Recently the guys over at Titan Fuel Tanks decided to try out their Travel Trekker 50 Gallon and 40 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tanks with our DECKED 8’ bed storage system and it looks to be a perfect fit.

Titan Fuel Tanks are an Auxiliary Fuel System allowing the diesel truck owner the ability to drive farther and longer without being forced to stop and refuel. This capacity to go farther and stay out longer makes Titan Fuel Tanks and DECKED a match made in heaven for the working man who doesn’t have time to be waiting in line at the gas station or road warrior trying to get to the next spot to set up camp.


With our 8’ bed DECKED system, the Titan Fuel Tanks utilize the 17"-19.5" of negative space against the cab of the truck in front of the DECKED system. The  Travel Trekker 50 gallon  and 40 gallon Auxiliary Tanks work seamlessly with the DECKED 8’ bed system in Ford, Dodge and Nissan 8' beds. If you are driving a Chevy/GMC you're limited to the 40 gallon tank due to the 17" negative space at the front of the bed. 


Titan Fuel Tanks are MADE IN AMERICA and come with a lifetime warranty. Head over to their site today and avoid those constant refueling stops. 

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