DECKED PROfile: Lucas O'Hara

Lucas O'Hara brewing coffee on the tailgate of his truck


Grizzly Forge owner & founder Lucas O'Hara has been there, done that. Lucas served over 8 years in the U.S. Army before seeking new challenges. After trying everything from contracting and security to welding, Lucas discovered the world of blacksmithing. After turning a railroad spike into a knife at Atlanta blacksmithing school Goat n Hammer, Lucas was hooked. Just a few short years later, Lucas's  own Grizzly Forge has a national reputation and he can't keep knives in stock! We caught up with the ex-sniper for a brief catch-up and to hear what he's got in store for next year.

You've had some time to get settled in your new home, Salt Lake City. How does it compare to your roots in Georgia?

There are a lot of things that we miss like crickets, Waffle House, the thunderstorms and obviously friends and family.

Honestly, that’s it though! Living out west gives you a freedom that I never expected and more adventures than I can fathom that I get to take my family on.

It’s a lot quieter and slower pace from Atlanta which has been an unbelievable change and something I’m getting used to very quickly. Honestly don’t think we will ever return and we will call the West home from here out.

Lucas' F150 with DECKED Drawer System in the Utah desert

How did you first hear about the DECKED Drawer System?

I believe the first time I saw the Drawer System was an ad on Instagram. Was incredibly impressed at how functional it looked and knew I had to buy one. It was the first modification I did to my truck when I purchased it.

Lucas O'Hara grabs camping gear from his DECKED Drawer System

How has it changed the way you work or play?

It has changed it immensely. Having a wife and two children, organization is key, and especially when we do longer trips. The DECKED system gives me an opportunity to have everything organized. As for work, it is incredibly tough and durable. I keep my tools in it when I do blacksmith demos and throw my anvil on top of it. I never worry about it breaking because of how durable it is.

Lucas' daughters help unpack the DECKED Drawer System in the family truck

What can we expect to see from Grizzly Forge in 2022?

Speeding up my production a little bit without losing the quality and what makes my knives special is my biggest priority. I just hired my first full-time employee, which has changed so much for the better, and am hoping to bring on another. We are also working on some amazing projects with  Black Rifle Coffee Co. , bringing veterans out to spend time with me and hopefully find the therapeutic benefits that I found through blacksmithing.

A Grizzly Forge custom knife on top of an anvil

Any advice you'd pass on to other young veterans?

Don’t be afraid to fail because you will fail over and over again. Find a good community that you can lean on in those times that motivate you to get up and try again. Eventually one of those will turn into success and the rest will be history.



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