Best Gun Storage Ideas To Keep Your Firearms Safe

Best Gun Storage Ideas To Keep Your Firearms Safe

Best Gun Storage Ideas To Keep Your Firearms Safe

If we could have it our way, we’d be rocking a holster at our hems like we used to rock our cell phone clips (or was that just us…?). But having our firearms in arms’ reach isn’t always the best case. Our preference? Sure. 100% safe? Not all the time.

There are many reasons why safely storing your guns is important. If you own several firearms, categorizing them and storing them separately is a good idea. For example, guns meant to be used in an emergency or home defense should be easily accessible, yet safely stored. Non-defense guns, such as hunting or sporting rifles, should be stored away in a place that is not visible or accessible to anyone other than you.

No matter how much of an idea we may think we have over where our firearms are, accidents do happen. Take it from us—it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Today, gun safes are not the only way to store firearms. Guns are valuable, and you want to keep your investments secure and protected from the elements. And if you’ve got toddlers around, or even pets, you want to be sure your firearms are safe at all times. You also want to make sure they never get stolen and end up in the wrong hands. According to this article and the Center for American Progress, there was a reported $829 million worth of firearms stolen from individuals nationwide during a period of 6 years. That’s an estimated 1.8 million guns out there that aren’t with their rightful owner. We better make sure your firearms don’t add to that equation. There are plenty of different options for storing your firearms and keeping them and your family safe. Let’s get to it .

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Gun Security  

Gun Storage Lock To Keep Your Firearms Safe

First things first: The most important part of any kind of storage space for firearms is how you get in and out of it. You want easy access to your guns in case of an emergency. However, you don’t want it to be easy for a child or a stranger to open. Listen, everyone’s drawn to a safe or something that’s meant to be kept away. Something psychological happens, that “gimme-gimme” voice starts yelling, and everyone wants a peek at what’s behind the door. In the case of firearms, the only person who should be getting through that door is you. So let’s look at some lock options to keep our nosey ass neighbor away, shall we?

Combination Locks 

Simple, low maintenance, and effective. You won’t have to remember where you put the keys or replace batteries, and it is not simple for a burglar to guess a random combination. However, it does take more time to open a combination lock if you’re in a hurry. You want a combination that’s easy to remember (in other words, don’t go with your spouse’s birthday or you’re screwed in an emergency). If you need quick access, this is not your best choice.

Electronic Keypad Locks 

Designed to be easily operated, they can have multiple codes for different people. Some can even sync with your home security cameras. Pressing the keypad can be much quicker than spinning the dial of a lock. Just make sure you choose a code easy enough to remember, but hard for others to ever guess.

Biometric Locks 

Similar to electronic locks, biometric gun safe locks use a fingerprint scanner, making it the fastest way to get into a safe or storage compartment. They can be set up to remember multiple fingerprints, so you and your spouse can have fast access to the gun safe, but not your neighbor’s kid who keeps asking you to pull their finger. As quick as this option is, this technology is not foolproof. It may not be able to read the print on a dirty finger, for example. So for all your booger-pickers out there (hey, we don’t judge), just wipe your fingers clean before trying to unlock your safe.  

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Maximize & Customize Your Gun Space

Now let’s get the most out of your firearm storage space. This will ensure you’re storing them in their designated space, taking up all the room that’s meant for it. When you don’t maximize your existing spaces and storage options, you’re forced to leave them in places not meant for them. That means any old chap can come across it lying around your truck bed, home, or garage. Or worse, you completely forget where you left it. This ain’t like looking for the remote control that was wedged between your couch cushions. Imagine asking yourself, “Now where in the hell did I put that rifle…?”

Once you designate and maximize your options, it’s time to customize. Most storage options have adjustable features and customizable foam forms designed to fit any space. If you’re storing your guns in a drawer, custom foam pieces can be made to precisely fit each firearm to secure them into place safely, so they don’t rattle around.

Many gun cases also come with adjustable panels and shelving to allow reconfiguring the space to perfectly accommodate your collection. Another feature in some safes is a gun compartment in the safe door to keep your favorite guns handy for easy access, while the others remain in their protected position inside the safe.

Protection From The Elements & Corrosion

Even though your firearms are now tucked away in their designated and customized spaces, you should still think about protecting them from the elements and possible corrosion. Just because they’re in a safe or foam inserts doesn’t make them indestructible.

Protection Against Fire

You don’t want a smokin’ gun to be literal. Even if you keep your home extremely safe, fire is always a potential hazard. Anything from a candle to a curling iron to a pyromaniac kid playing with fireworks can cause some serious flames. Lightning is also one of those things that can cause an unexpected fire to any home. Insulation and materials inside a safe should be one of your main concerns when choosing a place to store your firearms. The thickness of insulation and how the lining is attached are important factors as well. It’s crucial to research fire-resistant safe construction. Because manufacturers contract with different independent labs to test their products, the definition of “fire-resistant” can vary. 

Protection Against Water

If you’re in a flood or hurricane area, you don’t want to lose your valuable guns to water damage. Having your gun case storage raised off of the ground is an excellent way to keep water from ruining your gun collection.

Protection Against Rust

If you live somewhere where humidity is an issue, consider a dehumidifier. The best gun safes out there are not 100% airtight, and corrosion is a hot topic among gun owners. Amazon has several options, including this dehumidifier rod by Liberty Safe .

Gun Storage At Home

Home is where your heart and firearms are, baby. There are many different options when it comes to gun storage solutions at home. You can go with a basic safe, or get a little more creative with hidden or decorative storage. Your guns can be hidden in plain sight inside a secret gun compartment in a picture frame or clock. If you happen to need fast access for home defense, gun concealment decorative items can put a firearm in your hand in seconds, anywhere you are in your house. Yup, that’s not just a picture of a Hawaiian sunset.

Pieces of furniture such as a coffee table or bookcase serve as great hiding places with hidden compartments that slide out from behind or underneath. Let’s say you’re watching the game and someone wants to try you. You hear the lock of your front door being picked and the voice on the other side is angry and aggressive. Not today, satan. You’ll protect your home and family from a potentially dangerous incident because this guy doesn’t have a clue of your makeshift gun-concealing coffee table.

If you’re a handyman with some DIY carpentry experience, consider adding a hidden drop-down or slide-out shelving to any living room, bedroom, or kitchen table. You can also work your way with a full-size gun rack that slides out from behind a bookshelf or entertainment center. Any large piece of furniture can be converted to a hidden gun cabinet with a little ingenuity.

Other hidden gun storage ideas include hiding a wall safe or recessed gun locker behind hinged mirrors, pictures, or shelving. Go ahead, get your Batman or James Bond on in full effect.  

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Gun Storage On The Go

firearm truck storage

If you carry guns in your vehicle, storage carries a whole new set of issues. You no longer have the option of a secret picture frame or want to be lugging some massive safe back and forth every time you get in your vehicle. Fortunately, a variety of options exist for gun and ammo safekeeping. 

Trucks and Vans

DECKED has a line of drawers that slide into your truck or van and can carry an armory of guns. Our drawers are among the most secure options on the market for pickup trucks and vans. The drawers slide out for easy access, and the space can be customized to fit a variety of long guns, handguns, and ammo bags. The DECKED system is heavy-duty, locked tight, and completely weatherproof. 

Plus, DECKED drawers won’t interfere with everyday activities. You can still haul plenty of weight (up to 2,000lbs) on top of the drawers, and all the hunting , camping , fishing , or work gear you could ever want. 

Smaller Vehicles 

No, we didn’t forget about you. For smaller cars or smaller guns, a handgun storage safe that fits under your seat or in your armrest is perfect for keeping your firearms safely stored. They’re easily accessible, too. Since you’re bound to have to go into a place now and then that does not allow guns, like a school, bar, or government building, you’ll need a secret gun storage box tucked away from potential thieves.

No matter where you keep your guns, the key is to keep your valuable investment safe and secure. You need to protect them from the elements, thieves, children, and drunk poker buddies while still needing easy access if you need them in a hurry.

Before you decide how to store your guns in your home or vehicle, carefully review the gun laws in your state , including reciprocal laws if you regularly travel across state lines. Once you get all that stuff handled, see how all the DECKED truck gun storage solutions can work for you.

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