Located in southwest Colorado, Silverton Mountain is a place where the average snowfall exceeds the number of daily visitors, and avalanche gear is required to ride the lift at all times. No grooming, no ski patrol, no condos, no kooks. Owners Jen and Aaron Brill opened the resort in 2002 to deliver guests to over 1,819 acres right off the lift and over 22,000 acres reachable by helicopter. They do it all with nothing more than one recycled double chair. 

Enter Grady Ham, the sole lift mechanic and Mountain Manager at Silverton. He was instrumental in installing the fixed two-person chairlift with Aaron Brill back in 2001. Ham relies on his DECKED system as his mobile toolbox for regular lift maintenance year-round.

"I’ve really been pushing the system and haven’t had any issues. I’ll throw an 800lb chairlift motor with a bad bearing on top of the deck in double negative temps...and still have easy access to all my tools. We get lots of snow here in Silverton, and I’ve never had any issues with my drawers."

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DECKED truck bed storage systems for work applications:

GRADY HAM Drawers Open

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