the Drawer System is too small to fit the Tool Box.