Snap Out of Snap On and Get Into DECKED Storage Solutions

Snap Out of Snap On Tool Boxes and Get Into DECKED

Snap On tool boxes have held a large portion of the market share since their inception in the 1920s. Since they have built their reputation for making quality products for a century, everyone considers this brand to be top of the market.

Sure, Snap-On tool boxes are great, and the company has created a massive range over time, but who makes Snap On tool boxes now? Does the company fabricate its storage systems, and what materials do they use?

These are just some questions that customers ask, and they especially want to know why are Snap On tool boxes so expensive?

After discussing this popular brand, we'll fill you in on some details about the DECKED brand. Then, we'll cover where the DECKED Tool Box is made, what it's made from, and why this brand is increasing in popularity.

Where Are Snap On Tool Boxes Made?

Snap On has its primary headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with manufacturing plants in Milwaukee, Tennessee, Elizabethton, and others throughout the U.S.

This company has been operating since the 1920s. It was there to support mechanics with new Snap On tool boxes in several of the first repair shops established due to the burgeoning automobile industry.

Snap On went through the Great Depression with the American people, supported war efforts, expanded, and grew with the local and international economy. In short, Snap On is a much-loved tool box brand on the U.S. and global landscape.

What Are They Made From?

Snap On uses many materials from which to make their tool boxes. Depending on the design, they use steel, which is tough and durable. They also use a double-wall construction on specific steel products and drawer edge hems to reinforce their structures. In addition, some Snap On products are styled with PVC trimmings for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Snap On fabricates and welds many of its storage systems and applies stiffeners to create rigidity. Maybe the materials and construction methods that Snap On uses have led them or others to test the robustness of their designs.

This test could be why people ask about the dump truck on Snap On tool boxes, which is pretty impressive. If you can put a dump truck on one of these boxes, they must be sturdy. Only kidding—you get Snap On gifts to promote the durability of their tool boxes.

Some tool boxes contain internal tubular interchangeable locks to secure your gear, and many of the models work with smooth operating ball slides. Safeguarding your tools is critical when you have strangers coming and going near your work area.  Things may disappear, and you don't want to fork out good cash for a storage system that doesn't keep your equipment locked down.

Image of the All Weather Tool Chest (Green) from  Snap-On.

This company even manufactures tool boxes from softer materials with removable trays, giving customers multiple choices. Other models like the All-Weather range use military-grade or higher, weather- and dust-proof plastics. You can use these stackable systems on wheels with telescopic handles to move your tools to your job site. That’s impressive in anyone’s language!

Another feature of the All-Weather designs is a Zerust® corrosion inhibitor, so your gear won’t rust. You can pay around $1,200 for one of these Snap On products with measurements of H15.4"xW21.2"x 11.9" D with 4,130 in³ of internal storage space.

Maybe it’s just us, but perhaps this is where the question, are Snap On tool boxes worth it, originates.

Are Snap-On Tool Boxes Worth It?

Considering the growth of this company and how successful they’ve become in the last 100 years, it’s difficult to say that their products are not worth what you pay for them. But everyone has their own opinions of quality vs. price, so this is an individual decision based on personal views.

Image of the Snap-On wide roll cabinet in white with orange detail.

Differences or similarities of opinions aside, Snap On has invested time and effort in development. This investment has seen them developing a massive range of products that you will find in stores and online, including:

  •  Roll cabinets
  • Top chests
  •  Roll carts and under bonnet trays
  • Portable solutions
  • All-weather portable KMC chests
  • Snap On Nascar tool boxes
  • Accessories
  • Tools

Like most people believe, the Snap On tool boxes are made in the U.S. This is valuable information because homegrown is generally equal to quality, so many people think that Snap On is worth the price. However, Snap On confines its homegrown policy to its storage systems while it sources some of its equipment outside the country.

DECKED products are also homegrown, with the exception of one—the D-Bag. Vietnam manufacturers this D-Bag simply because no U.S. vendor could produce them in the quantities needed to satisfy demand. Despite this one offshore product, DECKED continues to look for local manufacturers to meet demand.

Where to Source Snap on Tool Boxes for Sale?

Besides being able to buy these products new in-store and online, you can find plenty of adverts for Snap On tool boxes for sale near me, such as:

  • Snap On tool boxes for sale Craigslist
  • Snap On tool boxes eBay
  • Damaged Snap On tool boxes for sale
  • Used Snap On tool boxes for sale
  • Old Snap On tool boxes and many others

Image of a Snap-On tool box up for auction on eBay.

People sell stuff for many reasons. They may be planning a move to a smaller home, selling their business, or retiring. Maybe these reasons can explain why you see so many adverts for old, damaged, or cheap Snap On tool boxes.

Whatever the reason, it makes you wonder, are Snap-On tool boxes worth it? Maybe someone received an unwanted tool box as a gift or needed the cash. Who knows why you see so many of these products for sale?

We know that there are some pretty expensive custom Snap On tool boxes, second-hand, cheap, and many other versions of this brand on the market.

Does this mean that they are somehow inferior? Not at all! As we said, personal circumstances and preferences count. Still, it might be time to snap out of the Snap On dilemma and cotton on to the DECKED Tool Box solution.

Cotton On to the DECKED Tool Box Solution

Where can you source the DECKED Tool Box? Online through our website or any one of the many DECKED dealerships across the U.S. You can even make inquiries to become a dealer locally to supply the DECKED Tool Box or internationally to provide customers with the DECKED Drawer System.

Image of the Find A Dealer search option on the DECKED website.

In contrast, there appear to be far fewer adverts for the second-hand sale of our products online like Snap On tool boxes on eBay, but anything is possible. If you see second-hand DECKED products for sale on places like eBay, they are mainly for the smaller accessories.

Typically, if you see an advert for a DECKED System (and that’s a big “if”), it’s because the owner is selling their pickup truck with this system, which improves its resale value. You won’t get this level of value from any Snap On tool boxes.

DECKED builds additional value within the tub itself, such as the innovative integrated ladder. We make our tub from high-impact resin and use a seamless molding system for environmental protection.

Our security system is also darn close to theft-proof; it's enough to bring a lump to the throats of even our most picky customers. So, why should you snap out of the Snap On appeal and replace it with DECKED? Here's why…

The Integrated Ladder

DECKED builds an integrated nesting ladder into its Tool Box. Suppose you select this optional order with your tub. In that case, you'll receive it within a few days in the U.S. Having an integrated ladder increases your economy of movement in retrieving your tools from the tub on your truck bed.

Image of the aluminum ladder that fits into the DECKED Tool Box.

DECKED makes its integrated ladder from 6000 series aluminum, which can handle medium weights. The ladder telescopes out of the tub with a series of easy interlocking systems over the truck side, so it's a simple matter to get to the tools you need. It even telescopes over the sides of high pickup trucks, and you can order it separately if you buy the tub without one.

DECKED Tub Materials

DECKED manufactures its tub from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). For those who don't know what this is, it is a high-impact resin with inbuilt waterproofing (it doesn't need surface treatments to keep it looking as good as your truck).

HDPE is unlike steel or aluminum that is vulnerable to dents. When you buy the DECKED Tool Box, you have one for life. It maintains its looks better than you or your truck. Better still, it compliments your truck's looks, making you the envy of your friends.

Injection Molding (Not Fabrication)

Forget the question about what gauge steel are Snap-On tool boxes because it doesn’t matter. Neither does it matter how many and what type of reinforcements you use; fabricating metal takes bending and shaping. Unfortunately, this bending and shaping create weak points. So although fabrication may not be a problem in high-quality fabricated tool boxes, it is an element to watch out for in the cheaper ones.

Image of the outside of the DECKED manufacturing plant that uses injection molding.

Fabrication is not a problem with DECKED because we use injection molding. Injection molding and HDPE mean our storage solutions do not rust or lose their shape. So, for example, you may put a dump truck on Snap On tool boxes without breaking some of them, but you're going to stress those steel joints.

Injection molding avoids this problem because it produces a single, solid HDPE structure with no joins. And while we haven't placed a dump truck on the DECKED Tool Box, we have tested it with many methods. These methods involved throwing concrete into the box, jumping on it repeatedly, beating it with hammers and baseball bats, and generally putting it through its paces.

We also tested it to see how much heat (180 degrees) and cold (-5 degrees) it could withstand and stay intact. Even with a 500-pound payload inside the tub, it kept its structure and remained unharmed.

Of course, it helps that the DECKED Tool Box features galvanized steel and aluminum lid reinforcements, which increase its hardiness for your benefit.

Weatherproof Design

A great design and materials translate into a resilient tub that withstands all types of weather. This tub keeps the water out because of the lid/tub design, besides fighting intense heat and cold. The inclusion of a recognized high-quality EPDM gasket and bub seal completes the waterproofing benefits of this Tool Box.

Image of soldiers in the snow, using DECKED.

Also, plastic doesn’t rust, and we've included UV protection in the HDPE materials, so this tub will stay good-looking even if time takes its toll on you and your truck.

Additionally, we treat all the hardware to prevent rust, corrosion, other weather, and environmental damage to the tub.

Even the tub accessories like the Snack Tray and D-Box are made from polypropylene (PP). We use PP with fiberglass to produce accessories that are much tougher than a 10-year-old deer (and you know how rare that is if you’re a hunter.

We make our tool box tough and our accessories because we believe in quality. But, we also know that rugged conditions and tough customers demand stuff that works without worrying whether it needs a gentler hand.

Lock and Leave

Part of dealing with unexpected events is making a tub with security in mind. You should definitely consider leaving the vintage Snap On tool boxes in your rearview mirror because the DECKED Tool Box has got your back.

Steel and aluminum reinforcements in the lid are not just there for show, and neither is the tub's lid interface. Both are significant deterrents to thieves. Also, the armor locking system is another benefit that is a massive disincentive for criminals.

Man attempting to lift the reinforced lid of the locked DECKED Tool Box.

Lock up and leave your tub with confidence because it is darn close to being a foolproof safe. Only an idjit would try to pry it open with a crowbar, and only someone with unlimited time may be able to breach these security measures.

Lock the lid, and a thief will need expert help to get into this tub. So, give up searching for Snap On industrial tool boxes because we make our tub from industrial grade HDPE that serves fleet managers and the military.

Get Your DECKED Tool Box Storage Solution

Order it online for a custom-made tool box that fits your vehicle. Check our financial assistance to see if you qualify for help to buy this tub and our DECKED Drawer System.

Snap out of the hype about other brands and settle for a system that impresses our existing customers. Then, take that leap and enter our competition to qualify for a chance to win loads of prizes.

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