DECKED Tool Box vs. Weather Guard Tool Box—Who Wins?

DECKED Tool Box vs. Weather Guard Tool Box—Who Is the Winner?

Whether you have a DECKED Tool Box or are considering buying the Weather Guard Tool Box, a look at the facts will help your decision.

All tool box products on the market have their unique attractions. These attractions may surround pricing, material, shape, or security. Either way, you will buy something that suits your needs.

Before you rush out and get the first tool box that looks good, a comparison will help.

Because Weather Guard makes multiple tool boxes, we confine our comparison to products similar to those made by DECKED and some others.

Our fact tables have some prominent features to look for in a tool box and also general features.

After examining the facts, you’ll have enough details to decide if a Weather Guard black tool box will cover your basic needs. Alternatively, you may want more. If so, you will see that our DECKED Tool Boxes deliver beyond other standard products.

1. The Material Structure

Any business should make a decent tool box from materials that will last a lifetime. This table looks at what materials go into creating the DECKED Tool Box and compares these with those typically used in making a Weather Guard tool box Home Depot or Weather Guard deep tool box, for example.

The full impressive splendor of the DECKED Tool Box on full display with open lid, showing a full Snack Tray, closed D-Box, and Integrated Ladder in the folded position.


DECKED Storage Solution

Weather Guard Storage Solutions


·   HDPE

·   PP

·   Galvanized Steel

·   Stainless Steel

·   Aluminum

·   EPDM Gasket and Bub Seal

· Weather Guard aluminum tool box

· Weather Guard diamond plate tool box (aluminum)

· Steel

· ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish

· Ribbed weatherstrip and foam


When you glance through the materials that both products use, they seem very much alike. However, a closer investigation reveals that while both brands use aluminum and steel, there are distinct differences in the outcome of the final product that they make.


Aluminum dents easily, whereas steel maintains the integrity of its shape better. When a tool box retains its shape, it looks better, so you drive around with a rugged storage solution that won't get full of unsightly dings within the first month of use. If you order your tool box online, you may be fortunate enough to receive it without damage.

  • Stainless steel and galvanized steel are more durable than aluminum in terms of weatherproofing and waterproofing.
  • Galvanized steel is treated to be corrosion-resistant so that the tool box won't rust and degrade due to water and weather exposure.
  • HDPE or high-density polyethylene is a high-impact resin that will last longer than your truck. Steel may well last long, but it won't have the same properties to keep it looking as good as when you bought it off the shelf.
  •  Polypropylene (PP) is an equally durable plastic resin material that DECKED uses in its smaller tool boxes. In addition, embedded fiberglass reinforcement in the PP strengthens these products even further.
  •  ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish is a registered trademark finish that Weather Guard uses in its products for protection against environmental conditions.

Weather Guard Saddle Box, Aluminum, Gloss Black, model 117-5-03, Full Extra Wide, 14.4 Cu. Ft.

The Outcome

Because both brands use similar metals, they are equal in this respect.

Where DECKED has the upper hand is in the use of HDPE to make its Tool Box.

The manufacturing process between these two brands also differs significantly.

DECKED uses injection molding to make a seamless tub, whereas any Weather Guard diamond plate tool box or Weather Guard steel tool box uses fabrication to join metal pieces.

Because of these two vastly different processes—science and engineering vs. fabrication—DECKED is the hands-down winner for the materials and creation process in making its tool boxes.

2. Weather Proofing and Water Proofing

Several design features and material features go into creating waterproof and weatherproof products. Both these factors are essential in keeping water out of the tool box and your gear dry. But, first, let's look at the options in DECKED vs. Weather Guard.

Water and weatherproofing

DECKED Storage Solution

Weather Guard Storage Solutions


·  Galvanized steel

·  EPDM Gaskets and Bub Seal

·  Seamless HDPE and PP Construction

·  Rain Gutter Lid Design With Double Lip

·   ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish

·   Ribbed weatherstrip and foam

·   Rain Gutter Lid Design

 Weather Guard Lo-Side Box in Steel, White, model 165-3-03 87 inches, 6.6 Cu. Ft.


All these features ensure weatherproofing and waterproofing to a large degree. Where the brands differ is the injection molding that prevents water seepage through potential cracks that can develop in fabricated products. Fabrication requires manufacturers to shape and join metal, creating weak points. Injection molding doesn’t have this problem.

Another issue is the lid design. DECKED uses a double lip to prevent water from entering the tub. However, Weather Guard appears to use one rain gutter in its lid design.

Weather Guard uses a ribbed weatherstrip and foam to seal its lid. DECKED uses an EPDM gasket and bub seal.

The Outcome

Many years of research suggest that using the EPDM gasket and bub seal for waterproofing and weatherproofing is an intelligent choice. This choice is because the EPDM rubber is resistant to multiple environmental factors.

Also, the double rain gutter in the DECKED Tool Box has an advantage over the single Weather Guard rain gutter.

Lastly, the HDPE seamless structure wins over the aluminum structure of Weather Guard products.

We favor DECKED as the winner due to these three significant material and design elements.

3. Tool Box Styles

Weather Guard has been in business much longer than DECKED. For this reason, Weather Guard’s tool box styles far outstrip those made by DECKED.

DECKED makes two tool box styles, whereas Weather Guard makes multiple styles, evident from this table. And not all Weather Guard’s tool boxes made it onto this list, giving you an idea of just how significant is their style range is.

Weather Guard Low Profile Lo-Side Box, aluminum, gunmetal gray, Model 178-6-03 56 inches, 3.8 Cu. Ft.

Tool Box Styles

DECKED Storage Solution

Weather Guard Storage Solutions


·        DECKED Drawer System

·        DECKED Tool Box

·   Weather Guard low profile tool box

·   Weather Guard side mount tool box

·   Weather Guard underbody tool box

·   Weather Guard wheel well tool box

·   Weather Guard Defender Series Tool Box

·   Weather Guard tool box for Toyota Tacoma

·   Weather Guard chest tool box

·   Weather Guard gull wing tool box

·   Pack Rat Truck Storage Drawer Unit, 24 in. x 30 in. x 12-1/2 in., 301-3

·   Pack Rat Truck Storage Drawer Unit, 48 in. x 30 in. x 9 in., 304-3


DECKED makes two tool box solutions.

Weather Guard makes so many different storage styles that it wasn’t feasible to list them all here.

The downside of having so many styles is that customers can end up packing their pickup truck with a Weather Guard tool box side mount and two more tool boxes.

The upside is that if you go for the DECKED Tool Box solution, you only need one tub.

You will also be able to access one box easier than three on your truck bed. And if you need more storage space, DECKED offers the ultimate Drawer System to complement its tool box. Similarly, Weather Guard offers the Pack Rat Truck Storage Drawer Units. Since we’re only comparing the tool boxes of these brands, we won’t get into their drawer systems in this article.

Weather Guard's All-Purpose Chest in black aluminum--Model 674-52-01, full compact, 10.0 Cu. Ft.

The Outcome

In terms of the sheer number of styles of products that Weather Guard manufactures, it is the clear winner in this category.

4. Security

DECKED incorporates multiple security features and benefits into its tub.

Weather Guard tool box locks are impressive, even having several patents.


DECKED Storage Solution

Weather Guard Storage Solutions


·        Impenetrable tub/lid interface

·        Armored locking system

·        HDPE industrial-strength tub

·        Steel and aluminum reinforced lid

·        Driver side lock-up

·   Weather Guard® Extreme Protection Lock

·   WEATHER GUARD® Latch System

·   PowerSync™



DECKED Tool Box:

  • HDPE structure means it is unbreakable, with the lid being one possible entry point. But the lid/tub interface is so strong it makes a crowbar cry.
  • Double lid lip design addresses weak entry points, making the tub impenetrable with a pry bar.
  • The armor locking system prevents access by thieves to the extent that only a locksmith can gain entry to the box. In other words, it contains a dual armored locking system that is virtually infallible.
  • When the lid is down, and the tub is secured to the truck (no-drill installation), no one can remove the tub or its contents unless you forget to lock up.
  • Two keys are available with every DECKED Tool Box order.
  • Lock-up is on the driver’s side.

DECKED Tool Box is secure yet straightforward, as shown by an employee trying to break into this impenetrable design.

Weather Guard Tool Boxes:

  •  Unique security systems address the Steel and Aluminum Saddle Box, Steel and Aluminum Cross Box, Models 114-X-01 THRU 156-X-01.
  • An Extreme Protection Lock comes with a Weather Guard tool box key. It stays in a depressed position when locked, making it tamper-resistant. If you press the button in the unlocked state, you deactivate the latches and open the box cover.
  • Weather Guard makes its latch system from vehicle grade materials and “high strength latch strikers.” You can open this system by touching the button once to open and close the tool box. Maintain twice a year with lubrication. Weather Guard also advises that you can knock them back into position with a mallet if the lock alignment is displaced.
  • If you want to break into any of these Weather Guard products, you will also encounter a 12-volt electrical system. Again, you can install this system or not, as you please, but if you want to know how to open a locked Weather Guard tool box, you will encounter several barriers.
  •  You can code multiple tool boxes with one code and sync remote no-key entry.
  •  Weather Guard tool box lock kit available as a separate purchase.

Image of Weather Guard's one key simplicity system for toolbox storage security.

The Outcome

No one can dispute how comprehensive and impressive the Weather Guard's security systems are. In comparison, the DECKED Tool Box system seems tame.

However, once you become aware of the extreme testing of the DECKED Tool Box, you may change your mind. For example, the DECKED team has attempted to open the tub without a key.

They used a pry bar, beat it with a hammer, baseball bat, and dropped bricks onto the structure. Independent volunteers also towed the DECKED Tool Box behind their truck to open it up. Their efforts were in vain.

The only other way we can think of to get the DECKED tub open is with fireworks. Fortunately, that will create too much noise and attract too much attention, making this a futile strategy.

We haven’t tested the security of these Weather Guard tool boxes to this degree.

Even though we see Weather Guard’s aluminum and steel structures as being daunting to access, we find the HDPE structure and design of the DECKED Tool Box to be more advanced.

You only need one key to open the tub. The lid is reinforced with steel and aluminum, which is part of the impenetrable design. The other is the tub/lid interface, making it useless even to try to pry open.

Our locking system cannot be displaced or misaligned no matter how rugged the terrain or treatment, so you won’t need a mallet to knock a displaced system back into place.

Like DECKED, you can probably access the Weather Guard lock and security systems by using a locksmith. However, DECKED doesn't have codeless key access or syncing features like Weather Guard.

Despite comprehensive security and locking features for both brands, our vote goes to DECKED, although this win is by a small margin due to the non-fabricated structure of the tub.

5. General

Example of Weather Guard tool divider--Model 615 Accessory Divider Steel Tray, Red, 19.25 inches x 14 inches x 3 inches.

Any truck tool box Weather Guard product has its features and benefits, just like DECKED, including:

  • Weather Guard tool box parts
  • Weather Guard tool box organizer
  • Weather Guard uses gas strut sleeves to keep the lid open and  DECKED uses torsion springs
  • Weather Guard sells dividers, and so does DECKED.
  • DECKED also sells various smaller storage solutions which are portable and which you can store in the DECKED Tool Box
  • The DECKED Tool Box provides inbuilt tie-downs—Weather Guard provides tie-downs with some models.
  • You can pack up to 200 pounds of equipment into the DECKED Tool Box, but we cannot say how much you can store in the Weather Guard containers because there are too many to compare in this space.

Image of the DECKED D-Bag is a portable storage solution of note that you can also store in the DECKED Tool Box.

We won’t offer our advice on who is the winner concerning these general features, but we will add one more benefit that no competitor has:

6. Integrated Ladder

The integrated ladder is a remarkable benefit for anyone who wants a truck bed tool box. It folds into the tub and does not occupy any space that obstructs storage due to its convenient folding and locking features.

You just open the tub lid, unfold the ladder to the ground, and have an ergonomic method to access your equipment without having to be a gymnast, constantly jumping up and down to get to your tools.

No matter how appealing a Weather Guard tool box price may be, none feature an integrated ladder.

Add this benefit (optional) to the mix, and the scales tip heavily in favor of the DECKED Tool Box being the overall winner in this comparison exercise.

Pickup truck with an open DECKED Tool Box and integrated ladder extended over the side and an open DECKED Drawer System - the ultimate storage solution.

Invest in the Winner

Leave outdated tool boxes in the past because you’re living in the 21st century.

Step into the future with a product made with future materials that will outlast your vehicle.

Order your DECKED Tool Box today because quality counts, and your tool box should look as sexy as your tool box.