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SEMA 2019

SEMA 2019 is in the books. A lot to report here, but photos speak more than words. However, a few key notes:

  1. We may have reached near-peak overland. Hard to say, but tents popped out of the tops of vehicles like so many magic mushrooms on a full moon. 
  2. The Gladiator apparently is now available, and from all appearances half of those sold in 2019 must have been on the show floor at SEMA. 
  3. People still like free stuff. 
  4. Vegas is a dangerous town.
  5. Washing your hands 100 times a day and applying hand sanitizer in between washings does dry out your skin.

Decked as SEMA@completecustomsllc and @iamroamr in our DECKED inside booth

@phaze2yogi@Jimahajer and @iamroamr in our DECKED outside booth


As a part of SEMA 2019, we launched a campaign to get our dealer's workforce, a.k.a. "Jobbers", the recognition they deserve, to add a National Jobber Day to the National Day Registry. Coincidentally, it was also National Nacho Day (don't believe us, look it up), and so we served nacho's and beer as well as gave away a small shipping container's worth of hats, tees, tool rolls, D-Boxes and other cool stuff to get the hype going. CHECK IT OUT HERE.


Our boys from Texas came through big time with one of the coolest Gladiator's on the floor. Complete Customs took their project to the next level not only with all of the best suspension, bumpers, winches and whatnot that you could hang on one of these, but also installed a custom swing out Traeger Grills Tailgater  and a built in kitchen sink and propane burner drawer set up by Action Van. Also adorning this sleek little Ken and Barbie rig was Leitner Designs brand new bed rack which has some awesome new styling and updated hardware and manufacturing techniques. And last but not least, Tepui's rooftop love bungalow drew lookie-loo's like flies to a picnic. 


The guys over at @IAMROAMR pulled out all the stops with this old vs new build of a sweet 1950's Willy's truck which was literally salvaged from a junk pile on the side of a desert road in the Owen's Valley. It was given a body-off restore onto a 2016 Jeep JK. Our favorite part of the build might have been the jerry can on the driver's side which opened up to reveal a whiskey bar. The patina'ed paint was kept original, merely given a bit of elbow grease to shine 'er up for the show.


DECKED came to the show with a few new products which will be debuting in the spring of 2020. The first of which is the D-Box's soft sided cousin, the D-Bag (of course how could it not be!?) 

The D-Bag is made with a hard foam base and lid that is thermoformed and covered with a ballistic kevlar/nylon fabric. It is designed to nest in the DECKED drawers and serve as a bombproof tool backpack or gear bag whose straps can be easily reconfigured for various carry styles (backpack, briefcase, duffle bag, dob kit). It comes with a removable tool roll and small duffle bag for complete modularity and maximum functionality. Look for these in April of 2020!


After five years of championing the cause for drawers in your truck, we have decided to stick both big toes and about everything else we could think of into the pickup truck toolbox market. Most pickup truck toolboxes are made of metal which is why when you think about the properties of heavy duty injection molded HDPE with steel in-mold structure, the game starts to get interesting. A few key features of this new product for 2020 make for a distinctly different toolbox product. First, this box won't dent or ding. It's built out of 1/3" thick pressure molded HDPE and PP so one could literally drop cinder blocks onto it/into it and nothing would happen. Secondly, it will be completely waterproof like a Pelican case and nearly impossible to break into with out some Wiley Coyote dynamite action. Most notably, and perhaps not altogether obvious at first, it will have a small ladder which flips out of the box when opened, which will provide easy access to the box's contents. This solves a pretty big problem with these types of toolboxes-- access-- and is currently unavailable in this product category. It still needs a name however, so if you are into truck storage and organization as well as coming up with clever names, we want to hear from you. 


Unless you were living under a rock last summer, you probably remember the Paradise Fire in California. One brave man, aka @THE_PANDRA, drove his truck through the fire's flames to rescue patients at his hospital turning his Tundra into molten jelly in the process. He had a DECKED system in the back of his truck (woot!) as well. In light of his heroics, Toyota hooked the Pandra [Allyn Pierce] up with a new rig and everyone chipped in to dial it in which made for a pretty good bit of eye candy in the Toyota booth.


Please read at your leisure. Guard your wallet and consumer line of credit with great care. 

@Jimahajer Taco in our outside booth

Photo Courtesy FabFours


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