CargoGlide, BedSlide vs. DECKED Drawers

CargoGlide and DECKED Drawers



Trucks are great, you can fit TONS of gear, tools, toys, and friends in the back and they sure as hell look better than a minivan. There’s just one issue with truck beds… Hit the brakes a little too hard? Take a backroad turn like Lewis Hamilton in the Monaco F1 GP? Suddenly, your chainsaw, your helmet, your 30 rack of Coors slides to the front of your bed up against your cab. The only way to retrieve your goods is to hop in the back or awkwardly reach over your bed rails. Do this enough and you will tweak your neck, shoulder, back, or hamstring.

Trust me. I’ve done it. Tweaked my back pulling a ski bag out of the back of my truck on the way to the airport. Airplane seats aren’t comfortable, mix in a tweaked back, you’re going to have a bad time. No number of complimentary beers will make that experience enjoyable.

Cluttered Truck Bed

Your back doesn’t need to suffer, whether you drive a Ford, Toyota, GM, Ram, Jeep, or Nissan, there are options to boost the accessibility of your truck bed. Today we’re going to break down three different truck bed storage options: DECKED Drawers, BedSlide, and CargoGlide.

The DECKED Drawer System is compatible with both CargoGlide and BedSlide. With easy-to-read instructions, the slides can be installed on top of the Drawer System, creating a seriously ergonomic and efficient truck bed set up. Check out both CargoGlide and BedSlide websites to see photos of them paired with DECKED.   

BedSlide and CargoGlide are very similar products, a sliding tray system fitted into your truck bed. You can put up to 2200lbs on top of them (depending on the model) and pull them out to a cantilevered position above your tailgate right in the "power zone." The "power zone" is the area around waist height. 

Truck bed drawers and slides have these benefits and more:

  • Increases amount of reachable cargo space from the ground
  • Eliminates need for truck bed ingress/egress
  • Reduces ergonomic risk from awkward movements
  • Reduces biomechanical risks and back compressive forces
  • Reduces risks of some tasks from ‘High Hazard’ to ‘Low Hazard’
  • Increases efficiency of tasks by reducing or eliminating extra movements

The BedSlide, CargoGlide, and DECKED systems allow you to have “power zone” access to all your gear and eliminate the need to reach deep into your truck bed after a spirited drive to granny’s house left your truck bed looking like a warzone.


The CargoGlide System has a broad range of compatibility with trucks, Jeeps, and vans. They even make a gooseneck slide system. With slides that can hold up to 2200lbs, they have no issues when it comes to payload capacity. All CargoSlides are made with USA Steel, have 65%-75% bed length extension and are fitted with heavy duty tie downs. Pricing begins at $1,460 and goes up to $3,800. Lifetime Warranty.

CargoGlide Install Manual


According to their website, BedSlide is made in the USA from heavy-duty materials. Off to a good start here. With several models that have a carrying capacity up to 2000lbs, BedSlide just barely misses CargoGlide’s top slide payload of 2200lbs. All Bedslide systems you can be ordered in a black or silver color. Ooooh customization freaks, there you go! Pricing begins at $1,100 and goes up to $2,900. 5-year warranty.

BedSlide Install Manual


An alternative, or compatible, option is the DECKED Drawer System . A drop-in storage system designed to fit most trucks that provides two bed length, locking, weatherproof drawers to expand the closed, sealed capabilities of your truck while still maintaining (actually expanding) the usable surface area of your truck bed. If you’re the type of person whose work or play requires the use of expensive products, keeping your gear locked in your cab was a no-brainer until now. The DECKED Drawers offer the same level of discreet protection that your cab does, and it frees up some serious real-estate in your backseat and probably your passenger seat too. Like CargoGlide and BedSlide, the DECKED Drawers allow access to your gear in the “power zone.” Decreased usability shouldn’t concern truck owners because each drawer can hold up to 200lbs and the deck has a payload capacity of 2000lbs. The deck surface area is expanded because the wheel wells are covered by the 12” tall DECKED Drawer System . Pricing starts at $1,449. Lifetime Warranty. 

Chevy Silverado Truck Bed Storage


Tweak your back no more. Get DECKED for your truck to keep your most valuable secure and protected from the weather and add a slide system for those bigger items that won’t fit in the drawers or your cab.

CargoGlide And DECKED Drawers


“Love my new DECKED Drawer System, I use it for work in an emergency restoration company and I use it for overlanding. I also installed a CargoGlide on top that makes the systems even better.”  Omar L. (9/30/21)

“Climbing in the back of my truck is a thing of the past. Love my DECKED system with Bedslide. Use it for work during the week and hog hunting on the weekend.” – Ricko (3/7/17)

“The DECKED system in combination with BedSlide makes for the perfect mobile veterinary clinic that is budget friendly.” – Dr. Higdon (2/6/19)


It should be noted that both installs require the user to drill into the DECKED System, subsequently voiding the limited lifetime warranty. Most issues should be avoided if you follow the linked instructions. When paired with a DECKED System, we recommend a max payload of 1000lbs on the slide system because any more weight will create serious stress on the whole system when fully extended. If you encounter problems, never hesitate to reach out to DECKED’s killer customer service team and they will help you to the best of their abilities given the warranty parameters!

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