Are You A Truck Cap Fan? It’s Time To Get DECKED

Are You A Truck Cap Fan? It’s Time To Get DECKED

Being a truck owner is a comprehensive but worthwhile course. It includes adjusting and spending for an incredible experience, especially if your truck is vital to your everyday work. It is an unending adventure that grows fast, from imagining a pickup you want to see in your garage every day to the reality of getting toned between accessory choices for enhancing it. Truck Caps are one of those accessories you might likely get confused about. This is because of the many options, models, and designs that complicate the entire process of deciding what goes into customizing your ride. However, by doing your due diligence, researching, and exploring the market adequately, making the right decisions for your build should not be as complex.

Truck bed caps have been used since the beginning of time to protect bed trays, keep cargo safe and keep elements away.But DECKED promises a better deal. You get superb cargo storage serviceability.

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Why You Need Truck Cap

Generally, you need a truck cap with space. The better, if you can get a beautiful one with an effective way to organize your gear, keep it intact and secure. The main mix-up is that every popular option is almost indistinguishable. Unless you know more, that risks your truck ending up with a basic Truck Cap, which probably you could do better. But again, if you are on the pathway to customizing your truck, specifically looking for a truck cap, you are not here by accident. You want to know important details that set apart worthy Truck Caps from other alternatives in the market. You are on the right track because arming yourself with valuable knowledge on what matters the most when exploring truck bed caps shows how much you value the truck. Then, in due course, you can go for that hunting or camping trip you have been planning with friends smiling.

Remarkable Tips on Purchasing The Right Truck Caps

If you do not have an experience with a Truck Cap failing you, here are tips for selecting one that ensures you do not encounter that in the long run.

  • Learn the different types of pickup Truck Caps on sale to settle on an option, model, and design that best fits your situation
  • Consider buying used truck caps
  • Consider an alternative, DECKED (Useful with or without a truck cap)
  • Types of pickup truck caps on sale 

The thing with DECKED Systems is that they revolutionize truck bed storage utility needs. DECKED is here to change your experience with pickup tuck beds by bringing a new  feel, new touch and most importantly new ways of managing your cargo.

Commercial Truck Caps

Commercial Truck Caps go hand in hand with the purpose of the truck. Most work trucks fit best with a commercial truck cap because they primarily offer the best security and customization for specialized gear storage. Specifics that determine their pricing include a hard or soft truck cap or a new or used commercial Truck Cap.

Fiberglass Truck Caps

180RCC Mid Rise Commercial Fiberglass Truck Cap

Fiberglass Truck Caps give you the option of using durable and stylish materials. It is an easily customizable topper material. You can paint it to look exactly like your truck. Notably, fiberglass truck caps are more expensive because their density is heavier than other materials. Still, used fiberglass truck caps are more affordable if you can access an offer near you.

Aluminum truck cap

Aluminum Truck Caps, on the flip side, are lightweight. The advantage is that they are aerodynamic, with greater mileage. Although they are highly susceptible to dent, they give you a good option, especially when on a budget, because they are affordable.

DECKED Drawer System is one beast of a cargo storage equipment that combines ergonomics, agility and versatility in a careful process of innovation to solve evolving user needs.

Popular Truck Cap Options, Models, and Designs On the Market

There are so many options, models, and Truck Cap designs on the market, but more are reputable brands than the others. The top Truck Cap manufacturers in the market include:

Leer truck caps

They boast a top industry position with a specialty on, Leer commercial Truck Caps, Leer Fiberglass Truck Caps, and Leer Aluminum Truck Caps.  Accessibility is their flex. You can get a deal by simply searching Leer Truck Caps near me.

A.R.E. truck caps

Whether it is a commercial or non-commercial truck, a.r.e Truck Caps got you covered. They are professionals, so their Truck Caps feature functional features and customization options to meet emerging needs. It is pretty much straightforward to get them by just searching a.r.e Truck Caps near me.


Although not a Truck Cap manufacturer, it is an alternative that provides the same security and convenience as a Truck Caps and more. Finally, you can be confident your life will be easier with or without a Truck Cap. But more of this later.

Whether it is securing your hunting gear, field service cargo,  technicians equipment or other kinds of outdoor items, DECKED has you covered. With a per tray weight capacity of 200lb and a general capacity of 2000lb, the DECKED Drawer System will offer you the utmost cargo management space ad platform.You'd haul anything the weight of up to half a tonne truck comfortably.



Used truck caps

The budget should not limit you from having a truck cap experience. On the contrary, you can get a decent deal if you consider getting a used Truck Cap. But on deciding to go this direction, avoid laziness.

Research thoroughly always.Yes, you can get a used Truck Cap color matching your truck and one that fits perfectly for a fair price, but you have to put in the work. Fortunately, you'd get a good match near you by searching “used truck caps near me.” However, the hassle does not end there. When you get a match, it is best to try it on to determine if it is the best one for your truck. Also, it helps to be specific with what you are looking for from the used truck caps market for better results. Include the very details if you prefer a used Commercial, Fiberglass, or aluminum Truck Cap.

If you feel you have a special bonding with your truck cap, you'd steal keep it and install your DECKED to use them together for a more enhanced experience.

The Pros and Cons of Truck Caps

So far, so good, because thankfully, the deal has been sweetened; now it’s a matter of making up your mind. But before, check out the pros and cons of Truck Caps likely to challenge the Truck Cap experience, and a proposed solution for the shortcomings.


  • Truck caps maximize your truck’s storage capacity.
  • The new and second-hand truck caps options mean there is something for everyone.
  • Truck caps decrease drag and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Truck caps  are waterproof and thief proof your accessories at the back of your truck.


  • Not all truck cap materials are durable. Some are susceptible to damage and denting.
  • Installing Truck Caps requires drilling, which may interfere with the car's physical appearance.
  • Requires extra pay to get a matching paint job or any extra features.
  • Most may not allow the transportation of voluminous or long stuff  such as fishing poles.
  • Inaccessibility because you might have to crawl through the tailgate to reach out for things on the front end.

DECKED Systems are made to give you seamless truck bed cargo organization. You get capacity or storing bulky items, better security and more order.

How are DECKED Systems Superior Alternatives and an Ultimate Solution To the Pitfalls in Truck Caps?

Well, now that you are here, we take it as an indication you love your truck. It gets through the hardships of the day with you, and now it is time for a major upgrade to make life easier. Of course, a Truck Cap does the job, but you know what will do the work better, DECKED. It does what a truck cap does and, on top, conveys versatility, function, and style on board. How? Honestly, it is the whole thing.

DECKED Truck Bed Storage System

DECKED creates in-vehicle storage systems from scratch to bring your truck bed into the 21st century. For years we have been on the course, learning and improving. That is why our Drawer System and  Tool Box are more than just a statement piece that’ll make your coworkers jealous. They are made of materials from the future and include extensive science, innovations, and styles to offer your truck a selection of benefits to make your life easier. Here is the deal.


It is clear by now that materials determine a lot about the durability of your Truck Cap. The DECKED system utilizes incredibly reliable materials that can last for years. First, we use a high-impact polymer resin using injection molding. Then the design gets reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum. Additionally, these durable materials get combined with stainless steel hardware, a detail that is hardly present in most popular truck caps.


When looking for a Truck Cap, you want one that can step up the game for your truck because this is not your grandad’s toolbox, and it is the 21st century. So here are DECKED benefits that can make your old man jealous.

Waterproof and rust/corrosion-proof

Your truck accessories require a waterproof cap to save you from replacing items that spoil in extreme weather. The DECKED System is waterproof and, on top of that, rust/ corrosion-proof, so you can relax knowing your cargo is safe.

So tough for solid security

Truck Caps offer security, but with DECKED in the picture, they pale in comparison. The DECKED storage solution uses tough, durable, long-wearing, long-lasting materials that can make a crowbar cry. Imagine you can try to bend it, break it, or abuse it whatsoever but believe us, it is a mission impossible. Plus, it has a tub-lid interface that acts against a theft pry bar, and the Tool Box tub has been reinforced with steel for extra stability and security.

The thing with the DECKED Drawer System is that it is designed with maximum security features in mind , like a fortress. Unlike truck caps, DECKED ensures unmatched protection from both elements and malicious intrusion.

Easy to Organize

DECKED Tool Boxes are space-saving solutions. You add several accessories from our accessory list, and you have a brilliant cargo organizing system. The collection includes a D-Box, Snack Tray, CrossBox, and D-Bag that maximize storage space in our DECKED Tool Boxes while keeping your items organized. Most truck caps lack this metric, so DECKED is an added advantage.

Easy to install

Installing truck caps requires drilling, which tampers with their form. So, first thing, installing DECKED does not require drilling, and we include a D.I.Y. instruction manual that is easy to follow.

Ease of access

You may have to crawl to reach out for things with a Truck Cap; but DECKED keeps everything organized and accessible. You pull out the drawers to access items, and you can integrate a ladder as an additional purchase separately for the Tool Box.


Getting a good deal on a truck cap should not be enough. Ask about all small details that matter, like a warranty. However, when getting DECKED products, get assured of a lifetime warranty that covers you in case of damage.

Free shipping  

Shipping is another vital detail significant to the whole experience if you ask DECKED. Our products are 100% manufactured in the U.S. and no extra pay on deliveries. In addition, our free shipping countrywide is a plus for better service to our clients.

What makes DECKED a superior alternative?  

With or without a truck cap, DECKED is used to improve the everyday lives of men and women at work.

Truck caps with DECKED

  • With DECKED, your gear will stay nice, dry, and secure against any elements.
  • With our Pull-out Drawer System, no climbing through a 4-ft metal trying to reach for things.
  • With our versatile organization accessories, no spending extra for bulky shelving trying to keep things neat.
  • If you are going camping and you plan to sleep under the truck cap, with DECKED, you will sleep on a bigger, flat platform that is comfier because it covers your wheel wells.
  • With the DECKED system, you can load bulky things on top because it can hold up to 200lbs of gear while maintaining a 2000lb payload capacity with tie-down points for actual cargo carrying capacity.

DECKED without a truck cap

It is still okay if you choose to go without a truck cap. The benefits above still apply with the DECKED system alone. Also, for emphasis, note a few extra assurances on top.

DECKED promises enhanced cargo storage.You get a modular system with specialized design aspects for keeping your items in place for ease of access.


  • DECKED without a truck cap, keep all your equipment and gear 100% bone dry in the face of forces of mother nature.
  • The DECKED drawers keep your truck bed out of sight, so you do not have to worry about prying eyes and thieves even without a truck cap.
  • You can load bulky things on top of the DECKED system because it can withstand 200lbs of gear while maintaining a 2000lb payload capacity. And because it is without a truck cap, it is ideal for transporting items like fishing poles after installation.

Your truck is sexy. Why not make it more badass and attractive with a truck cap + DECKED duo? At DECKED, our part is to help you avoid damage to your gear and give you a chance to upgrade and brag to your friends with a properly organized truck bed with minimal hassle. Your part is to enjoy the incredible experience. That is a dream come true.