Q&A - Your Most Common DECKED Questions Answered

Q&A - Your Most Common DECKED Questions Answered

You asked so we answered! Check out the answers to your burning questions about DECKED. 

Q. Does DECKED fit my truck?

Check out our vehicle picker below to find your exact system!

Q.  Where is DECKED made?

DECKED is proudly manufactured and engineered right here in the good 'ol US of A. Want to learn more about our brand and history? Check out our story for the full history on DECKED and an insight into where and how it's made. 


Q. What is DECKED made out of?

DECKED is engineered from an American steel frame in-molded to a High Density Polyethylene skin so you get an unmatched industry standard strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1. Industrial grade HDPE was invented to be left out under a blistering Texas sun or an Alaskan whiteout. Check out the insides of a DECKED system here. 

Q.  Can I check DECKED out in person anywhere near me?

Yes! DECKED has a dealer network across the country and into Canada. Check out our dealer network to find the closest dealer to you


Q. How much weight can a DECKED system support?

2000lbs of anything you want so load 'er up! Don't believe us? Check out our payload test to see the true 2000lb payload of the deck. 

Q.  How dust and weather resistant are DECKED drawers?

The DECKED Drawer System is designed to be fully weatherproof and ready for whatever mother nature might bring. We aren't selling Tupperware though. While airborne particulate matter might penetrate the drawers, you're going to have to back your truck into a lake to swamp your stuff. Check out our water and dust torture test for a true DECKED review on the dust resistance and weatherproofness of the DECKED truck bed storage system.

Q. Does DECKED offering financing?

DECKED offers financing through a 3rd party, Affirm. Check out more details about Affirm or start the process by choosing your vehicle, adding your DECKED system to your cart and selecting Affirm at checkout. 



Q.  How secure are DECKED drawers?

DECKED sells locks to provide you with another level of added security. Customized for DECKED drawers, each lock set comes with a unique set of keys. DECKED drawer locks meet the firearm carrying regulations in some states but it is up to you to know the regulations in your state. Get secure and lockable truck storage with DECKED locks. Learn everything you needed to know about DECKED drawer locks.

Q.  Will DECKED work with my bed liner?

That all depends on your bed liner. We designed the DECKED system with the spray-in bed liners in mind and have taken into account the normal additional volume and created enough lateral space to accomodate your spray-in liner. DECKED also works with a Bed Rug mat but it will be a very snug fit and initially the wheels will wear on the rug. As far as a Bed Rug full liner, it will be a very snug fit and we don't really recommend it. DECKED is NOT compatible with a plastic drop-in liner and it will have to go in order to install a DECKED. 

Q.  How do you tie-down and secure objects on top of a DECKED system?

Core Trax are a handy accessory that add cargo tie down options to your DECKED system. They easily mount to the lateral steel tubes in the deck panels of the system and provide adjustable cargo tie down loops that are perfect for securing whatever you need to transport. For more information visit us at www.decked.com

Q.  Will DECKED fit an 8' pickup truck bed?

You know it chairman! Released in summer 2017 we use our 75.25" long "standard" length system engineered to fit an 8' bed. Once installed there will be between 17" and 20" of space cab-side where you can fit a crossover toolbox or a fuel transfer tank. Read more about this fitment and compatible products   here .

8 foot decked gap

Q.  What is the best way to dial in and organize the drawers?

Check out this video to see how you can enhance your DECKED Storage System with extra DECKED accessories! (DECKED accessories were previously referred to as DECKED "components").

Q.  What is DECKED's warranty like?

DECKED LLC warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the product will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of the original purchase. If within three (3) years from the original date of purchase this product fails due to defect in materials or workmanship, DECKED LLC will replace any defective part at its option. For more legal mumbo jumbo, check out our Warranty Page.  

Q.  Will DECKED make me better looking and as fit as a fiddle?

We can't promise muscles like the Rock but we can guarantee organized drawers, good times and a clean back seat. 

Still have a burning question? Check out our everything you ever wanted to know and your mom is going to ask you about your new purchase.  

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