DECKED Real Customer: Hillside Farms

DECKED Real Customer: Hillside Farms


If life on the farm is kind of laid, there ain’t nothing that this country girl can’t hack. Born and raised an Idaho farm girl, Brett Stevenson can spit with the boys, wrench with the guys, and run with experts in flour milling. She grew up on her family farm watching her dad take barley from seed to harvest and create a thriving business selling a majority of their crop to a local favorite, Coors Brewing. Brett has taken up the family tradition by bringing the farm to the table, providing the critical rudimentary ingredient, milled flour, to local customers who seek it right from the source.
Furthering her family legacy and taking it a step further, she has built out her own flour mill business from the ground up. Starting out by becoming a certified malter, she then took an interest in milling, built a flour mill and has had to learn the hard way how to maintain and improve its one-of-a-kind German engineering. This grit and commitment can only be attributed to growing up watching her father persevere and succeed in one of the most fickle, yet vital business ventures that exist: farming.

Brett blended her interests in regenerative agriculture into the health and nutrition of the food she creates and the communities it feeds. Her commitment to continuing the family farm legacy every step of the way takes the grain they grow and turns it into varieties of the finest milled flour delivered right to your door or store.


DECKED supports agriculture, horticulture and permaculture as a sustainable food future is critical to all of us in every way. DECKED also supports those long days on the farm bringing food from the field to the table.

When we first met with Brett, she had a need for a means by which to load, transport and unload her flour without blowing out her back (and providing a comfy place for her Griffon to hang while she runs her routes). So if you are in the market for a great pound of flour, check her out at


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