Are Weatherguard Truck Bed Tool Boxes Good for Traveling?

Are Weatherguard Truck Bed Tool Boxes Good for Traveling?

Family sets up a campsite with a truck tool box.


If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you have likely heard of Weatherguard truck tool boxes. Perhaps you have even used Weatherguard truck tool boxes for your work or travel needs. If you are someone who travels often, having a reliable and convenient tool box is a necessity. You need a place to keep your tools, safety kits, and other items you would keep in your truck bed. You want it to be easy to access while on the road, at work, or at your campsite. While comparing options, you will likely note the Weatherguard truck tool boxes prices and wonder if it is the best solution for your travel needs. Weatherguard is highly rated and has a long-standing reputation since its start in the 1960s. However, there are a number of other factors you want to consider when deciding on the best truck tool boxes for your traveling needs.


Who Makes Weatherguard Truck Tool Boxes?

Weatherguard is now part of Werner Co. and is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois. This was part of an acquisition of Knaack LLC in 2012. Prior to this, Knaack LLC owned and operated Weatherguard since the 1960s when Howard Knaack purchased the brand from a small sheet metal company based in St. Louis. The Weatherguard tool boxes were created in response to a need Knaack saw from his contractor friends. Since then, Weatherguard has expanded to provide more models of tool boxes, more features, and upgrades to follow industry trends and needs.


Weatherguard truck tool boxes dealers are everywhere. You will also see them if you are in a store that supplies truck accessories and tools. You can expect to find Weatherguard Truck Tool Boxes at Harbor Freight. Lowes, and similar stores. Because of their long history, you can often find used Weatherguard truck tool boxes for sale in your area. Some people even set up eBay watches for Weatherguard truck tool boxes. They are known to have a long life and can sustain being passed down to a new user. If you are considering purchasing Weatherguard truck tool boxes from Tractor Supply or another large chain, you can go check out the quality, strength, design, and security for yourself. It is important for you to consider these factors when it comes to choosing a tool box that fits your life and travel needs.


Not Your Grandpa’s Truck, Not Your Grandpa’s Toolbox

Classic truck dashboard and steering wheel


I grew up around trucks and tool boxes. I remember getting scrapes and bruises trying to get to the toolbox that was on the inside of the bed–pushing aside scrap wood, boxes, and loose tools. Often, I would try to bypass the truck bed completely and holster myself up on the tire.


Weatherguard truck tool boxes near me were easy to spot. The truck tool boxes aluminum weatherguard style was always shiny with a dust of rust.  For every dent in the tool box, there was a story. You would step around it carefully to make sure not to leave your own mark on grandpa or dad’s tool box.


Another thing I learned living in a small Midwest town was that tools are valuable and need to be protected. Locks for Weatherguard tool boxes truck boxes were a must-have back then, just like they are for any tool boxes today.  

Sleeker Design for a Modern Family


When I first started traveling full time with my family and driving a pickup truck of my own, I remembered the feel of growing up. As much as I loved what I saw and experienced as a kid, I knew I did not want the same trucks, tool boxes, and accessories as years ago. My family was looking for a sleeker design, more convenience and versatility, and modern upgrades. While the Weatherguard truck tool boxes parts were a great fit for my family years ago, other things are top of mind for me in the current day.


With a modern truck, you want a modern tool box. Some of the clunky, old designs are not going to cut it. An example is the truck-mounted tool boxes Weatherguard makes which have a place, but do not provide the sleek, modern design. If you are looking for a sleek design, DECKED truck tool boxes provide a look that is modern and appealing without rust, shine, or dents. The scientific engineering provides a look that shows you want to both perform and look good out on the road.

fitting all of your camping items into your truck bed using DECKED system as an alternative to Weatherguard truck bed tool boxes


Maximizing Your Limited Space

If you travel frequently, you know one of the most important things is being able to maximize your space. You may be considering the Weatherguard truck tool boxes side mount, Weatherguard truck tool boxes side single door mount, or truck crossover tool boxes by Weatherguard. These can be good options for some of your needs. They may not be, however, great for maximizing your space when traveling for work or leisure.


The DECKED truck tool boxes are perfect for those looking to make use of all of your space. Not only do you still have space on top of the DECKED system due to the horizontal storage layout, but the DECKED tool boxes provide unmatched organization options and accessories to allow you to make use of every square inch. You may see similarities to the Weatherguard truck tool boxes model 335, however, with close examination, you will likely conclude that you can best maximize space with the DECKED system.


Alternative to Weatherguard truck bed tool box that is better for saving space while traveling for work or camping


Increasing Security for Treasured Possessions


When you are traveling to your next work location or to a leisure destination, you want to make sure your possessions stay safe. This is why the lock and security features of your truck bed tool box are so important. Locks for Weatherguard truck bed tool boxes have improved over the years and are likely to keep your things safe. However, the DECKED system offers a robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver side lock that makes forced entry nearly impossible.


Finding the Best Tool Box for Your Pickup While Traveling

When deciding what kind of tool box to use while traveling, you want to consider all of the needs you have. First, what is your truck bed size and how do you need to utilize the space? Secondly, what type of weather and elements might you experience? Third, how easily do you need to be able to access the things in your truck bed tool box? If you are considering pickup truck tool boxes Weatherguard has available, you must know the size needed, the weatherproof elements, and how you will be able to access your materials and use the remaining truck bed space. Weatherguard truck bed tool boxes model 335 has packing and stacking capability which allows you to better use your space and have ease. If that is your goal, you also want to compare this to the DECKED system which is completely based on the ability to have a strong, durable, weatherproof tool box that uses your truck bed space wisely and provides you with a great product that is easy to guard pack rat model 335 truck bed tool box in white, drawers open

Made with Strength and Integrity

Products made with the Weatherguard truck tool boxes diamond plate provide both surface protection and a non-skid surface. DECKED has taken strength and quality to the next level with modern scientific engineering. Using high-impact polymer resin and reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum, and high-density polyethylene,  you can be sure you have both strength and integrity with the materials used. Additionally, DECKED truck bed tool boxes are seamlessly molded using injection molding so your materials were not cut, bent, or welded.

Ease of Use

If you are like me and can recall climbing the sides of the truck or trying to squeeze past truck bed items to make it to the toolbox, ease of use is important to you when choosing your modern truck bed tool box. Choosing the right type of tool box and the truck bed tool box accessories available will help you to find a pain-free solution. DECKED provides customers with the option of an adjustable nesting step ladder, which does not compromise your space in any way. Additionally, DECKED organization accessories such as the D-Box, Snack Tray, and the Piecekeepers allow you to organize in a way that your tools, supplies, and other stored items are always easily accessible without needing to climb over and shift everything in your truck bed.


weatherguard truck bed tool box does not include a nesting adjustable ladder like the DECKED system

How to Travel Confidently with Your Tool Boxes

When you are on the road it is vital to be able to trust your tool box to protect your items while also keeping them organized and easy to access. Whether traveling to a new work-site or for a fun adventure with your family, the need for reliability is constant. You want to get your things to the location, keep them protected, and be able to get to them when you need them.



Examples of When You Need Your Tool Boxes While Traveling


Occasionally, there are unexpected times when you need to get to your tool box while you are traveling. If you realize you forgot to grab something, you may take a quick break at a gas station or rest stop. While there you do not want to waste time, so you want to get to your items quickly. If heaven forbid you blow a tire, your engine starts smoking, or you run into another emergency on the road, having your tool box handy is a game-changer and sometimes a lifesaver. Truck crossover tool boxes Weatherguard makes can hold your items but it could be more difficult to access them.


What You Need in a Tool Box as a Traveler

What you put into your tool box might vary, but what you need out of it stays the same. You need to be able to travel with confidence. Weatherguard pickup truck tool boxes have seen generations of travelers and have seen many landscapes. DECKED modern tool box options may be in their first generation of travelers but they are already fitting the needs of traveling employees, families, and adventurers. Plus, the DECKED system that is easy to assemble and easy to access, means families and individuals are spending less time trying to find things in their tool boxes, and more time enjoying the journey.

Man sits by his truck bed with a DECKED system tool box, alternative to the weatherguard truck bed tool boxes

Things You Need in Your Truck Bed When You are Traveling


When you are on your next journey, make sure to leave space for your necessary tools and a safety kit. Using accessories like the D-Box or D-Rito Tool Roll make it easy to create a space just for these go-to items. You never know when you might need your safety kit, a tool to repair the truck or another tool that can help yourself or someone out of a difficult situation. Always pack to be prepared.


Imagine Where Your Tool Box Can Go With You

A tool box is handy and necessary for anyone working in construction, maintenance, or other jobs that require a multitude of tools. But also, your tool box is a great companion for the play and adventure in your life. Whether it is your next hunting trip, camping destination, or long-distance travel, a tool box helps you get to where you want to go. It is always a good idea to imagine your next travel destination to look forward to.


If you have been in the market for a Weatherguard truck bed tool box, you can find them at local stores or even find used Weatherguard truck bed tool boxes for sale near you. If you want to maximize your storage and efficiency while having a high-quality product, you may consider switching your search to a DECKED drawer system. You can find all of the drawer system options as well as accessories to make your truck bed DECKED out for the best experience possible.