Skiing in May with DECKED for Cargo Vans

Skiing in May with DECKED for Cargo Vans
To ski or mountain bike? Springtime in Idaho is not for the faint of heart. Professional skier Reggie Crist and industry vet Scott McCoubrey take a trip over Trail Creek pass in Sun Valley, ID to try out our new DECKED for cargo van system. Skis, boards, climbing rack, camp gear, tools, hardware and other critical items slide out right at waist height for easy access. Just a little thing we like to call ergonomics. You can dial in everything you need for that epic journey or weekend warrior escape by keeping it organized with DECKED for cargo vans. With a 200 lb per drawer load rating and a 2000 lb payload capacity on the deck, the system will take about everything you can throw at it. DECKED FOR CARGO VANS D36A5998 D36A5969 D36A5908 _36A5988 _36A5984 _36A5929

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