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The Ultimate Work Truck - Ben Uyeda


Ultimate Work Truck - Homemade Modern

Ben Uyeda of Homemade Modern is known for transforming homes and guiding his 1.3 million YouTube followers through just about any DIY project you can think of. He has transformed his Toyota Tacoma into the ultimate work truck and a key part of his organization and storage for all of his tools starts with his DECKED system.

 From storage and organization, to solar powered generators, to racks and more, this work truck is built for the mobile tradesman. We have pulled out a few highlights that Ben reviews in his video as a quick reference for anyone looking to organize their truck bed with modular and customizable storage options. 


Key features that help keep Ben organized and on track

  1. Rugged and durable material without adding too much weight
  2. Simple and efficient installation process
  3. Weatherproof storage for tools 
  4. 2000 pound payload capacity to load up gravel, steel framed furniture, and anything else he plans to build next
    1. "I was able to store all of the components on top of the bed and still be able to have access to my tools to put it together from the drawers."
    2. "Giant steel frame that I made for Amanda Hoss, which when combined with the concrete slabs weight about 1000 pounds. And it was really cool being able to access the tools even though they were underneath all that concrete"
  5. Modular organization 
    1. "i like organizing my equiptment by different categories. So for example, I'll put all the sanding discs and the sander in one box, the hand tools for minor repairs and mechanical stuff in another, and then clamps and measuring tools if I am really setting up to do a big project in a different one."
  6. Easy access to everything 


Other products included in this build

  1. DECKED Truck Bed Drawers
  2. Prinsu Roof Rack from CBI Offroad
  3. Goal Zero 100 watt solar panels and power station