Stayin’ Alive On The Road: Survival Gear For Your Truck

Stayin’ Alive On The Road: Survival Gear For Your Truck

Stayin’ Alive On The Road: Survival Gear For Your Truck


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There’s an iconic photo of John Travolta in a white, wide-lapel, bell-bottom suit, with a single index finger pointed at the ceiling of a discotheque, that you could probably remember if you had to. Well, luckily you don’t have to, because that isn’t the kind of staying alive we’re talking about. The places that we’ll be visiting here don’t call for bell bottoms. We’re headed to places where dry-cleaning bills are the furthest thing from your mind. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to business.


Whether it’s on the jobsite during the week or the great outdoors on the weekend, there’s no room for funny stuff. When you hop in your truck in the morning and pull out, to work or play, you know the dangers out there are real. The DECKED Drawer System is going to make sure you have all the survival gear you need at the ready. This modular tool storage system is so versatile that the week’s cache of tools can be instantly swapped for the tactical survival gear you’ll use on a hunting trip out in the vast wilderness. So, toss the hairspray and grab the bear spray, Travolta. The DECKED Drawer System is serious about you stayin’ alive.


Urban Survival Gear: DECKED Keeps Your Tools Locked And Loaded


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For workmen at hard jobs, on hazardous sites, with harsh conditions ‘surviving the workweek’ takes on a more literal meaning than someone running down the clock in an air-conditioned cubicle. Even in the urban jungle, the jobsite has a treacherous ecosystem all its own and here your tools are your best survival gear. The DECKED Drawer System is going to keep them at your fingertips to ensure you have what you need in a second’s notice.


The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool system that custom fits into the bed of most mid-size and full-size pickup trucks and cargo vans. The System is molded to fit tightly around the wheel wells of the truck bed and is securely fastened down using J-Hooks. It is fully integrated into the truck bed with no wasted space.


The Drawer System is constructed of extremely durable anti-corrosion treated steel and High-Density Polyethylene. It can take whatever gets thrown at it. It’s also weatherproof, so wherever your truck goes, your tools go. No matter how brutal the surroundings, your survival gear kit is stowed safely inside the drawers. It has a payload of 2000lbs so you don’t need to worry about losing space in your truck bed for hauling. Anything you want to haul you can just throw right on top. Your tools stored in the drawers won’t feel a thing.


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The DECKED Drawer System’s ingenious design features two rolling drawers that open out toward the tail gate. Each drawer is mounted onto urethane sealed bearing wheels that roll — not sliders. Sliders have a tendency to warp and bend causing drawers to jam; not these drawers. They roll out smoothly every time and even have detents so they won’t open or close unexpectedly if your truck is stopped on an incline.


The drawers open to reveal a fully integrated modular storage system perfect for stashing all your essential survival gear. Don’t get caught empty-handed on the jobsite. Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs so you don’t have to be choosy about what tools and equipment you take with you. There’s enough space for you to store everything you might need to see the job through.


The Drawer System makes organization a cinch. No more crates rolling around the bed as you drive to your next mission. Everything stays neatly tucked inside exactly where you placed it and,  with drawer locks available, keep it that way. Even when you’re parked your cool survival gear is safe from would-be thieves.


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Swapping in and out boxes and organizers is a breeze and saves you from the backbreaking task of lugging heavy bins in awkward positions. Save your body for the work on site and don’t get taken out by wrestling with your tools. The drawers bring the tools to you, so you don’t have to reach for them.


Once you start playing the tetris game of personalizing your layout you’ll discover how truly optimal your Drawer System can be. The DECKED Accessories allow you to customize the configuration using various components each with their own unique functions. The accessories like the Crossbox and D-Box let you store tools in an accessible, organized fashion. The D-Bag is your go to versatile bag for jobs that take you from the truck to traveling on foot. These accessories make storing tools incredibly efficient, but you’ll see they can take you further than just tool storage.


Now that we can see how we’ve survived the workweek, let’s see how the DECKED Drawer System can take you from city grind into the wilderness. DECKED let’s you swap your city survival tools with your wilderness survival gear.


Wilderness Survival Gear And Equipment: DECKED Takes You From Jobsite To Campsite


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Surviving the business side of life is no small feat, especially when you’re in the business of working with your hands, but you have to make some time for leisure. When your idea of leisure is loading up the truck and heading out camping, fishing, or hunting you’re going to want to keep that same survival mentality while enjoying yourself. Here we’ll look at how the DECKED Drawer System’s components take you from the office to the outdoors seamlessly.


Crossbox and D-Box: These two tool storage boxes are great for protecting and organizing your tools, but they can also be great for you survival fishing gear and survival camping gear. They are constructed from high impact resin with heavy duty durability and an EPDM gasket seal under the lid to keep moisture out. These kits can go wherever you dare venture and keep your outdoor survival gear safe and dry. Swap out some power tools for some fishing tackle as these boxes will keep your tackle neatly organized and easily accessible from your truck bed. They are stackable so when you get back from a fishing or camping trip arrange them in your garage. Just toss the tools back in the drawers and you’re ready for the work week in minutes. Don’t waste time in the garage; spend it out in the great outdoors.


DECKED x Pathfinder Survival Kit: This easy to transport survival gear comes already packed inside a Crossbox. The kit takes bushcraft seriously with the quality and quantity of gear it offers. Equipped with an emergency medical kit, an HD6 Ferro rod with striker for starting a fire in the harshest conditions, and even a 7” Bahco Laplander Folding Saw, this survival kit has anything you would need in an emergency situation. When your toolbox doubles as a survival kit of this quality you know DECKED has got your back in any scenario.


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Drawerganizer: The Drawerganizer is a nifty storage bin that sits in the head of the drawer. Molded to wrap around the interior of the drawer handle it eliminates any wasted space. This is a great place for emergency survival gear that you might need speedy access to. The conveniently located open top storage tub puts anything stored here readily at your fingertips. It’s also great for things that you might find yourself reaching for often like bug spray. There’s also a Double Drawerganizer available for even more grab and go storage.


D-Bag: This piece of storage is a versatile wonder that is perfect for when you have to leave the truck behind and keep heading out on foot. The D-Bag can be carried like a backpack, or satchel over the shoulder, or briefcase. It’s hybrid hard/soft body built from thermoformed EVA foam is tough on wear and can keep your bushcraft survival gear safe from the elements. Inside there is a removable duffel and tool roll that are as great for organizing provisions for a hunting excursion as they are for organizing tools. For hunters the D-Bag is indispensable as it’s hands free mobility makes it perfect for treks and it fits snugly into the Drawer System with efficiency. When you move your gear moves, beyond your truck bed, because when you go where your truck can’t go your gear keeps going too.


DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit: DECKED has gone the extra mile and teamed up with Uncharted for this special D-Bag offer. This D-Bag comes already packed with emergency survival gear. Designed to keep two people alive for 72 hours in case of an emergency the kit comes with first aid kit, food and water, survival tools, and even a Zeus portable power station and jump starter. The kit is completely compatible with the Drawer System so it fits neatly inside with all other components. It is products like this that really blur the line between tool storage and wilderness survival storage unlikely found in any other system.


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Piecekeepers: This component is perfect for hunters who want to store their firearms safely. The Piecekeepers have foam molded slots that securely nest shotguns and rifles. The padded cradles grip the stock and barrel so you can easily remove and enter firearms into place. All of this is integrated into the Drawer System so your weapons are safe from all the rain, hail, sleet, and snow that nature can muster. With your tactical and survival gear in place you can take on any challenges a hunt may have in store.




Top Tool And Top Survival Gear Storage: DECKED Provides The Best Of Both Worlds


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When you’re making a survival gear list not everything on it is going to be that straightforward. As the situation evolves that list of gear will have to adapt to new circumstances. No two campsites are alike, just like no two job sites are alike. For this reason adaptability might be the key attribute that gets you through the week and weekend alike.


The DECKED Drawer System’s modular design allows you to easily swap out one component for another without breaking a sweat. With every piece being integrated to fit securely in the drawers everything stays organized and in place no matter how many times you add or remove components. For tools alone this works wonders for the jobsite. The optimal efficiency this provides is a marvel in itself, but being able to also interchange tools for hunting, fishing, and camping survival gear takes this system to another level.


When you can not only survive, but crush a workweek at the jobsite, only to get home Friday evening and swap your tool system for a top survival gear system in seconds, you’re dealing with innovation that really changes the game. Take your truck to the limits, whether in the gravel pit of the city sites or the most remote corners of the wild. DECKED is gonna be right there with you, making stayin’ alive that much easier.



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