DECKED Real Customers: Nic De Castro


After a decade on the east coast working a desk job, helping startups acquire customers, Nic pulled the trigger and moved back out west to Bozeman with a startup vision of his own. A true jack of all trades [hunting, surfing, spearfishing, startups] Nic found a way to combine his passion for the outdoors with his business skills to launch LandTrust.  

LandTrust unlocks access to private land for hunting & fishing. Through their Airbnb-style marketplace, private landowners can list their land for sportsmen to book for hunting & fishing trips. This is solving the biggest pain point for sportsmen, which is access to places to pursue their sporting passions. They also partner with the leading hunting & fishing conservation organizations by donating a percentage of every booking made through our site to protect hunting & fishing access, game species and habitat.

De Castro wasn't ready to pull the trigger on a topper quite yet, but still needed to have organized, secure access to his gear and tools. That's why he chose DECKED:

“I'm able to keep signs, tools and expensive camera equipment safe, dry and secure in the DECKED drawers. I also always dedicate one of my DECKED drawers to hunting and/or fishing based on the season. In the summertime, it's got all my fly fishing gear…As September rolls around I'll have my archery pack, sleep system, boots, & shotgun for birds. You never know when you can sneak away for a quick morning/afternoon hunt. As the late season comes around, I'll start storing a rifle, shotgun & bird hunting jacket in the drawer. I also run a Gunner Kennel for my dog year-round strapped on top of the deck which works out really nicely.” 

Gunnar Kennels

DECKED for Hunting 

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