Sears Craftsman Tool Box vs The DECKED Drawer System: The Lowdown

Sears Craftsman Tool Box vs The DECKED Drawer System: The Lowdown

Sears Craftsman Tool Box vs The DECKED Drawer System: The Lowdown


I had always had some interest in owning a handyman business. With my prior exposure to carpentry, giving a helping hand to my old man back in the day, I knew I had a thing about woodworking, trying to turn that skill into a money-making venture. My dream of starting an artisan career was alive.

I gave it a shot. However small an investment it was, I made a few bucks making and selling creations of art. I had plans to go full swing and start a fully-fledged carpentry workshop. I guess I needed a few things added to my arsenal of implements to get off the ground.  

That was sometimes later in 2019, before covid. With the arrival of the pandemic, a new world order came. Some call it the new normal. The wave swept through, changing everything—plans, behaviors, thoughts, and all things life. I jumped on the bandwagon too—I evolved.  

Now I’ve been transformed into a delivery guy. I had to shelve the idea of being a woodworker, at least for a while. With the stay home measures currently in place, people have changed how they work and live.


Many are constantly relying on delivery apps. A friend whispered to me that the demand for home deliveries had overwhelmed supply in a way never experienced anywhere in the US before. With my Ford-F-150 series, I'd make a kill of a lifetime doing deliveries. It was an opportunity that needed immediate exploitation. Either way, a carpenter or a delivery guy, I realized the importance of properly securing cargo. I had used the Sears Craftsman tool box to organize my pick up bed, but it occurred to me there was a need for something more versatile, stronger, classy, and durable. The DECKED Drawer System could never have come at a better time.

DECKED Drawer System  is a set of various functionalities and design aspects that revolutionizes  the organization and management of truck bed tools and cargo .


Why as a delivery guy you need better cargo storage and securing solution

In all honesty, with my previous exposure handling pick-up cargo both as a woodworker and a delivery guy, I believe I'd confidently take you through this review process, so let's do it.

Various pick-up cargo storage solutions have taken the market by storm. We have crossover pick up tool boxes, side mount tool boxes, bed wheel storage cases, cargo cabins, among others. Then we have diamond plating as the most preferred materialing for many of these cargo storage pieces of equipment. My experience with the Sears Craftsman tool box is that it is predominantly aluminum but there is also the Sears Craftsman plastic tool box.Both are pretty sturdy, beautiful, and a hell of tool boxes .The Aluminum type is quite popular and very useful but wait until it starts to turn black from the inside and lose that glittering luster in the external casing after a while. Yes, it's a normal thing for a toolbox to stop shining under the sun as it used to when you bought it. I mean, is there a thing that doesn't dull out with age? That's could be a point, but corrosion is quite a concern altogether when it comes to tools and cargo storage,

The slim Craftsman Aluminum Crossover Pickup Truck Tool Box I was using blackened after a couple of months. The biggest drawback of this supposedly chemical process was that it stained the things it came in contact with. I realized the name of this black coating was aluminum oxide, and it's synonymous with rust. Then there were these small holes at the corner edges. The guy at the store called it "Pitting corrosion," the presence of chloride ions and blah blah, whatever, man! The thing is, aluminum is susceptible to some chemical reaction with air — and all, which always occurs at targeted points, leaving behind ugly perforations, but there is always more; the reaction pulverizes the casing causing some gritty powdery substance that always smears on things.

Some of my friends were already using the DECKED Drawer System, and they all seemed to be happy. I guess I needed no introduction. Moreover, owning this piece of equipment seemed a necessity for many reasons. But firstly, I had to gather some feedback.

The first finding was a word of caution: if you want to be careful with money, DECKED is not for you.To be honest, part of the reason I did like the Sears Craftsman tool box I was using is that it was cheap to obtain and replace parts. With DECKED though I had to part away with top dollar. But again, if you are a productivity addict with a strong belief in the idea that optimizing time with technology enhances output, there can never be a better assurance of efficiency and organization than this critical cargo organization solution, and money should not get in your way. A step back to think, perhaps, you could save some bucks by going for the cheapest options in the market, but keep in mind that sometimes, spending a little more could actually help you save in the long run. Think about strength, durability, class, and most importantly, quality. Well, I know I sound a bit counterintuitive, and maybe you are tight with money and are on a bare-bones budget, but when you spend on DECKED, you spend on creativity, versatility, and more productivity, which in the long run works to your advantage, spend that shit.


The Drawer System features two full bed -length Drawers   that offer segmented management and organization of your cargo .

After I placed an order, I had my request processed and delivered in three days though sometimes it takes up to a week due to a range of factors (weather, supply chain factors, distance to the delivery address—come on, you know these things). One plus years down the line, I'd say buying The DECKED Tool Storage System was the best investment I have ever done as a field service guy; it is worth every buck I spent. I now dedicate more time to the core aspects of my engagements because I am sure my cargo and tools are secure.

Why you should get the DECKED Drawer System

You get to manage your time properly

As a pick up truck driver and a field service guy, whatever line of duty you find yourself in, whether delivery business, fieldwork, artisanship, or any handy work that requires truck bed utility, you'd realize your time is the most important resource.To manage it well, you'd realize that about 20% of this critical asset spent focusing on the most important things yields more than 80% of progress. This encompasses organizing your work environment in a way that will enhance your productivity. Part of this includes ensuring your cargo is safely and properly stored, an assurance that your tools are in good shape, and that you can have seamless access to them whenever  you want to. DECKED comes with a range of inlay design aspects that make it possible to divide and organize your essentials efficiently. You spend little time searching for tools and cargo freeing up your system for more important things. Furthermore, a  freer schedule yields a better work capacity in terms of more control and focus on the most important engagements.

DECKED will handle everything you throw at it, placing it safely at its proper position. That way, you can focus on what really matters, such as how best to create value. You become more agile and adaptable.

When less time is wasted trying to find tools in a heaped up mess, there is more left for productive engagements .


DECKED is carefully crafted, meticulously researched, and scrupulously supervised in a significant value creation process to ensure the resulting product meets the needs of the present-day truck bed storage utility. In the conception of the product, every touch is important and every detail carefully inspected. Guided by research with a belief in constant improvement, evolving creativity, and value addition, DECKED has already featured what a not-so-distant tomorrow may look like in cargo storage as it addresses the needs of the coming time.The DECKED team is a heck of a serious bunch, seeking to cause disruptive shifts in the cargo storage needs, which is why it has taken them more than eight years of  testing, value addition, and constant innovation.


Design Aspects

The DECKED drawer system comes as an assortment of functional aspects, including:

This helps to maximize the holding capacity of the drawers with an interlocking nested design. It enhances tool storage organization and efficiency.

The D-Box enhances the ergonomic functionality of DECKED by enhancing storage  and organization of items.


This works as an integrated modular storage solution whose role is to complement how the DECKED drawers are organized. It fits crosswise in mid-size and full-size drawers and lengthwise in narrow drawers. It could be considered a smaller sibling to the D-Box.

The cross box occur a mini storage compartments that enhance the tool organization capabilities of the Drawers .


This comprises two bed-length sized drawers used as the main storage area. They have gliding wheels underneath and come in various sizes to meet varying customer preferences.

They ensure a proper storage and organization of your cargo and tools for seamless access, security and preservation.

This complements the storage capacity of the drawers. It comes in handy in keeping smaller items organized and secure. It sits at the drawers' handle end, providing a handy location for keeping together small items.

The Drawerganizer  enhances the storage capacity of DECKED by offering a platform to store smaller items.


Other accessories include,

  • The T-Tracks
  • Core Tax
  • D-Bag


What Makes DECKED stand out?


As mentioned before, this product is made to adapt to different situations and needs. That DECKED can be used for a range of functions is enough proof of its universality. There is not a single puckup storage utility task the DECKED cannot handle, whether it is storing your fishing cargo, hunting equipment, handy tools, delivery cargo, and more.


The DECKED is manufactured through injection molding-a process embedded plastic into metal, creating a super-strong product resistant to wear and tear. DECKED is made from high-density HDPE, the polymer resins used to manufacture vehicle body covers. Furthermore, DECKED is exposed to strong UV light, giving it a sturdy frame. The resulting kick-ass storage system is a superb super-strong storage solution resistant to all manners of outdoor beatings. DECKED is bombproof, repellent to high force impact, and rugged.


The product boasts of impermeability to water and high temperatures, making it suitable for use all year round. This feature makes it a perfect option for keeping your tools dry and corrosion-free.


The system comes with cam lock functionality (near impossible to have the keys duplicated and easy to use yet offering superb protection to your cargo). The lock system is also resistant to rust, further complementing the product's impermeability to negative hydro-impacts.



If DECKED is resistant to high-force impact, adverse weather, and rough outdoor treatment, it definitely is one hell of a kick-ass durable storage system.  

Free shipping

All orders made for the complete set are delivered free of charge. This, however, applies for the initial one-off placement for all standard DECKED Drawer System accessories. Otherwise, accessories part of the package but ordered separately will incur a fixed shipping cost of $25. Extra ones not part of the standard set will be billed according to the prevailing market conditions.


The confidence in DECKED is evidence of the legacy it seeks to leave behind–quality and value—to the extent of offering a lifetime warranty policy.

Return Policy

The company admits that even though much effort is placed in research and development as well as product testing, sometimes expectations may not be easy to meet; also, the product and its accessories may develop manufacturer-induced defects. In this regard, there is a generous return policy laying the framework for which products qualify as returnable.

DECKED is not just an essential tool storage application you should be owning. It is critical for your pickup truck bed cargo management and organization needs, especially if you are a field service guy. It is 100% made in the USA branding guarantees quality and value.  


Add style, class, and strength to your hardware storage by being part of this revolutionary movement. Its ease of installation and removal, hardy framework, and modular design make it a modern tools organization solution of choice.





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