Tired of a Tool Box with Tools Spilling Out All Over Everything? A DECKED Tool Box Makes it Easy to Get Organized.

Tired of a Tool Box with Tools Spilling Out All Over Everything? A DECKED Tool Box Makes it Easy to Get Organized. A man in a baseball cap and flannel shirt leans over his tool box mounted in the bed of a white pickup.

So, you’re the guy who has a tool box with tools exploding out of it from every angle? Or maybe you’re the gal who has a big tool box with tools—but they’re still strewn every which way in disarray? Or, perhaps, you’re just an average Joe or plain Jane who wants a tool box with tools set into their proper places, so you know the next time that you need one, it’s exactly where you left it? 

At DECKED, we don’t think that’s ever too much to ask, and that’s why we made a toolbox for it. A DECKED Tool Box is molded—not welded, waterproof, and secure as hell, made from materials from this century.

We think you’re really gonna love it...

About Us

We’re an ergonomics company that likes to make things better for real people— working really hard. We give more than just “two shits” about our products and the people who love them because we know that our most important asset here at DECKED is you, our customer.

We spent over three years doing research in development when we were forming our company because we would never even dream of selling a product that we, ourselves, didn’t want to use.

A man is shown at in a natural setting. There are mountains in the distance and he is surrounded by camping gear.

We are outdoor enthusiasts. We are working folk. And you bet your bottom dollar that, like you, we’ve got a whole truckload of hobbies that need squaring away in our rigs.

We also know how important trucks are for work. Hell, this whole entire country would collapse if it weren’t for trucks. Trucks are the vehicle that gets the job done, but tools— (and a tool box with specific places for tools) are what makes the magic really happen. Without our tools, we’d be screwed. 

An aerial view of the DECKED facility in Ohio. It's a large rectangular building located in the middle of an agricultural area. There are three bays for shipping and receiving. 

  • Made In the U.S.A. - Like you, an important facet of who we are, is where we’re from. DECKED Tool Boxes are made in the U.S.A., right here in Defiance, Ohio.

In Defiance, of course, we’re defying the odds of what is possible when it comes to truck bed organization. We believe in systems, and it is those systems that make life better. At our facility here in Ohio, we are systematically improving what a tool box complete with tools can be. In retooling the toolbox, we made one that looks like it came from this decade; using materials from the future.

  • Super secure - You can’t breach our Tool Box with a crowbar (this isn’t the White House), because our tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points. A robust steel armored locking mechanism, combined with a driver-side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible.
  • Waterproof - Since water is the nemesis of tools, we made extra sure that our toolbox is equipped to defeat it. Since our toolboxes are not fabricated, making each of the lid and tub one piece, that minimizes the avenues that water has to roll down. An upstanding lip, in addition to a bulb seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid, stops water in its tracks. 
  • Highly Accessible - Arguably one of the best features, DECKED Tool Boxes can be purchased with an optional, integrated access ladder that folds up right into the toolbox. Obscuring nothing, you can access everything, without being eight feet tall. Just pull out the ladder and listen for the clicks as it extends all the way to the ground—even on lifted pickups. (Watch Ladder 101 here.)

The Ultimate Toolbox for Organization

Getting organized involves making a plan, because as architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, “You can use an eraser on the drafting table, or a sledgehammer on the construction site.”

The “plan it first, and then build it” motto works for toolboxes, too. We planned for the best damn toolbox on the market today, because you want the best damn organized tool box with tools smartly stowed away.

A DECKED brand toolbox sits open and shows the integrated Snack tray, D-Box, and telescoping ladder.

Do the stowing though, because we all know the absolute worst thing in the world is not being able to find a tool—in the middle of a job—when you really need it. It is truly enough to bring a tough guy to tears. Or, at the very least, a project’s budget anyway. One missing tool can derail your whole entire day. Week? (Ask us how we know this. Why do you think the DECKED Tool Box even exists?)

Let's take a look at the benefits of a complete tool box with tools that are smartly organized.

  • An organized toolbox is a time-saving toolbox. 

No more rooting around in your pigsty when you install a DECKED Tool Box. Our toolboxes come standard with a D-Box and a Snack Tray, but more on that later…

If you’re looking to improve efficiency, get more work done, and safely and specifically store your gear, then you’ve navigated to the right part of the internet.

  • An organized toolbox is a safer toolbox. 

The best bed tool box with tools is one in which the tools are all stored in specific locations. This means you’re not going to cut your hand on a blade, tweak your back trying to grab something, or lose some shit going down the road when it flies outta the back.

There’s nothing worse than when someone says, “Hey friend, how’d you hurt yourself?”

“Uh, in my toolbox,” you reply, and immediately regret it.

“In my toolbox...” WTF kind of answer is that? So embarrassing.

A worker is standing on a ladder extended from a toolbox that is mounted in the back of his white pickup.

  • An organized toolbox makes you look like a pro. 

Ever roll up to a job site and see that person who is an absolute train wreck? (Our hearts go out to you if you have to work side-by-side with them). Their crap is everywhere, their rig’s a mess, and they are none-the-wiser about the junk show that they are presenting to God and everybody.

You know, that person who is downright embarrassing to be affiliated with on the job. Don’t be that person.

Now imagine if that same person rolled up to the job site with a sleek-looking toolbox mounted in the back that they accessed with an integrated telescoping ladder. Imagine that they opened their toolbox with a turn of a key, pulled out a portable tool box with tools perfectly positioned and then you…

OK, stop right there. “Perfectly positioned.” Who writes this shit!? Everyone knows that “perfectly positioned” and “tools” don’t go together in a sentence, bu, that also doesn’t mean you have to sentence yourself to a life of chaos.

So just imagine that well-organized individual who arrives at the job site looking professional, promotable, and ready to work. They set themselves apart from the competition immediately. They present themselves as capable, efficient, and purposeful. Now, imagine that individual is you. It’s time to get organized…

A service worker in a blue uniform peers into a DECKED D-Box full of stuff, which also has a blue lid. 

  • An organized toolbox prevents tool loss. 

We remember the last time we had to report that we lost a tool. Yikes! It’s a mistake that is hopefully only made once because the consequences can sometimes be dire. 

When your toolbox is organized, it makes end-of-the-day accounting quick and easy. “Now, where’s my bubble level, chalk line, utility knife, claw hammer, etcetera?”  Exactly where you left it. You get the idea. Miraculously, your Hurry Up and Get Home routine has improved tenfold, and that’s without cutting any corners. 

  • An organized toolbox lowers stress.  

Our jobs in the trades are stressful. Sure, a desk job is stressful too, but those desk cronies don't know a thing about what it’s like to have the stress of ‘loss of life or limb’ AT WORK. One foul ball and we’re relegated to the bench, or worse—it’s game over. 

Us workers contend with enough stress, day-in-and-day-out, and what’s more, would be allowing our jacked-up toolboxes to stress us out in addition. (We are over the edge just thinking about it.) If your goal is to eliminate as much stress as you can on the job, then getting organized makes the most sense— your tool box with tools included. 

Achieve Organizational Nirvana with a DECKED Tool Box


DECKED Tool Box is shown mounted in the back of a white pickup. Its open and the telescoping ladder and two plastic storage boxes with blue lids are visible. 

DECKED Tool Boxes are a crossover or saddle-style toolbox that is impossible to dent, but easy to love. They are durable, focused on longevity, and offer a few unique features that will organize the f*ck outta your truck. 

A DECKED D-Box with a blue lid and black tub sits open displaying various tools.


What sets DECKED apart from the others, are a few of the add-ons that come standard with a DECKED Tool Box purchase. Aside from putting the “D” in D-Box, this integrated, yet removable, tool and tackle organizer also puts the “d” in deliberate, dual-purpose, and durable. It is a storage solution absolutely “d” voted in making life easier. 

Its size, 20.5” x 17.5” x 8”, means that it is compatible with DECKED Tool Boxes, but also with a DECKED Drawer System.

A DECKED Tool Box with an integrated ladder, (which we highly recommend), can support one D-Box, while a DECKED Tool Box without the ladder can support two. Either way, one blue-lidded D-Box comes standard. 

The D-Box is 1821 cubic inches, and has a 50-pound weight limit, although it should be noted, and you can find this on our website, that

The toolbox was designed to carry a weight of 50 lbs, and we did drop testing analysis to show it would survive a drop test from a normal carrying height or from the height of an open tailgate on a pickup. 50 lb is the max weight one should carry, but only for shorter distances while using both hands (using our grip locations) with the toolbox close to one’s chest as one would carry a heavy box. To sum things up, our toolbox is capable of carrying loads greater than one should carry on a regular basis.

The D-Box uses an interlocking, nested design that allows it to slip right into place within the DECKED Tool Box and stays right on top for ease of access.

There are two strategically-placed handle locations, meaning it can be carried like a tackle box or like a suitcase.

It has recessed locking levers, an EPDM gasket to keep water out, and tools in. And since we mold our products, the D-Box lid has a built-in ruler and common bolt/bit guide right on the outside. Yeah. We put the “handy” in handyman, too.



A DECKED D-Box with a blue lid and black tub sits closed. There is a ruler and a chart showing different bits and bolt sizes built in to the lid.

Also included in the D-Box are two dividers to graduate you to the upper echelon of organizational enlightenment.

Snack Tray 

You know that place where, at the end of the day, you empty out your pockets? For us, it’s now the Snack Tray, because there is no better place for all of the odd and ends, bits and bobs, or whatever the hell else your grandma used to call that stuff. But, since this isn’t your granddad’s toolbox, and it’s not 1973 anymore, we know you don’t want an old fashioned tool box with tools that have no place to go. We gave all of those important knick-knacks a home. A place where they promise to be seen again.

A black toolbox made from resin composite material sits open showing its integrated accessories.  

The Snack Tray also comes standard with a DECKED Tool Box purchase. It’s that grey thing on the driver’s side that looks like a mud pan. It secures into grooves on each side of the toolbox and comes with four screws and instructions for easy assembly. 

A second Snack Tray can also be purchased separately and added to the passenger side of the DECKED Tool Boxes that don’t have the integrated access ladder. Unless you have a really good reason for not wanting the ladder, we guarantee that a ladder is a better idea than a second Snack Tray. Each to their own, however, because we would never discount the importance of abundant snacks.

One Fair Price 

And speaking of discounts—we don’t do them. We believe in one fair price, all year-round. We don’t know when you’re going to be ready to pull the trigger on our awesome toolbox, so it doesn’t make sense for us to sell our toolbox for too cheaply one week, only to artificially inflate the price in other weeks to compensate for it. One fair price. Everyday. That’s us.

We also treat our workers fairly, and our customers too, in exchange for you giving us a fair shot on your rig. We don’t make a cheap tool box with tools bursting at the seams. We make the best tool box with tools that are perfectly put away, even if it’s just that once. Even if it’s just the moment the empty toolbox with no tools arrives, and then from there on out, it’s up to you how to fill it up.