Tool Box Organization Ideas

Tool Box Organization Ideas

Tool Box Organization Ideas

Written By Charli Haase 


If you’re a handyman, mechanic, electrician, welder, semi truck driver, or you work in aviation, military, or law enforcement, you probably have a tool box, and you know how often tools tend to disappear when you need them most.


H aving trouble finding an efficient way to organize that black hole you call a tool box? You’ve reached the right place. DECKED has created a list of tips and tricks that cover all the basics of tool box organization ideas.


This guide will provide you with everything you forgot to consider when thinking about different tool storage ideas and tool box organization.  


Why does tool box organization matter?


Although it may seem time consuming, organizing your tools will save you trouble in the long run. DECKED is here to help you work smarter, not harder.


With organization comes security. By knowing where your tools are, you’ll know if they’ve been misplaced or stolen. You’ll also waste less time digging through your tool box for that one bolt you thought you saw, in a certain drawer, that one day.


Where do I start?


First things first, take inventory of all the tools you own. This will give you a clear picture of what’s missing, what you have, and how to organize it. Plus, you’ll avoid unnecessary purchases on tools you thought you lost by knowing exactly what you have.


Before determining how exactly to organize your tools, group what you just took inventory of into categories such as hand tools, power tools, or regularly used tools. Think about tool accessibility and efficiency when thinking of tool storage ideas; don’t make things harder on yourself than they need to be.

It’s also a good idea to clean your tools, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while. Make a habit of cleaning your tools after using them. Keeping your tools in the best shape possible will make them last longer, which will save you money and also make you aware of what needs to be replaced and when.


Where do I end?


Putting tools back in their place immediately after usage seems like an obvious thing to do to keep your tools organized, but as you know, it’s not always done. After making a repair, it’s common to mindlessly place that tape measure or screwdriver in a random spot to be forgotten about until you need it next. After you spent all this time organizing your tool box, it’d be wise to put your tools back, right?


How do I select the proper tool box?


It’s important to use a tool box that allows for utmost functionality and organization. If you have a standard tool box, like a diamond tool box, it can be hard to keep organized when it doesn’t have any snap on drawer options or removable space-makers.


To keep organized, you may want to consider investing in a tool box that will save you time, energy, and money in the long haul.


Before jumping the gun and getting just any tool box when attempting to get organized, ask yourself these questions:


  • What will I be storing in my truck tool box ?
  • How big of a tool box do I need?
  • Will this tool box create or eliminate clutter?
  • Will my tools stay protected from weather and theft?
  • Will I be able to easily access my tools?


Truck Tool Box Organization Ideas - T he DECKED Tool Box



Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also.


Made using injection molded, high-impact resin, aluminum, and galvanized steel, the DECKED Tool Box  was made to be organizable and durable; you won’t have to worry about it rusting or denting. For even further reinforcement and safety, the DECKED Tool Box is also lockable.


Tools can cost you a pretty penny, and you never want to spend more than you need. Keeping your tools safe from nature’s elements is most ideal when it comes to long-term storage, and that’s why it’s worth getting a tool box that won’t let any moisture in. The DECKED Tool Box has a seamless lid and tub due to being molded, not welded. This ain’t your grandad’s toolbox , because it’s not 1973.

More importantly, the DECKED Tool Box has an Optional Integrated Ladder that is able to be stored inside the Tool Box without getting in the way of anything else. Made from 6000 series aluminum, just slide the Optional Integrated Ladder outside of the Tool Box, drop it to the ground (yes, even on a lifted truck), and access your tools without climbing in and out of your truck bed.


Another key organizational feature the DECKED Tool Box has to offer is the Snack Tray. Snack trays are ideal for smaller tools and gear, and can be easily removed to quickly access large tools underneath.


Portable Tool Box Organization Ideas and Pictures

The DECKED Crossbox  ( portable toolbox ) makes tool storage efficient and hassle-free by allowing for maximum storage utilization and functionality. This tool box was designed with an ergonomic carry handle to be portable and to fit comfortably into the DECKED Drawer System, although you can store it elsewhere too.


Bringing features of durability and being weatherproof to the table, the DECKED Crossbox protects tools from the elements as it’s been fitted and sealed with an EPDM lid gasket, as well as made from high impact resin. You’ll remain worry-free about your Crossbox becoming disorganized since it comes with a removable tray for small tools and parts.  


Easy-to-lock latches are also included on the Crossbox, so you can keep track of your tools and not worry about theft. Because after all, you can’t keep your tools organized if you don’t have any.


The Crossbox fits crosswise in DECKED Drawer System full-sized and mid-size drawers, as well as lengthwise in narrow midsize drawers.


Like the DECKED Crossbox but smaller, the DECKED D-Box  is another tool box that offers efficient storage for your tools, primarily due to its removable vertical DECKED dividers. Need more space? Take the dividers out. Need to keep things more organized? Slip them back in.


Rollaway Tool Box Organization Ideas


Working many jobs can be hard on the body, and the last thing you want to do is carry a heavy tool box to and from jobs. One solution to this problem is a rollaway tool box, or rollaway tool chest . Rollaway tool boxes and tool chests save strength and space by being rolled around on wheels, so you can transport more tools between jobs without putting unnecessary wear and tear on your body.


Organizing your tools in a rollaway tool box or tool chest gives you the convenience of storing larger tools without putting unnecessary wear and tear on your body by having to carry them between jobs.


You can utilize the space in your rollaway tool box or tool chest by storing heavier tools, like saws, towards the bottom, and lighter tools, like sockets and ratchets, towards the top. Doing so will also help with weight distribution so your rollaway tool box doesn’t topple over.


DIY Tool Box Organization Ideas


Breaking the bank doesn’t have to be an option when it comes to tool box organization. Here are some DI Y tool box organization ideas for cheap:


  • Inventory lists : Inventory lists must be important if we’re bringing them up again. Don’t add stress by trying to remember every tool you have. Make a hard copy of your tools by writing them down and spend less money replacing tools you think you lost.


  • Labels : Making labels for what’s inside of your tool box may seem like children's arts and crafts, but let’s face it, being able to glance at your tool box and quickly locate what you need is part of the reason why you’re reading this. Labels don’t need to be anything fancy, just use a marker and some painters tape or duct tape.


  • Foam inserts: Foam inserts are an inexpensive and safe way to keep tools organized in tool boxes . Inserts made of foam can be easily cut and tailored to desired shapes and sizes while adding cushioned protection.


  • Drawer liners : You know those grippy mats that line refrigerator and pantry shelves or kitchen cabinets and drawers? They work great for lining tool boxes too. Drawer liners prevent tools from moving around too much in tool boxes and also add further protection to your tool box.


  • Tool dividers : Inserting vertical dividers will help to keep things separated. Check out the DECKED Divider 4 Pack  that is compatible with the DECKED Drawer System for full-size trucks, cargo vans, and the midsize DECKED wide Drawer System.


  • Pro tip : If you already have a DECKED Drawer System, be sure to double check to see if drawer slots are compatible with dividers.


Do it your way and make it your own

Not only are you a professional in your trade, you are now a professional tool box organizer. Remember to organize your tools in a way that works best for you. Spending the time to accurately and efficiently plan how you will organize your tools will be worth it when you don’t have to constantly rearrange your tool box in the future.

  Now that you have a complete guide to tool box organization ideas, you can step up your game .

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