This is Jackson Marvell

Jackson climbing up a rock face in the desert.

Episode 1 In A Film Series About Getting After It.

The one and only Jackson Marvell leads out our multi-part film series profiling inspiring personalities who have dedicated their lives to ‘getting after it.’ Take a minute (okay, 4 minutes 32 seconds) to jump into his world.

Jackson in his climbing harness standing next to a rock wall.

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Even at 25,000 Ft, this guy is always grounded.

We feel very fortunate to have Jackson Marvell as part of the DECKED ambassador team. Not only is he a seriously badass dude, he also happens to be one of the most humble, down-to-earth human beings we know. What more can we say? Guess he’s our man crush.

Jackson setting up his ropes with his truck in the distance.
Jackson using his climbing skills working on an off-shore oil rig.
Putting climbing skills to good use
welding oil rigs in Alaska.
Jackson petting his dog on the tailgate of his truck.
Jackson and his dog, Jade.
Oh, and look, a DECKED drawer system.
Jackson in his workshop.
Jackson in his welding shop
on a good hair day

This is the part where you now feel so good about the DECKED brand that you want to shop for one of our products. Many thanks if you do.

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Jackson topping out on a climb in the desert.
Topping out, Northern Arizona.
Jackson and a buddy leaving the his Tundra (equipped with a Decked Drawer System) with their climbing gear.
Jackson retrieving gear from a D-co case in his Decked Drawer System.