Deciding between the Tractor Supply Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System or DECKED Tool Box?

Deciding between the Tractor Supply Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System or DECKED Tool Box?

Written By Patty Owens

Here are five things to consider before making your purchase.

When making an important buying decision, what are your deal breakers or “no brainers” when it comes to expensive purchases? Do you make a list of “must have features” and “nice to have features” before you sign on the dotted line? Me too. For example, when shopping for a new house, having ample garage space and two plus bathrooms is at the top of my list. If a house is perfect in every other way, even if it's an extra 15 miles closer to work, if it does not have sufficient garage space - it’s a no thank you for me!


When it comes to buying stuff for work or play, I do my research. And almost always I’ll encounter deal breakers before I click add to cart or swipe the plastic.


What’s at the top of your list when purchasing major accessories for your truck? Here are five things I consider no-brainers when it comes to selecting the best products to store and protect my tools and gear. Let’s compare the DECKED Tool Box to the Tractor Supply truck tool box in five key areas: warranty, material, safety and security, weatherproof, and accessibility.


White pick-up truck with a DECKED Took Box. There's a red crane  and office buildings in the background.

1. What’s the Warranty?

If you’re investing a fair amount of money into a storage system for your truck you want it to perform reliably. You want value, great quality, and you want the manufacturer to stand behind their product just in case something happens.


When shopping, the warranty and customer service is just as important as product features in my humble opinion. If something goes wrong with your product or it doesn’t perform the way it should I want to know how the company or retailer will help remedy the situation. Don’t you. Warranties differ by length of time, condition of product or what parts of the product are covered. My advice. Do your research and read the fine print.


For example, some of the truck bed tool box Tractor Supply manufactures offers a one-year, three-year and five year limited warranty on some truck tool boxes. Others like the Tractor Supply low profile tool box have a lifetime limited warranty. If you are shopping for an underbody tool box, Tractor Supply provides those as well and warranties vary with each product.


DECKED products are built tough and are made to last. All DECKED products carry a limited lifetime warranty. And they are engineered and built in the USA unlike the Tractor Supply tool box which is imported.


Two men talking in the DECKED warehouse under an America flag.

2. What’s it made of?

Moving along in our comparison of the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System and the truck tool box Tractor Supply offers, let’s talk about what material is most commonly used to manufacture modern tool boxes.


Man leaning on a stack of DECKED tool boxes in a warehouse environment.


  • Aluminum


This popular material has been used to manufacture tool boxes for decades. While sturdy, the Tractor Supply aluminum tool box is fabricated with welded seams which could affect the integrity of the product. The same property that makes aluminum a common material for tool boxes, its bendability and thinness, may cause some unhappy side effects with the Tractor Supply diamond plate tool box, as reviewers have mentioned.


  • Plastic

Plastic is a modern choice for tool boxes because of its lightweight properties and super durability. The DECKED Tool Box is molded not welded so you get a seamless lid and tub. Because the DECKED Tool Box and the Truck Bed Drawer System are injection molded with high impact polymer resin, you won’t get dings, dents or rust. See for yourself.

  • Steel 


Steel tool boxes are extremely tough. That’s the positve. But unfortunately they are heavy, can dent, and may rust. Steel is an excellent cost-effective product if you need a heavy duty option. But with steel you also get heft. Heavy tools and a heavy tool box, may adversely weigh down your truck. And if your day-to-day responsibilities or adventures take you anywhere near salt water, heavily salted roads or near working environments where chemicals like chloride or bleach are prevalent, the steel box can corrode.

3. Will it keep my stuff safe and secure?

If you’re using your truck for work or play, there’s a very good chance you are toting around many high value items, some that belong to you and some that might belong to your boss, or your boss's boss. Safety and security is a top priority. When you choose DECKED, you’re getting the safety and security of a mobile Fort Knox. Sticky fingers will need to look elsewhere because the DECKED Tool Box is tamper proof. It’s no match for any dishonest soul with a crowbar in a dimly lit parking lot. Made from high density polyethylene with a robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible.


The Tractor Supply tool box latch has had some problems. If you’re considering different type of crossover tool boxes for your truck, you might want to read the following:


Tractor Supply truck tool box review:


“I bought this toolbox about a week ago and I installed it and put my tools inside and bragged about it to my friends. I needed to get my jack out only a few days later so I unlocked the box and to my surprise the lid will not open! I even tried to lock it back thinking its hung up somehow and absolutely can not get either side to rotate back. I'm so upset! I have no idea how I am going to get this tool box open and ALL my tools are inside of it.”


        Tractor Supply truck tool box review:

“Lid is almost impossible to keep closed. Lock down mechanism is absolutely poor. To get to lock I have to beat down both sides in order for the key to turn lock. I believe this is actually made by DEE ZEE and it is the worst box I have ever had. Tractor Supply should remove from their shelves.”

A Tractor Supply truck tool box lock replacement can also be purchased if you experience similar problems.

4. Will it protect my tools and gear from the elements?

Yes! The DECKED system will protect your stuff from the elements. And here’s why:


  • The Tool Box is molded not welded so you get a seamless lid and tub
  • Seals tightly when closed with an EPDM gasket
  • It’s created with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid which acts as a rain gutter on the product
  • When open, there’s a bub seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid
  • Anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability  

Need more convincing? Check out exactly how DECKED keeps your tools and gear bone dry in this video.

A majority of the Tractor Supply tool boxes are made of aluminum. Aluminum is a strong, yet lightweight material that does a good job protecting your tools and equipment from the elements, but has its limitations. Because the Tractor Supply tool box is fabricated, the weld spots offer an opportunity for the box to leak.

5. Accessibility

Time is money. Whether you’re working a project or working on some rest and relaxation, the quicker you can get to the good part, the greater your job statisfaction. Taking advantage of the accessibility offered by DECKED will give you more time since you won’t be wasting it looking for tools or packing up your gear.


The DECKED Drawer System is designed to get you and keep you organized. The unique drawer system design allows for easy access to all your tools or gear. Everything has a place and everything is in its place. It’s secure, weatherproof, and can hold a 2000 pound payload. And it looks great too!


Hopefully, we’ve already convinced you that the DECKED Tool Box is tough and indestructible and not your granddad's tool box. But what makes this truck tool box even more awesome is how it’s designed to make tool accessibility a dream. With an easy to grab D-Box and a Snack Tray included with the box, you are one step closer to tool organization nirvana. But wait, there’s more. DECKED offers an optional telescoping ladder that can be stored in the DECKED Truck Tool Box. No more crawling up the bed to open the box or awkwarding bending trying to reach something from the side of the bed.


The Tractor Supply truck tool boxes are pretty one-dimensional in the accessibility department. No bells and whistles, just your standard metal box.

Male construction worker is standing on a ladder leaning into the DECKED Tool Box in a white pick-up truck. The DECKED Drawer System is pulled out and is full of gear.


Here’s hoping this write-up helped you with your research. Considering the five things discussed above, are these features on your deal breaker list?


Do yourself a favor and get it right the first time and invest in something that checks all the boxes, even if it means a higher upfront cost. It’ll be worth it.

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