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Seeking To Replace Your Lomax Tonneau Cover? Try DECKED And Thank Us Later

Seeking To Replace Your Lomax Tonneau Cover? Try DECKED And Thank Us Later


Suppose you have ever loaded up your truck, and driven around only to find out later that everything in the bed shifted or spilled into piles of junk. In that case, you know the importance of accessories that provide organization. There is certainly no need to be caught up in such an annoying dilemma twice. You'd agree that truck bed order is not negotiable prompting the need to add functional extra functional aspects that would ultimately increase organization, functionality, and security for your cargo investments. Moreover, an exposed truck bed is more vulnerable to damage and wear, inviting more problems such as lower truck resale value.

The tonneau cover is undoubtedly a recommended accessory that can protect the truck tray, the load, and at the same time, stylize the vehicle. In the current automotive terminology, a tonneau cover is a soft or hard covering material that canopies the back of your pickup truck to improve the aerodynamics or protect the truck load. The need to buy a cover may not necessarily be an issue, but choosing what to go for may certainly be harculean a task, especially if one is new to the various products on the market. Having interchanged between Lomax tonneau cover and DECKED, perhaps it will be helpful to explore the features of these two rather popular truck bed cargo organization and protection products so your next decision making process would be seamless .While we strongly recommend DECKED Systems, we do agree that both could be used to complemenet each other for a more enhanced bed utility, more productivity,and ultimately, a better travel experience.

It is okay to use Tonneau covers but it is essential to use DECKED .I you need an assurance of extra protection, better organization and more strength,you definitely need  DECKED.

Before exploring the features of a DECKED Drawer System, perhaps it would help to know what generally makes a quality Lomax Tonneau Cover

Well, there are essential factors you may want to consider while purchasing a Lomax Tonneau cover. Other than preferred functional aspects, factors like brands, and material used have to be considered. Here are a few insights.

  • Lomax hard tri-fold tonneau cover combines an aluminum materialing with an automatic ten-point locking system.
  • The Lomax folding hard tonneau cover offers maximum strength and added security. If you need better protection, Lomax folding hardcover with multiple finishes will offer a strong cover product for that kind of need.
  • Lomax professional series tonneau cover takes the folding performance to a whole new level. It comes with a few modifications and a superior design that allows ease of operation.
  • Lomax Stance hardcover features an additional vertical open position behind the cab besides exceptional performance.

Lomax Tonneau Cover structural features

Through Lomax hard tri-fold tonneau cover, you get to experience strength, security, and style in a product that is easy to operate since it:

  • Easy one-person installation and removal with less hassle.
  •  Automatic dual locking system
  •  Automatic ten-point locking
  •  Strong yet lightweight
  •  Integrated storage clips
  •  Tight bite clamps and the weather tight seal. The weather sealing has a water-shedding design with waterproof hinges that rout water away from the truck bed without drains or gutter.
  • The hard folding tonneau cover overlays the bed rails with a continuous seal along the side rails' full length, hence preventing the entry of any elements into the truck bed. Good thing is, it is compatble with a range of pickup truck types for instance all 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma models. It offers maximum cargo protection, tri-fold design, high-quality construction made of reinforced vinyl, and a simple installation process.
  • Lastly, you have access to a three-year limited warranty on the Tri-fold Tonneau cover, even though this does not cover damages resulting from abuse, misuse, improper installation, alterations, neglect, accidents, or ordinary wear and tear.

The DECKED Drawer System is state of the art truck bed tool and cargo organization system that comes a package of accessories to change your experience with tool storage.


  • The automated ten-point locking system combined with the aluminum construction protects the truck bed to the maximum.
  •  Easy handling or somewhat large cargo since by just pulling tags  youd have the fasterners released allowing seamless removal of the cover and access of the bed.
  • The ultra-low profile design snugs with the truck for an irresistible inclusive look.
  • A classic diamond plate finish and supplementary extruded aluminum channels provide increased stability.
  • A 400lb payload evenly distributed on a flat surface means you’d take with you quite a number of things, smaller and medium sized alike since space and weight would be the least of your concerns.
  • The Rigidlink locking system averts direct contact with the rear window while securing the truck bed cover in an upright position without the necessity of removing it for complete bed usage.

Lomax tonneau cover problems

  • Faulty latch, most common with Lomax tonneau covers.

  • Loose grip, especially when the tailgate is habitually closed before the cover is fastened.

  • A latch that pops out when the truck is on the move is a common occurrence and quite risky since it can lead to loss of cargo.

  • Springs responsible for the latch grip getting worn out and requiring replacement.

  • Older Lomax tonneau covers develop annoying squeaky noises originating from the mounting clamps .

  • Lomax tonneau covers are notorious for leaking.


The Drawer System snugs nicely into your pickup truck allowing full bed use.Good news is, it is compatible with a range of pickup brands out there.


The Ins and Outs of DECKED

DECKED products are built on a tenacious, innovative drive to better your truck functionalities and give you an excellent road experience. Having gone through years of research and design, the final goal of DECKED was to make a Drawer system that was to be the ultimate tool for truck bed storage, organization, security, and accessibility. This beginning eventually led to the present-day manufacturing of the superbly engineered Drawer System and the Tools Box in a Ketchum, Idaho-based assembly plant.

The Drawer System is durable, reliable, solid, and designed for full-size pickup trucks. If you are a frequent traveler with expensive cargo on your truck bed, you would very much rely on the DECKED drawer system to keep your gear organized and secure.

The engineering behind DECKED

There is absolutely no doubt that if you choose DECKED you will be purchasing a quality product made of durable materials. With this badass truck bed tool management and cargo organization solution you have some headstart against your peers who use ordinary tool storage equipment. Here is why:

  •  There is no fabrication with DECKED. Meaning the materials are not cut, bent nor weld.
  •  DECKED Systems are made from high-impact polymer resin through injection molding. The lack of fabrication and injection molding translates into a genuinely superior product.
  • The product design is reinforced with galvanized aluminum and steel.
  • A combination of stainless steel hardware and durable materials results in a more enhanced product.
  • Storage system is particularly made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that incorporates more science and engineering.
  • Other than HDPE, Polypropylene (PP) is also used to create products like the D-Box, Drawganizer, and Crossbox.

With a 2000lb payload, the Drawer System could literally haul anything you need for your outdoor activities.Whether quad bikes, motorcycles, bikes and more.Just don't let anything stand on your way.

Other DECKED specs and benefits

  • Fits securely on the flatbed of cargo vans and most pickup trucks

  • Inbuilt adjustable, telescopic nesting step ladder.

  • Tough and thief-proof

  • Waterproof

  • Includes toolbox accessories

  • Easy installation

  • Limited life warranty

  • Free shipping

  •  Dealership just next to you

What Makes the DECKED System Special?

Why the DECKED System is special is discussed in detail. But the reasons given are not really meant to disparage other competitive similar products. In fact, the best part about the DECKED Drawer System is that it is actually compatible with other products out there  such as the Lomax tonneau cover and can be used together. We acknowledge the existence of downsides and how DECKED can easily compliment them to make you gain the best user experience.


It is clear that even though Lomax tonneau covers were designed to keep most of the water off the truck when installed correctly, that is not always the case. Lomax tonneau cover is not exactly 100% waterproof. However, the DECKED Drawer system is certainly able to keep your gear bone dry. Its weatherproof features enable the cover to keep the gear free of elements even in the craziest of storms. While washing the truck bed, conditions like rain, snow, or even car wash pressure will not get the gear wet.

The only likely place for water to get into the drawer is through the tailgate, particularly when directly sprayed at the point where the deck and the weather stripping join. This aspect of keeping the gear dry all through certainly makes the DECKED drawer system more preferable when compared to Lomax tonneau covers. Similarly, a DECKED truck will not require any liners or bed mats which are supposed to protect the truck against minor damages, including the day to day wear and tear that are likely to occur (though it is compatible with a range of liner brands in case their serviceability is required). Unlike the Lomax tonneau cover, the DECKED System is all purpose-built to fully protect the truck while being visually appealing and functional hence more appealing.

 Whether hunting gear, field service equipment, outdoor tools, DECKED has you covered. The 2000lb payload and the per drawer 200lb payload ensures all manners of tools, equipment and items can not only be secured but be adequately protected from bad weather and prying eyes.


The DECKED Drawer System has a 200lb storage capacity in each drawer with an extra 2000lb payload on the top platform. This will certainly be a source of joy to truck owners seeking to haul large cargo. When compared to tonneau covers, particularly the Lomax hard tonneau cover, The Drawer System has a better advantage. The extruded aluminum channels of the Lomax tonneau cover support the panels to hold up to 400 pounds of weight evenly spread on top. In the case of the Drawer System, the storage system is made up of steel and high-density polyethylene with a super strength to weight ratio. DECKED Drawer System users can comfortably haul bulky gear and still gain easy access to storage underneath the cargo. You'd carry anything the weight of up to half a tonne truck and still expect seamless serviceability.

DECKED promises top of the class adaptability. It is made to meet a range of storage needs and easily adapts according to your changing cargo storage needs.


The gear is also held tight and can be brought right to the user when needed. This means that the DECKED Drawer System has much ease of use and accessibility compared to various tonneau covers, including the Lomax brand of tonneau covers. As already mentioned, the DECKED has easy slide-out drawers on sealed bearing wheels and grab-and-go toolboxes designed to fit into the drawer perfectly. In fact, all the DECKED accessories, including the Decked Crossbox, the Decked D-box, the Decked D-Rito tool roll, Drawerganizer, Decked D-bag, and Decked piecekeepers, among others, have crucial accessibility roles and storage functions. Users will also have no need to reach over bed rails to take their gear; you'd easily operate the equipment at normal upright body posture.

Moreover, unlike the Lomax tonneau cover that offers a deadbolt lock system that slips steel rods beneath bed rails, DECKED offers optional locks that can be placed on both drawers. Furthermore, most current tailgates come with an inbuilt lock system hence twofold protection for valuable gear. In this case, binary bagging is a pure advantage; it is possible to lock DECKED drawers even when the truck tailgate does not lock.

Unlike Tonneau covers, DECKED Drawer System is all-purpose built.It does not matter what it is you use your truck for, DECKED has your cargo and tool storage needs taken care off.

Decked Drawers are the best truck accessory out here. To take the truck to the next level, the DECKED Drawers system will add storage space, functionality, Fort-Knox security, and indubitable sophisticated good looks to the truck (not much can be done about the driver, though). The DECKED Drawer System is designed to organize gear, secure storage, and ensure cargo is protected and kept moisture-free. Whatever is placed on top or whatever the weather elements hurl will not even matter because a full bed length drawer will store all items in perfect condition and roll them out for easy access. Trucks that need more room will incorporate the DECKED Tool Box that is weatherproof and nearly indestructible like a hard ego. The reason is simple; it is made from a high-impact polymer resin injection-molded hence would never rust, ding, or dent. Would you rather spend your Saturday sorting out your gear or throw your cargo in the truck and head out to a road experience? Yes, give yourself and your truck what it deserves.