By Lindsey Davis

We caught up with Lindsey and had her break down the gear she always keeps with her–What, How, and Why!

Lindsey Davis is a woman in motion. Among other things, she’s a writer, entrepreneur, outdoorswoman, and advocate for our wild spaces. So when Lindsey heads off-grid, she doesn’t waste time shuffling gear or worrying about leaving something behind–she uses a DECKED Drawer System to keep must-have items secure, organized, and available when she needs them.

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> Select the Right Equipment

“This summer, I fulfilled a key aspect of my Toyota Tacoma build by installing a DECKED Drawer System. I’m a nut for organization, and have always loved the Drawers for their versatility and bulletproof design. I aimed to finally store all the self-rescue and emergency gear I  should  have with me at all times, but often don’t.

After a few adventures this season, I’ve zeroed in on a set of essentials that fit really well in the Drawers and support me in the field whether I’m hunting, camping, or road tripping. Here’s a breakdown of what I keep in my DECKED Drawer System for the unplanned aspects of every outdoor adventure. Enjoy customizing your own self-rescue gear, getting out there, and back!”

> “Can We Drive Through That?” – Recovery Boards

“There are a ton of brands and options for these, and I’ve found the off-brands to work just as well as the name brands. Seeing is believing when you set these under your tires and drive yourself out of a serious mess. After rescuing myself in both snow and mud, I never set off on an adventure without them. A lot of people will mount these to their vehicle. Right now, I stash them wherever they fit inside my truck shell to maintain versatility and keep them from getting stolen.”

What Comes After “Hold My Beer” –  MyFAK from My Medic

“I always have a first aid kit that I know how to use. The My Medic kits are truly bomber, and you can get different options depending on your medical skill level. This kit has everything I’d know how to use on myself or a stranger, as well as some really handy additions for survival. This kit has two builds: basic and advanced. The basic comes with treatment for burns, common medications, topical treatments, ways to treat sprains and fractures, and basic tools like shears, tweezers, lights, a thermometer and gloves. With the advanced kit, you get some basics for outdoor survival, like hydration aids, emergency lights and a tourniquet. I like to run the advanced kit in the vehicle and then also have an additional smaller kit that I can grab for any outings.”

Ride The Lightning –  Goal Zero Yeti 500X Power Station Nomad 50 Solar Panel Torch 500 Multi-Purpose Light

“You never know when you’re going to have to set up camp. By having a way to generate my own power I’ve found it allows me to stay out longer and truly have a ‘base camp’ I can rely on. This system does everything I need from powering devices like radios, phones and dog collars, to camp lights and portable grills. The sky’s the limit with the ability to recharge with the power station with the panel, and both store nicely with the right hand Drawer’s width.”

Can You Dig It? –   DMOS Delta Shovel Mountain Pass Kit

“This full-sized and fully collapsible steel shovel from DMOS is the shovel to end them all. Having this on hand is useful for digging yourself out, putting out a campfire, trail building, and so many other outdoor tasks that crop up. I recommend something full size. The Delta is great because it is foldable and stores easily in the left-hand drawer, yet is really strong when fully assembled.”

“The DMOS Mountain Pass Kit is a great all-in-one roadside emergency kit. Having a way to jumpstart your own vehicle in the backcountry is key. I keep the majority of this gear in a DECKED Crossbox.”

Split It, Saw It, Fix It, Mend It – Gerber  Freescape Hatchet Freescape Camp Saw Truss Multitool

“These are three tools that can help mend what breaks, clear roads, make firewood and more. Each one is characteristic of Gerber’s product line in being affordable yet durable and ready to work. The folding saw is a great solution for something toothy and packable to stow in your kit, as is the hatchet. The Truss is a standard ‘fix it’ pocket tool with 17 tools, and a cut out design to make it a bit lighter to use. Having a good set of pliers makes this piece worth it alone. Definitely keep a good set of tools and blades with you for whatever comes your way.”

The D-Box as Your General Store

I keep a DECKED D-Box in the Drawer System to house a ton of camp and emergency essentials. I always find something I’m happy to have on hand in here on every trip, and I am always adding to it!

  • Stove and fuel
  • Water treatment kit
  • Extra food
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • First aid
  • Tow strap
  • Electrolyte powder
  • Duct tape
  • Parachute cord
  • Emergency bivy
  • Batteries
  • Wet wipes
  • Ziploc baggies

The Survivalist’s Dream –  Sitka Flash shelter

“I keep a tarp in my drawers that can double as an emergency shelter if needed. This is the Sitka Flash Shelter, which easily converts to an a-frame or lean-to shelter. I’ve also used it to cover the tailgate to cook in bad weather, or keep things dry. Always have a tarp. “


Once You’re Out There, Rescue or Be Rescued –  Rhino USA Tow Straps

“It’s always rewarding to be the person that can get someone else out of a bummer situation. Whether it’s to be a good Samaritan or get yourself out of the ditch, tow straps are key to a good rescue kit. There are a lot of great options out there. I use a 3 inch strap made by Rhino USA.

No matter what your outdoor passions are, this set of essentials will support your every adventure and be conveniently tucked away in your DECKED Drawer System until you need it most!”

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