We recently caught up with Jason Aldean, who is a fan and supporter of DECKED, at his Burn It Down Tour stop in Virginia Beach, VA. We first installed a DECKED Truck Bed Storage System in Jason's Rocky Ridge upfitted Chevy a little over a year ago after he had heard about the product from a buddy. We caught up with him during some down time on the day of his show at the Farm Bureau Amphitheater, and went out to shoot a few target rounds.  We also got a chance to see the man at work later that evening. As always, he rocked the house. Thousands of fans never touched their seats.


Jason is known for his rise to fame with Broken Bow Records. From little known musician signing with a new label to winner of numerous awards including 2015 Male Vocalist of the Year (ACM Awards) his ability to absolutely tear a house down propelled him to where he is today. Many, however, don't know of his love for hunting, and that it is the outdoors that recharges his batteries in the off season. It was obvious that he spends his fair share of time flinging arrows as he shot perfect groups of bull's-eyes while we were out.

He was shooting a Mathews No-Cam HTR that we picked up at Wilcox Bait and Tackle in Newport News, VA (thanks guys!) as he left his own Mathews at home. The kind folks at Wilcox set it up so well that he wanted to keep it for the coming hunting season. Thanks first of all to Jason for taking the time to hang with us, to the Burn It Down Tour management for facilitating the shoot, and the Aldean team at Maverick for helping us pull it all together.

DECKED makes a unique product that gives you weatherproof, ergonomic, and secure storage while also allowing you full use of your truck bed. DECKED is made in America and is manufactured using over 95+% recycled materials. No matter how you use your truck, it's a versatile and functional accessory that serves as a toolbox, tackle box, gear organizer and everything in between. DECKED fits all full-size pick ups from the late 90's and requires no drilling of the truck bed. The system's drawers slide out putting your cargo at tailgate height making accessing essentials easy and efficient.

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