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DECKED Triumphs Over Northern Tool Tool Boxes

The Jury Is In: DECKED Triumphs Over Northern Tool Tool Boxes. See Why.



Toolbox sits open in the back of a white pickup truck. The interior of the toolbox lid says "DECKED" across it in all caps.



If reviewers are jury members, then the ruling overwhelmingly leans in DECKED’s favor. These triers of fact are so convinced that a DECKED Tool Box is better than all the rest that they are willing to proclaim their earnestness on record, in the form of a review. DECKED customers have finished weighing the evidence, and have decided that a DECKED Tool Box is truthfully better than old standbys like Northern Tool tool boxes, or a Weather Guard toolbox, and even a Camlocker. Northern Tools truck tool boxes don’t seem to measure up, as evidenced by some unhappy reviewers on their website. But, don’t just take our word for it. Read the evidence for yourself…




A worker stands in on an integrated ladder extending from his toolbox that is mounted in the back of his pickup.




USES IT FOR: Trades/Construction

DRIVES A: Dodge Ram

WORKS AT: Handyman business owner, hunting and shooting enthusiast, DIY dude.




I was searching for months looking for an aluminum heavy-duty toolbox. I looked at Weather Guard, and Camlocker as my top 2 choices. Camlocker was going to be my first choice as they offer a .125 inch thick aluminum, which is double the thickness of anything out there, but it was going to be $1500... Then I found Decked!!!!


What an amazing product and business!! This box will take a beating like no other box I have ever owned. From slamming 2x4s into it and throwing my guns in back to go shoot, this is a truly superior toolbox. I have gotten tons of compliments about the box and how cool and unique it looks.


I am extremely happy I pulled the trigger on this box, it's truly built to last a lifetime! My next truck will have this box in it and hopefully, I will pass it on to my son one day. Keep up the innovative approach Decked!!! I am Decked for life! ~Matt C., Minden, NV


A black DECKED Tool Box is closed and photographed at an angle.



ANALYSIS - WHAT WENT RIGHT: Matt’s review says it all. DECKED Tool Boxes are made tough. They are overbuilt to withstand whatever you can throw at them. Made from high-density polyethylene and impact-resistant polymer resin, they are far more durable than tool boxes at Northern Tool.



DECKED Tool Boxes are engineered with structure in mind. When loaded up, they don’t bend, flex, or sag. Superior materials provide rigidity and steel and aluminum reinforcements ensure yet another line of defense. DECKED tested their products with 500 pounds inside, and at 180 degrees Fahrenheit and a cool negative five, there was never even an issue.



You’ll never have to measure aluminum thicknesses with a DECKED Tool Box, because DECKED is changing the way we view the modern toolbox, using materials from this century. When approximately 50% of aluminum toolboxes arrive at the customer dented and dinged, DECKED chose another path and blazed their own trail.



A black pickup is parked on a jobsite where houses are being built.


A Northern Tool Storage Boxes Review


Here’s what one reviewer had to say about the materials that make up Northern Tool underbody boxes. Northern Tool boxes are made from different materials than a DECKED Tool Box, so the quality isn’t even comparable.




WORKS AT: Professional





I bought this unit in November 2019, I had to pay to have put it on my tow truck, then in early 2020, the hinge got rusted and then it started to pop the pop rivets, then the door fell off.


It has a lifetime warranty, so I paid someone to take it off my truck, and took it back. The warranty covered it, and they gave me another one. I paid someone to put it back on, and here it is a year later, and the door hinge rusted again, popped the rivets off and the door fell off again.


This product was less than the cost than the OEM Unit, and I see why, it rusts and falls apart too easily. The cost has more than doubled because of paying someone to put it on, take it off, put on the next one and take off the next one.


I could have bought an OEM unit - that one lasted 10 years !! These 2 units didn't even make it a total of 2 years!

I am very disappointed with Northern Tools products!!



A worker in a yellow hard hat lifts the lid of the toolbox from the driver's side.

When buying a DECKED Tool Box, you are “one and done.”



ANALYSIS - WHAT WENT WRONG: “I could have bought an OEM unit - that one lasted 10 years…” or, he could have bought a DECKED Tool Box that can last a lifetime, and is protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The problem with truck tool boxes at Northern Tool is that steel toolboxes aren’t a great choice because they require a powder coating that if it gets dented or dinged, will immediately rust— as was the case for JDavis37. Twice. (And unfortunately for others too who testified on the Northern Tool website.) DECKED Products won’t ever dent, ding, or rust.



Closeup view of a DECKED tool Box with water pouring all over it.




USES IT FOR: Trades/Construction


WORKS AT: General Contractor




Finally got it about a month ago and it's well worth the wait. First tool box I've ever been around that's actually waterproof!


The amount of space in this bad boy is unreal, even with the ladder in there[…] I've never had a tool box that was this close to perfection before. If there was a way to configure it the ladder on the driver's side, that would be cool, but again it's been well worth the wait and I've very pleased! As my company grows, every truck will be outfitted with one for my guys. 



A toolbox is installed in the back of a white pickup truck parked on an industrial job site.




ANALYSIS - WHAT WENT RIGHT: Kyle nailed it when he said, “actually waterproof!” and he’s actually right—DECKED Tool Boxes are 100% waterproof, and here’s why:


  • A DECKED Tool Box is molded, not welded, so the tub and the lid are each one single piece
  • Built with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid which acts as a rain gutter on the product
  • A bulb seal and gasket goes around the entire lid as extra insurance that water stays out
  • Anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability


Tools are often a very large investment, and work can’t be performed without them. DECKED prevents tools from biting the dust. Or growing the rust.


A black truck is parked in front of a house being built and a worker is pulling a small portable tool box from the truck bed tool box.


Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes Northern Tool Review


Here’s what another reviewer had to say about Northern Tool flat black truck tool boxes.



HAILS FROM: Wilson, North Carolina

WORKS AT: Home Handyman





Had this about 2 years. Wanted it because everything was black. Now the paint is popping off. Got about 20 spots now. This box is for looks more than anything. Not heavily used!! Very disappointed!


A profile view of a toolbox made from HDPE.

The DECKED Tool Box is not painted, because it’s molded—not welded.



ANALYSIS - WHAT WENT WRONG: If your toolbox can’t even keep its paint on, it’s unlikely that it can keep water out too. Holes in the paint create exposed areas where the toolbox can rust, and once metal begins this process, it’s not structurally sound anymore, nor is it waterproof.


A DECKED Tool Box is all black anyway due to the carbon added when processing to create a uniform black color out of the recycled materials. A UV inhibitor is also added to prevent fading or discolorations. DECKED doesn’t need paint to hide imperfections.



A man in a woodworking shop slides full size doors under the  DECKED Tool Box that nests on the truck bed rails and does not extend all the way to the bed.




USES IT FOR: Farm/Ranch





This is the most innovative and secure truck bed tool box on the market. The only thing I was concerned about was not being able to easily haul lumber with the tool box installed, but it has been no problem at all. 2X4s still tuck in underneath and ride securely, even with the tailgate up.


ANALYSIS - WHAT WENT RIGHT: Jason’s correct. The DECKED Tool Box doesn’t reach the bed of the truck, on purpose, so lumber, ladders, doors, and every oversized thing you may ever need to haul can still be slid all the way to the cab.


There are two tie-downs on the tailgate side of the DECKED Tool Box that make securing large cargo quick and easy. And those aren’t the only features that make the DECKED Tool Box one of the most secure on the market. It’s these features, too:




  • Impossible to break into with a pry bar and won’t damage the toolbox if tried.
  • Smart design eliminates pry bar points to begin with, thanks to the tub-lid interface
  • Robust steel and armored locking mechanism combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible

A front view of a closed DECKED Tool Box. The box is all black with aluminum hardware and rugged in appearance.

Mobile Tool Boxes From Northern Tool Review


And yet another reviewer provided testimonial that the mobile tool box from Northern Tool tool boxes locks need work.



HAILS FROM: Sherman, Texas

WORKS AT: Professional





I bought this three years ago and it has been problematic from first month to current day. Locks are very poorly installed. Easy to pull lid open by hand when locked, and difficult to get the locks adjusted to hold close. Matte black paint started bubbling and peeling off in large flakes recently in year three. Warranty only valid for one year. Live and learn.

ANALYSIS - WHAT WENT WRONG: Clearly you don’t need to be an expert in analysis to see that “easy to pull lid open by hand when locked” is not a secure system. Other reviewers stated “locks are very poorly installed” and “locking brackets are trash.” DECKED Tool Boxes are security-minded, and here’s a video that illustrates their strength.

Man in navy blue shirt and khaki colored pants prepares to climb a ladder that extends out of the toolbox mounted in his truck bed.





USES IT FOR: Camping/Recreation

DRIVES A: Ford F-150





Finally got my toolbox, this was going to be my first for my tow vehicle. After working with many others for work this was going to be my personal choice on my truck. I made this best decision by getting the DECKED Tool Box.


My wife had to see it to believe it and she loves it. The ability to get in the toolbox without climbing into the back of the truck or make a daring attempt to get into the toolbox from the side of the truck. She can use the ladder to get in the toolbox, using the 3 points of contact and not have to wait for help. And having it watertight, keeping our gear nice and dry inside for our time out camping.


ANALYSIS - WHAT WENT RIGHT: Michael and his wife stepped up their game with the DECKED integrated access ladder. The ladder comes as an option on the toolbox and is made from 6000-series aluminum. It improves safety, ergonomics, and is the first toolbox on the market to offer such an innovation.


The ladder extends all the way to the ground, even on lifted rigs, and then telescopes back into itself and folds smartly back into the toolbox. A thoughtful design keeps the ladder out of that way and saves space for the most important cargo: your gear.


White truck has a DECKED Drawer System and a DECKED Tool Box installed in the truck bed. A telescoping ladder extends all the way to ground on the passenger side.

8 ft. truck beds can have the best of both worlds: A DECKED Drawer System and a DECKED Tool Box. With a ladder, of course.

Overall Consensus


Reviews speak for themselves. They are often straight-shooting, soul-bearing snippets of user experiences. Matt, Kyle, Jason, and Michael are just a drop in the bucket full of glowing 5-Star reviews for the DECKED Tool Box.



At DECKED, we believe in honesty and transparency, so we proudly disclose where our products are made—in the grand ‘ol U.S. of A! This is unlike other manufacturers and even Northern Tools tool boxes origins are buried in the Q&A thread of their website. (Spoiler alert—it’s Mexico).



A warehouse is pictured in the middle of a rural, agricultural area.



We are also partial to fairness, and that is why we offer our toolbox every day at the most competitive price we can possibly afford to make them as attainable as possible. We think everyone who needs a durable, long-lasting, and nearly indestructible toolbox should have one.



You see, we’re an ergonomics company, focused on making life better for the men and women of America. We’d be horrified if the products that we spent over two years in research and development creating performed like some of the other toolboxes. We’d be saddened to know that we had let our most important asset—our customer—down.



We’re not building a premium, elite brand. We’re a brand for the working folk and the playing folk and all of the other fine folks who just want to worry about getting the job done. To this, we say, “We’ve got you.”



You keep doing you, and we’ll keep doing what we do best: retooling the toolbox.