Step Up Your Game With the Truck Toolbox That Outpaces Any Rolling Toolbox Design

Step Up Your Game With the Truck Toolbox That Outpaces Any Rolling Toolbox Design

It’s time to eliminate the frustration of digging around for the tool you need in storage like a rolling toolbox. You’ve got work to do!  You need your tools close by, protected, and organized when you’re on the job site. Take options like the Rigid rolling toolbox off the table, because there is a better way out there.


Discover the DECKED Tool Box.


Maybe you’ve considered something like the HART 3-in-1 rolling toolbox, or the LifeLine Pro rolling toolbox. They have many of the features you need — but you want the best, right?


Go above and beyond even the best rolling toolbox. Get the toolbox from DECKED that meets and exceeds every worker’s daily needs: easy to access, secure, weatherproof, and a whole lot more.


This Tool Box is from this century.

A construction worker wearing a yellow hard hat stands on the ladder that's optional with the DECKED Tool Box, which is shown with its lid open, containing a blue top D-Box, and installed in a white pickup truck.

Get the toolbox that looks as good as your truck — and is as tough as you are. Your DECKED Tool Box looks like it came from this century .

All the Tool Box Details That Are a Step Above the Competition


Maybe you think you’ve looked at it all: a rolling toolbox with drawers, the Dewalt rolling toolbox, the Craftsman rolling toolbox, and on and on. You want all the perks you expect to find in a rolling toolbox stool or rolling toolbox workbench.


At DECKED, we’re on the same page. We’re in business to make the lives of working men and women better. That’s why we designed the DECKED Tool Box with you in mind.


Our toolbox is the perfect companion to one of the most common tools for work and for play: the pickup truck. It’s always right with you on the job, and the DECKED Tool Box is, too.


DECKED’s Tool Box  will propel you past other options such as the Stanley rolling toolbox or the Husky rolling toolbox. Want something that attaches securely without drilling to your truck? Check. Ready to reach right into a roomy toolbox and easily carry your most-used gear with you? Check. Looking for the toolbox so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry? Check.


The DECKED Tool Box offers:


  • Easy access
  • Toughness and security
  • A fully weatherproof build
  • Organization built in
  • Details, details, details


This is not your granddad’s toolbox. We’re long past 1973 and into the 2020s. You’re ready for gear that looks like it came from this century. You’re ready for the DECKED Tool Box.


Let us fill you in.


Ease of access is built right in to the DECKED Tool Box via its optional ladder, shown in use here on a black pickup truck as a man in work clothes stands on the ladder to reach the DECKED Tool Box as installed.

The only thing that can really make a saddle toolbox truly as handy as something like a rolling toolbox is its own built-in ladder  — so we made it happen. The DECKED Tool Box comes with the option of a ladder that folds right into the box and out of the way when not in use.


Easy Access is the Name of the Game With DECKED’s Tool Box


You’ve looked at a rolling toolbox for a reason. You want quick and simple access  to your gear both on the job and in your down time. You know what’s out there: the plastic rolling toolbox , the 3-in-1 rolling toolbox, and more.


Maybe you’ve even had a saddle toolbox in the back of your truck already. We all know one of the major drawbacks to this style of tool and gear storage: access.


The DECKED Tool Box takes this challenge and conquers it.


Ever stand on the ground beside your truck and dread trying to reach tools in the saddle style box? Most of us have. Even the tallest guy can’t reach the bottom without reaching and stretching and standing on something.


Get the DECKED Tool Box  and the optional integrated ladder  and you’ll make quick work of snagging the tool you need even from the bottom of the box. It sure beats crawling into the bed of the truck to get to the tool box, or standing on a tire or step side.



Step Up Your Game With the Truck Toolbox That Outpaces Any Rolling Toolbox Design


The ladder is easy to pull out, drop to the ground, and climb right up for quick access to your tools and gear. It’s made from 6000 series aluminum and won’t take up space when nested back into the DECKED Tool Box. It’s adjustable, designed to clear the side of your truck so it won’t damage your machine, and works even on a lifted truck.


Now then, you know what the marketing folks say … “Wait — there’s more!”



The DECKED Tool Box, shown with an open lid in this simple studio photo, is tough and secure, besting rolling toolbox options.

Built of injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement, the DECKED Tool Box can take all the punishment that your hard work and play can offer.


DECKED’s Tool Box Offers the Toughness and Security You Need


From the sturdy lock and latch system to its galvanized steel-reinforced top , the DECKED Tool Box has toughness built in.


This toolbox is designed like Fort Knox — reinforced with steel for extra stability and security — and it won’t ding, dent, or rust. The impact resistant box is impossible to break into with a pry bar because its tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points.


The robust steel armored locking mechanism pairs with a driver side lock for security you can count on. Just one lock secures multiple latch points. It comes with two keys, and the lid must be open for the toolbox to be removed from the bed of your truck.


Our tool box is easy on the eyes, tough on thieves.


Go ahead and sit on it, stand on it, stomp on it  — this box won’t bow with weight over time. It’s tougher than tough. In fact, even the guys from MotorTrend tried to damage  the DECKED Tool Box … “tried,” we said. This box is impossible to dent, but easy to love.


It’s been tested at 180 degrees and -5 degrees with 500 pounds in the back and showed no issue with the payload. The box fits into your truck bed with no drilling and brackets that are tucked into it, so it can’t be removed without opening the top.


Even Mother Nature is hardly a match for the DECKED Tool Box.


The DECKED Tool Box is shown installed in a black truck with a construction worker wearing a hard hat and opening/closing the box lid on a dusty home building work site.

We all know it’s not always sunny on the work site. Keep your gear safe and dry with a waterproof system on the DECKED Tool Box that seals the lid almost like Tupperware.


Mother Nature Can’t Get to Your Tools In This Box


Keep your gear bone dry, even when you’re soaked to the bone. And with the DECKED Tool Box, you can keep most dust and other elements off of your tools, too.


The toolbox is molded, not welded, so you get a seamless lid and tub. It seals tightly when closed with an EPDM gasket (ethylene propylene diene monomer, in case you forgot), keeping water out and most other environmental elements at bay too. The upstanding lip is overlapped by the lid when closed, essentially creating a rain gutter. When open, it’s got a bub seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid.


The DECKED Tool Box  is made with anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware, too, for durability that will stand the test of time.


Put your gear inside this tool box with confidence. You sure don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if your new Ruger is gonna be damaged by a torrential downpour because you left your truck in the driveway.


At DECKED, we’ve gone above and beyond on this toolbox. Mother Nature isn’t predictable, but the DECKED Tool Box most certainly is   — in all the good ways you need it to be.



A man in a baseball cap and plaid shirt reaches into the DECKED Tool Box to grab the handle of a D-Box being utilized in the toolbox full of tools and other gear.

Enhanced by D-Boxes, Snack Trays, and more, the DECKED Tool Box makes it easy to organize your tools.


Organization is Made Easy With the DECKED Tool Box


Take advantage of the superior ways to organize your DECKED Tool Box. You won’t bother looking at a rolling toolbox again.


The right storage for your tools and gear includes having a system you can organize that works for you. Many a saddle toolbox is simply an open, cavernous container with no way to keep your most-used tools separated.


This toolbox utilizes removable containers called D-Boxes for built-in portability. Each DECKED Tool Box includes a D-Box , the tough, weather-sealed portable tool box in heavy duty plastic where you can store your most frequently used gear and simply grab it and go when you’re working. Hangers in each toolbox keep the D-Box and the included Snack Tray in place right at the top of the box.


There’s no digging in a pile of tools for the gear that you need the most. The Snack Tray  is a handy cargo bin for small tools, and it keeps that gear easy to reach.


With the D-Box and Snack Tray, you still have plenty of space below for both small and larger items, and you can add more D-Boxes if you choose. From small screwdrivers for tight spaces to things like a chainsaw, drills, battery packs, and more, the DECKED Tool Box is ready to help you find the tool you need right when you need it.



A motorcyclist using the tie-downs built onto the DECKED Tool Box to anchor his dirt bike down in the back of a truck near a motocross track begins to pull out the optional integrated ladder of the toolbox.

You certainly won’t find a rolling toolbox that can accommodate tie-downs, let alone offer them installed right into the toolbox. That’s just one of the advantages of the DECKED Tool Box.


T he DECKED Tool Box Has Features You Just Can’t Get in a Rolling Toolbox


What could you want in a toolbox beyond easy access to gear, tough and secure construction, a weatherproof build, and a simple organizational system? Lots more, we think. So we built more into the DECKED Tool Box.


How about the pre-installed tie-downs? We put a pair of these at the base of the tub so you can anchor down large cargo like your dirt bike for weekend riding.


Then there are the details like the gas struts made with a torsion system powered by spring steel, with torsion bars that last forever. Plus, no more lid slamming down on you as you try to get your tools out — the DECKED Tool Box 30-pound lid stays open.


And don’t forget:


The box uses solid brackets and bolts that fasten inside of it to attach to your truck. Take just two minutes to install the system, which grabs bed rails using four clamps.

  • Ways to expand

The DECKED Tool Box is compatible  with select DECKED Drawer System 8-foot integrations. You can expand your storage capabilities with the full DECKED line and get the best of all we have to offer.

A man wearing a baseball cap and plaid shirt loads wood including a door into the back of a truck and below the DECKED Tool Box installed in a white pickup with its lid open.

Go beyond the rolling tool box for the saddle style DECKED Tool Box and get durability, innovation, and more.

Leave the  Rolling Toolbox Behind And Step Up to DECKED


You’ve got modern-day work and play to do every day, and DECKED has today’s best options to store and access your gear. This Tool Box is from this century.


The DECKED Tool Box  provides lots of features and little frustration, taking the number one drawback — employing silly gymnastic moves to reach tools in the bottom —  out of the saddle style toolbox with the optional integrated ladder. If you own a pickup truck, you’ll want the DECKED Tool Box.


And if you don’t own a truck, you may love this toolbox so much you start looking to trade your car.


Compared to a rolling toolbox, the DECKED Tool Box has so many advantages. It’s fixed in place on your truck. You always know where it’s at. It won’t roll away or topple over if it’s top heavy or on an incline.


Get the sleek and tough saddle style box that looks as good as your truck. You deserve the perks of DECKED’s feature-packed toolbox — a product of engineering  right here in the USA.


Go beyond the rolling toolbox option. You deserve better — and you can get it from DECKED!


Get all the details you need  on our tool box and all DECKED products via our website. Plus, find a dealer  near you!


Step up your game! We’re aiming to make your purchase easier  with our financing offerings. Pay over six months, 12 months, 18 months — we’ve got options for you!


You’re just a click away from ordering your DECKED Tool Box !


It’s time to get DECKED!





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