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DECKED Does The Gambler 500

It's Gambler Season Folks...

Last summer we DECKED out a 1978 Ford F150, christened her "Betty Ford" and entered the biggest rally event in the world: The Gambler 500.

The Gambler 500 was born from a dream. A dream of giving forgotten, tossed aside and abandoned autos new life. A chance to become legendary. To give it to you straight, it's a mix of Burning Man and Mad Max with a pinch of PNW Redneck.

We drove Betty 400 miles from Idaho to Oregon to do 500 miles of dirt road racing, only to stop every few hours due to vapor lock. At least we had a Traeger BBQ Grill, CB radio and some new Falken tires to get us through. Not to mention weed is legal in Oregon.

Check out the visual feast below because...well...It's Gambler Season.  Decked TreagerDecked Treager with drawer openDecked Gambler 500Gambler 500 DrivingStary nightGambler CarsGambler NightGambler Tent Decked Back of DrawersGambler TireDecked in the lightsGamblers SkyDecked with SkyDecked PickupSmall HaulnDecked Gassing upHoodMirror Dice