How A Side Tool Box For Your Truck Secures Your Gear

Side Tool Box for Truck Secures Your Gear


A side tool box gives you ample storage space on your truck. DECKED offers different styles of truck toolboxes that are injection molded using steel and aluminum. We do not fabricate our products, which is the usual process for cutting, bending, and welding metal into shapes. DECKED applied science and engineering, so we can get our products done right and this is what makes us different from our competitors. Our products are produced right here in the USA.


Side Tool Box Offers Superior Cargo Space for Trucks


For hard-working trucks, paramount storage space and better functionality are a must. That is why you will need a side mount tool box that can complement your crossover toolbox. With side mount toolboxes, you can take advantage of your truck’s potential, providing it with maximum storage that is integrated with its layout. This can make you feel secure knowing that your tools, equipment, and other necessary items are completely secured. There are a number of choices for the styles, sizes, materials, and finishes so you can have the best solution that can get the job done.


Truck Bed Side Tool Box Offers Protection Against Elements


Your side bed tool box can protect your tools against the harshest elements. You can assure that pests, dirt, and moisture cannot penetrate inside, preventing rust on your tools and damaging your items. The entire box is tightly sealed, giving you a dependable barrier. Also, look for side tool boxes that use stainless steel locks and handles so you can guarantee their reliable operation even when you are outdoors. Stainless steel offers superior strength and resistance to corrosion. In other words, you can be assured of durability and easy opening and closing.

Side Truck Tool Box Provides Additional Strength and Durability


Like any other truck tool boxes, a side mount tool box with drawers is constructed with aluminum which promotes a lightweight design that is entirely rust-free. Maximum structural integrity can be achieved when extra-thick aluminum is used in constructing the toolbox. Each side of the toolbox is welded together so it can turn into a single-piece design, allowing the safe storage of heavy tools while preventing leaks.


Truck Side Tool Box for Optimum Storage Space


A top side tool box is mounted into the wall of your truck bed, providing you with easy access to your storage for tools or any essential equipment that you frequently use. Toolboxes are constructed with foam-filled lids for improved strength and convenient opening and closing.


Side tool boxes for trucks are the ideal match to your crossover truck toolboxes. They are available in various sizes to fit your unique truck bed. For a more streamlined look, you can get a low profile side mount tool box that can complement your low-profile crossover toolbox.


Underbody Storage for Trucks


A tool box side open truck underbody box is a versatile storage option for your truck as well as other types of work vehicles. Make sure that they feature extra-thick aluminum construction as well as stainless steel aircraft cables and T-handles for consistent, easy door operation. Aside from pickup trucks, an underbody toolbox can also be used for flatbed trailers for providing secure storage. You can choose from a variety of sizes, configurations, and finishes.


Top Side Tool Box for Work Trucks


Topside truck tool boxes are mounted above your truck bed walls, providing you with additional storage space. This is a perfect option for commercial trucks and work trucks. You can either choose a double-door or single-door configuration. It comes with a hatch-style door that can be opened at 90 degrees so you can easily access your tools. Look for topside truck tool boxes that are using stainless steel aircraft cables in supporting the door as well as stainless steel T-handles for complete security.


An Alternative to Side Cabinet Tool Box


Truck fender toolboxes are the best alternative for side mount toolboxes. It is designed in such a way that it will be incorporated with the fender wells on trucks. This type of toolbox will be installed on the side of your truck, providing you with additional storage space for your tools and other necessary items. Make sure that your fender well tool boxes include stainless steel locks and are made from thick aluminum. Some models are integrated with drawers for storing and organizing your tools and other small items.


Is a Side Tool Box for Pickup Truck Worth the Investment?


A side truck toolbox can be considered as a large storage box where you can store your items safely and securely. Side truck tool boxes come in various sizes and designs so you can find something that will fit into the bed of your truck. These toolboxes are resistant to tampering. Although they could get exposed to various elements such as snow, mud, or rain, you can be assured that all your tools and other items inside are always safe, dry, and rust-free.



In other words, storing all your gear inside a truck toolbox is much safer than simply throwing them on your truck bed. Since these truck tool boxes include locks, then your things are safer than keeping them inside of your truck’s cabin. A thief might be able to successfully break a car window, however, it would be impossible for them to easily lift your tool box side locker out of your vehicle.


Although they cost more, they are still a smart  investment due to the following reasons:


Saves a Lot of Space


If you have a side mount tool box for truck then you can store your most essential tools on it. This means that you can load more things into your vehicle.


Maximizing storage space is quite important. In the part of interior decorators, they are the experts when it comes to controlling lost space. Actually, lost space refers to those areas that could have been used effectively but are left untouched. Perhaps there are lost spaces in your home, such as the areas behind the doors, under the stairs, and others. On your truck, lost spaces can be found on those storage spaces that are not used. By installing a high-quality truck bed tool box side mount, you can maximize storage on your truck and can make empty spaces more functional.



Extreme Security


You can store valuable items in your truck toolbox since it is safer than simply leaving them unattended in your truck bed. A bed side tool box is the ideal way of storing items in your truck without worrying about theft.



Tools and equipment do not come cheap. Hence, why should you leave them in your truck bed where they can likely get stolen or exposed to the elements. Sunlight, rain, snow, and extreme weather could quickly damage your tools and other valuable items if you left them in your truck bed. A good truck toolbox can help in protecting your tools from theft and various elements.


Protects Your Truck


It is undeniable that the most obvious benefit of having a pickup side tool box is its capability of protecting your tools. Loose tools which are placed on the cab or bed of your truck could get damaged, scratched, stolen, or rusty. Most especially if you are bringing expensive tools with you, it is essential that you have to do something to keep them protected.


Furthermore, it is also necessary that you protect your truck. Any loose tools could likely slide, causing scratches and damages to your paint. In case you are taking a hard turn, the tools could likely fly around causing dents and dings to your truck. That is why it is important that you should keep your tools confined to prevent any unneeded damage to your vehicle.


Enhance Appearance


If you are a business owner, then appearance is everything. Obviously, you don’t want your clients to have the wrong first impression as you are ransacking through your truck bed, searching for the right tool.


Organizing is the key. Keeping everything organized is significant, especially if you are driving a work truck. Having a well-designed low side tool box can motivate you to stay organized so you can always keep track of your tools.



Durable and Waterproof


Toolboxes for trucks are solid and durable. Aside from protecting all your items inside from exposure to the elements, it is also entirely waterproof and can resist high impacts or heavy loads placed on top of it.


Better Organization


A side mount truck tool box can help you in organizing your tools, making it easier for you to find the items that you need. As a result, you can save more time, for businessmen, time is money!


If you are a general contractor, plumber, carpenter, or electrician, then your tools and equipment mean a lot to you. Without them, you won’t be able to do your job. If you just throw all your tools on the bed of your truck, then you will probably spend a lot of time sorting them to find the tool that you need. Aside from being time-consuming, it is also very unprofessional and inefficient as well. Fortunately, a truck toolbox is the best solution!


Benefits of Truck Tool Box for Camping


By having the appropriate gear and being well-organized, you can use your truck as a comfortable basecamp when you are hunting. When you choose to camp out on your truck, you can explore any location while staying inside your truck. There’s never a road too rough for you when you are in your truck enjoying your adventure. What’s more, you can easily park your truck in public areas where you want to hunt. You can even choose a location where there are potential glassing hunting spots.



By choosing to sleep in the back of your truck, there is no need for you to bring those bulky tents and you can even save time in setting them up and tearing them down. Also, if things are not working out, then there are only a few items that you need to gather and toss in your vehicle. This means that you can easily and quickly relocate.


What is the Perfect Truck Setup?


Most probably, the ideal option for truck camping is a 4WD pickup that includes a topper on the back. However, smaller trucks can also work just fine. Nevertheless, when you are having a big rig, you can always enjoy having additional storage space. Although, a van or an SUV is adequate enough for a camping setup. But a pickup with a craftsman side mount tool box works great for hunting due to several reasons.


For instance, when you are hunting a deer, it would be more convenient to throw the bloody carcass on your truck bed rather than on the carpeted floor of your vehicle. It is preferred that the truck must have a full-sized bed and a high side tool box, providing you enough space so you can sleep comfortably. There are some people who can’t sleep soundly when their feet hit the tailgate. Although a short bed could also work, however, you might need to sleep at an angle.


With regards to choosing a truck cap, be sure that it includes important features, regardless of its brand. The key is ventilation to help you sleep comfortably. Hence, you should choose a cap that is sliding or pop-out, or windows that can be entirely opened or screened windows. Having a carpeted interior can also help in insulating the cap, most especially during those colder months and during the warmer months, it can effectively absorb condensation.



It is also greatly recommended that a roof rack will be attached to your cap. In this way, you can mount several gear carriers or storage boxes to your truck. A rooftop box can hold gear including backpacks, camp chairs, as well as other types of large equipment.


Lastly, it is greatly recommended that you should use some kind of built-in drawer storage. You could choose to create your own or install a DECKED system, which most campers and hunters use. The DECKED Tool Box system includes two durable pull-out drawers which you can easily open on your truck bed. This is the ideal place for keeping all your hunting and camping gear. Everything will be easily accessible and neatly organized. At the same time, you can keep your truck bed clear for your living space and of course for sleeping. You can even fit all your clothes and hunting gear in one drawer and in another drawer is where you can place your sleeping and camping gear as well as your cooking accessories.