Nobody Likes a Rusty Tool. Protect Your Investments with a DECKED Weatherproof Toolbox and Keep on Truckin’ Through Any Forecast.

Nobody Likes a Rusty Tool. Protect Your Investments with a DECKED Weatherproof Toolbox and Keep on Truckin’ Through Any Forecast.


A DECKED brand toolbox sits open, showing an integrated telescoping ladder stowed away, an integrated storage box with a blue lid, and a small tray for miscellany that is suspended, but sits flush with the top of the box.

Life doesn’t stop just because it’s raining. The sloppy, wet work in the middle of a downpour doesn’t go away just because we want it to. But, it can get easier, with a little help from a weatherproof toolbox. The good kind. One made this century—not in 1973—because this isn’t your granddad’s toolbox.

This is a toolbox proudly engineered and made in the USA. A toolbox for working folk, for playing folk, and just plain folks. It’s for the folks of this country who keep it humming along. The men and women who count on their tools to not only get the job done, but to get it done well. The DECKED Tool Box is all of that. It's an absolutely game-changing tool, and one that you don’t have in your box yet because—well, it is the box.

The box that holds everything.

The Struggle is REAL

How many times a day do you hitch your leg up into the most uncomfortable position to crawl awkwardly up into your truck bed? Not you? Oh, maybe you’re the belly flop and slither forward type, or the sit on the tailgate and swing your legs to the side person? No? OK, you’re the crawl up the tire/wheel well guy? 

A construction worker in a yellow hard hat and fully-loaded tool belt ascends a foldout ladder as part of his toolbox mounted in his white, Chevy GMC Sierra.

Either way, we all know the struggle, especially after a particularly long, hard, (and possibly crappy) day. Getting our tools in and out of the bed of our truck should be the last things on our minds. We deserve better than that, right? If you’re tired of mounting your truck bed, then you need to mount a DECKED Tool Box. (It has an optional foldout ladder!) It’s the best weatherproof truckbed toolbox, designed like Fort Knox, and engineered with structure in mind.

DECKED products are in the business of making the everyday lives of working men and women better, helping you save time and energy, getting more of your life back to use on things that matter—like being off of work.

DECKED Tool Box Features - At a Glance

  • TOUGH - You could call it a weatherproof locking plastic toolbox, but more specifically, it’s made from high-impact polymer resin, the same stuff football helmets are made from. The box is virtually dent-proof, so go on, hit it with your hammer.
  • SECURE - DECKED’s weatherproof truck toolbox material is almost impossible to break and doesn’t corrode. A torsion box in the lid is made from galvanized steel, adding another line of defense to the lid. The lock is separate from the latch, so if the lock becomes compromised, the latches won’t come unlocked.
  • NO GAS STRUTS - DECKED uses torsion springs on their toolboxes. Not gas struts that are bound to fail. One less thing to worry about.
  • WATERPROOF - The DECKED Tool Box is a weatherproof toolbox system. Since it’s engineered and molded, versus a metal weatherproof toolbox that has been fabricated, there are fewer entry points for moisture. When the lid is open, a large upstanding lip acts as a rain gutter that keeps water moving and out of the way. 
  • ORGANIZED - DECKED tool boxes come with their unique D-Box that nests within and is a removable, small weatherproof toolbox in itself that keeps your smaller items organized. No more wasting time looking for all of your junk, because now there’s a weatherproof portable toolbox for that. The DECKED Tool Box also comes standard with a Snack Tray, but it’s up to you what you keep in that.

A black toolbox with a blue lid sits open displaying a variety of tools. Pliers, utility knife, screwdrivers and other miscellany.

  • ACCESS - An optional, integrated access ladder can be purchased separately, but you’re going to want this because it’s one of the slickest features. It works for all truck heights, even those lifted bad boys, and folds right into the weatherproof hard case toolbox without obstructing anything.

We Need to Talk About Your Truck Bed…

Is your truck bed a junk show? One that would embarrass your mother, “I raised you better than that!” Or one where you can never find anything and spend more time than you care to admit looking for your stuff?

One lap around a hardware store parking lot will prove that you are NOT alone, and truck beds and the people who love them need real, practical, and weatherproof solutions.

Inclement weather comes for much of the country at roughly the same time every year. There’s no fooling Mother Nature, and if you fail to prepare, then the joke’s on you, my friend. A rusty tool will be laughed off a job site faster than the one holding it. Protect your investment, and your reputation.

Cab Safety

Maybe you’ve got a strategy, and that is whenever the rain, snow, sleet, hail—or whatever hell-fire rains down on you where you live making efficient work damn near impossible—you just move your tools to the inside of your rig to the backseat of your cab?

That works great, until you get in an accident, and the force of which you were hit with turns everything in your cab into a projectile. Circular saw to the arm at 60 miles per hour? Carpenter pencil to the eyeball? We sincerely hope not. The DECKED weatherproof in the bed toolbox protects your tools, but more importantly, it protects you. The DECKED Tool Box gets your tools out of your cab, and securely stored away in the bed of your truck where they belong.

An aerial photograph of the DECKED industrial facility in the middle of a large field. There are three receiving bays shown, with a semi truck at each dock.

How It’s Made

Let’s take a deeper dive into how the DECKED Tool Box is made, because that’s the main driver of how the product functions.

DECKED products, the Drawer System, Tool Box, and Accessories, are created in Ohio by real people, working real hard. Eight employees wearing black shirts with the DECKED logo on them stand in front a black, vinyl-wrapped truck that is parked in front of the DECKED facility. 

It’s worth repeating that DECKED products are injection-molded with a high impact polymer resin. It’s high density polyethylene (HDPE), sometimes referred to as the cockroach of plastics, because HDPE is utilitarian in mind and designed with a focus on durability.

HDPE is meant to be buried in the dirt, exposed on the street corner, and has the rigidity to withstand impacts. Those attributes, coupled with proprietary engineering where galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements are added, make the DECKED Tool Box virtually indestructible.

The reason the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box are black is that the HDPE used is all recycled material, and we add a little carbon black to it for brand continuity. We also add a UV inhibitor to keep our products from fading and getting sun-checked, so they retain their color and don’t fade over time.

We’ve retooled the toolbox, bringing it up to date in an industry that hasn’t changed in well over 50 years. If your truck is sexy, shouldn’t your toolbox be? It’s time to ditch the diamond plate.

View of an industrial warehouse filled with boxes and equipment being readied to ship out to consumers. 

Don’t Pay for Dents

It’s a regrettable fact that around 50% of aluminum tool boxes show up dented. At DECKED, you don’t pay for dents because our product doesn’t get them. We have science and engineering to thank for that, and with a 500 pound, dynamic payload when fully loaded, the Tool Box doesn’t bend or sag. In fact, we tested it at 150 degrees Fahrenheit with 500 pounds inside and it easily held its shape, as stubbornly as a brand new baseball glove. With our products born in Idaho, we’ve tested them in colder weather too, negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact, and the Tool Box still performed incredibly.

The DECKED Tool Box is not fabricated or welded, so the box and lid are each one piece. We took everything we learned from making our DECKED Drawer Systems, and applied it into a toolbox that looks like it came from this decade, using materials from the future. Our toolboxes are impossible to dent, but it sure is fun to see folks try.

A man with a long beard, yellow hard hat and maroon sweatshirt stands on the passenger side of a white truck. He's peering into an open toolbox that is mounted into his truck bed.

Get Wet Over Bone Dry Tools

Did we just say that? Yes, and we meant it. The waterproofing of the DECKED Tool Box is really something to get excited about.

If you live in a wet or snowy climate, you know how valuable something truly waterproof is, and it makes all the difference when it comes to protecting your investment.

Whether it’s your precious recreational gear or your mandatory work tools, keeping equipment dry and in good working order can make or break your workday or adventure. 

Ever have to replace a tool because it got wet? Yeah. Us too. It’s a total drag replacing equipment, and a headache (or heartache—you choose) we all can avoid by spending a few extra bucks upfront to get a weatherproof jobsite toolbox that actually does its job. No need for weatherproof toolbox covers here.

The Specs:

  • DECKED Tool Box is molded, not welded, so you get a seamless lid and tub
  • Overbuilt, moisture-repelling, watertight architecture
  • Seals tightly when closed with an EPDM gasket
  • When open, there’s a bub seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid
  • Created with an upstanding lip that the lid overlaps and functions as a rain gutter
  • Anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware make for long-lasting durability


We have tried, and tried, and tried, to break into the DECKED Tool Box with a crowbar, but the damned thing won’t budge! The tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry/crowbar points and honestly, the toolbox is so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.

Or maybe you’ll be the one cryin’ when you lose your key, but that’s why we send you two of them. You should probably stash your spare in a safe place straight away. This portable weatherproof toolbox is like driving around with a safe in the back of your truck and features a robust, steel-armored locking mechanism combined with a driver-side lock making forced entry nearly impossible.

An important distinction is that the toolbox lid must be open to install or uninstall the unit. A DECKED Tool Box cannot be removed from the truck bed unless the Tool Box lid is open. It’s these thoughtful design touches that set DECKED apart from the rest because we’ve designed products we actually want to use too, but more importantly, we recognize that our most important asset is you—the customer.

Your gear is important to us too. That’s why DECKED Tool Box has two tie-downs at the base of the tub on the tailgate side to secure large cargo, and because, in our opinion, no dirt bike should ever be left behind.

A grey truck is shown with a tool box in the truck bed and an orange and white dirt bike.


Let’s talk about this ladder. It’s revolutionary. Truly, folks, it’s the best way to step up your game. Like we said before, the ladder is optional, but you’re going to want to add it on. It’s integrated into the DECKED Tool Box, and pulls out and clicks into place. With truck bed heights ranging anywhere from 48” to 60” in height, we made a telescoping ladder that reaches the ground, no matter what truck you have. (Measuring before ordering is recommended, however.)

With the handle on the Tool Box lid, you have three points of contact when using the ladder so you can quickly, easily, and safely get to your gear.

The ladder is made from 6000 series aluminum and DECKED’s website has a Ladder 101 video so you can see it in action.






There’s a Lot to Love

With a toolbox that looks as good as your truck, there’s a lot to love about it. We know. We’ve thought of everything, (or have at least lost sleep over it giving it our best shot). Even down to the depth of the Tool Box, and making sure it doesn’t go all the way to the truck bed leaving room for the things that are important to your lifestyle, like still being able to fit sheets of plywood in with your DECKED Tool Box installed, or hauling a ladder, or whatever the activity, job, or down-home fun may be. We offer free shipping, a Limited Lifetime Warranty and offer a toolbox that’s easy on the eyes, but tough on thieves. So, here it is.


    W/O LADDER: 103 LBS
    9.82 FT³
    73.4 GALLONS

    LENGTH: 76"
    WIDTH: 22"
    HEIGHT TOTAL: 20.53"
    WIDTH AT THE SEAL: 17.9"
    DEPTH: 17.4"