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DECKED Beats Out the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box: Here’s How

DECKED Beats Out the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box: Here’s How

There’s no doubt you are here since you are on the hunt to find an appropriate tool box for your truck.You can attest that owning many tools is fun as you will find almost all handy tasks easier and doable, but keeping them organized is equally an issue. Add to this if you need to move around with them for your field service work.You could carry them at the vehicle’s front or back seat but this as you’d note is sheerly annoying and may also dirty your vehicle.Then you proceed to say, why not just throw them in the pick-up bed? Sadly, they’ll move around causing a deafening racket as they clink and even fly out which is not safe for oncoming traffic, not to mention the adverse weather you expose them to. Also loose equipment is an easy target for low-life thugs who desire what you have.

Here is the relief, both the DECKED Tool Box and the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box promise lasting solutions. But what if you only need one? Which would be a worthy investment? Both Milwaukee and DECKED are excellent truck bed tool manufacturers. Milwaukee has been here for some time now and is a brand name that is synonymous with quality. Milwaukee has recently ventured into a new product line known as the Packout. It promises a versatile modular storage system that you’d find interesting.

DECKED is still a Johnny-come-lately, but it is definitely the future of truck storage solutions. The company has revolutionized the tool box industry with its new product dubbed the DECKED Tool Box, which is 100% American-made, with formidable features that will leave you drooling over.

With the New DECKED Tool Box, there is more than just storage. It is a promise of modernity in cargo storage and organization.

Does the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box Really Compare to the DECKED Tool Box?

Mediocrity is not something we fancy at DECKED. We like to view ourselves as a center of excellence on a mission to create significant impact to the world. In this regard, we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers.  The DECKED project is a collaboration between art, science, and research. We bring together designers and craft-artists in a process of value creation driven by scientific evidence, to create what we believe will solve the needs of our customers far into the coming future.  

We appreciate that staying mobile and organized is a must for all the service people who rely on truck bed storage for their work, be it contractors, fishing enthusiasts, you name them. And in the conception of our ideas, we endeavor to create a multipurpose application, that is, something that can serve a myriad of roles with the utmost convenience. The product is not just an essential tool storage solution, it is a critical necessity at this age of agility.  

Have you thought about Durability?

Buying an excellent tool box is different from purchasing a candy bar. Tool boxes are expensive. Therefore, you want a sturdy and durable storage facility for your expensive tools, equipment, and gear. You should consider your options carefully. How do DECKED and Milwaukee compare in terms of durability?

Milwaukee has some pretty lovable features. The packout rolling tool box is made using high-quality polymers, and it will resist impact on different job sites. It also has 9” all-terrain wheels with a metal-through axle for ultimate durability.

The DECKED Tool Box is the definitive king of durability nonetheless. The company does not make anything like the traditional wooden, plastic, or aluminum tool boxes our granddads used. The tool box is made using high-impact polymer resin and reinforced with galvanized steel and iron for maximum durability. DECKED uses injection modeling for pre-hardening. You will throw rocks at the tool box, jump on it, hit it with a hammer, or tow it at the back of your truck on rocky terrain, but it won’t dent or ding.

Try the DECKED, it is pre-hardened such that it cannot Ding, Dent, or rust

Are your Tools and Tool Box Secure?

Tools are expensive. The tool box is costly. Unless you want to tie your toolbox around your belt, you want maximum reassurance that your tools are safe at all times. Let’s see how the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box performs against the DECKED Tool Box.

Can you leave the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box at the bed of your truck? It has metal reinforced locking rings that accept a padlock.You will also need to strap it down at the bed of your truck. However, padlocks are easy to break, and one can easily carry it  from your truck bed.

The DECKED Tool Box is designed with all your security concerns in mind. In addition to the industrial-grade polymer used in making it, injection modeling ensures no joins or welds. A big pity to thugs who use crowbars to break into every tool box. The lid also has steel reinforcements that make it even harder for thieves.

DECKED has a robust armored steel locking mechanism that further bars forced entry. Wait, if a thief cannot break into your tool box, he will carry it to find some good time and place to break into it later. The DECKED is like a safe that you can lock and go camping, hunting, hiking, and doing practically anything, while being assured  your tools will be safe. The Milwaukee Packout falls short of such a safeguard.DECKED is supper tough, not even a crowbar can be used to initiate forced entry .


How about Effectiveness and Tool Box Organization?

Every tool box user desires a compartment that houses their tools in a tidy and organized manner. You may have a large cargo organizer, but you will need extra facilities to maximize storage capacity. Whether you are fishing, hiking, or working, Milwaukee will offer sufficient storage for your tools. Paramedics will find it handy if they have to carry their equipment to an injured person. Milwaukee has several organizers and totes, and all your bits will fit perfectly well. The totes carry lightweight and easy access tools, while you can carry the heavier equipment below them. Perhaps, the only problem is when you want to carry a heavy load or just some of the equipment. You will have to drag along heavy equipment, which may strain your hands and break your back.

With a series of inlay design aspects and accessories , you can be sure that DECKED will offer you incredible flexibility. You dint need to use the entire cabin; there are small embedded boxes for light tasks .

DECKED offers ample storage, and it comes as a set of accessories for an enhanced organization:

  • D-Box – Here, you can store all your tools, and it also has compartments for easy organization. They are easily removable and have grab handles. You don’t have to carry the entire tool box. Just fit what you need in the D-Box, and you are good to go. Don’t go around with a large tool box on rolling wheels.
  •  Snack Tray – The snack tray allows you to store items you use regularly. Or snacks, obviously.

You will be further mesmerized by the numerous DECKED accessories. You can purchase an additional D-Box or a Crossbox to make your storage more effective. You can also buy an emergency kit D-Bag or a normal D-Bag and store it in the tub. The inlay boxes are particularly handy when you don’t want to carry the entire tool box. DECKED is the 21st century, and a modular tool box that offers numerous possibilities is what you need.

Have you checked the DECKED Tool Box Ladder?

DECKED comes with a ladder system for ease of access. You   don't need to crawl over your tailgate to get to your cargo.

The DECKED Tool Box goes beyond an ordinary tool box. It has an optional integrated ladder that fits perfectly into the tub and slides right out when you open the lid. You don’t have to go round the back of your truck and get off and on your bed to access your tools. To your surprise, the ladder will not limit your storage or obstruct you from picking your tools.

Have you Considered Versatility?

We all want a tool box that can be adapted to different functions. We can already say that the DECKED Tool box serves the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box a heavy blow in this category.

This tool box is adaptable to different situations. Whether you are a paramedic, hiker, mechanic, contractor, or whatever else, you will find the Milwaukee packout handy. Nonetheless, it limits your storage options since it is only suitable around garages or workshops.

Why buy a large garage tool box yet you own a truck? The DECKED  is not only big in size, but  also mobile. It brings the same convenience of a large tool box on wheels. You don’t need to worry about buying an extra rolling tool box since the DECKED Tool Box is portable once installed on your truck bed.

With DECKED there is not a single outdoor activity that requires truck bed storage utility you cant do

DECKED takes their tool box a notch higher since you can use the DECKED Tool Box for work and recreation. You can store your camping, hunting, and fishing gear without stress or fuss. Would you even think of keeping a rifle inside the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box? We all know the answer.

Are your Tools Safeguarded from the Wrath of Mother Nature?

The Milwaukee packout rolling tool box boasts IP65-rated seals. These seals keep elements such as rainwater and other worksite debris out of your tool box.

The DECKED Tool Box sets the bar even higher. It is molded, implying that you get a seamless lid and tub. The cover and tub also seal tightly, thanks to the EPDM gasket. You don’t have to worry about rainwater, sand, snow, or other unwanted material that may wet or damage your tools unless your tool box is open.

The DECKED has anti-corrosion-treated aluminum and steel if you are worried about corrosion. This tool box will give you excellent service, and you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. The EPDM material also protects your tool box UV exposure and ozone. You may use this equipment for years, but it would retain its original color. You cannot say the same about the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box.

DECKED is designed with special features that make it resistant to all kinds of adverse weather situation: rain , high temperature , very cold conditions , you name it.

Do you Want a Tool Box that Looks Modern and Sleek?

You definitely don’t want to roll out in your classy truck with a primeval tool box. The Milwaukee is quite venerable and the tools quite hoary. How about some fresh super-modern touch? We all could use some new generation invention.

The DECKED Tool Box has a matte black exterior, which gives it a touch of class. It has a rugged body that makes it look robust. I mean, it exudes pure masculine air all around it. DECKED is the ultimate Cargo organization application with a seductive appearance that will add that extra touch of elegance to your truck.

Do You Get Any Extra Benefits? How About Affordability?

While on the face value, you'd think the DECKED is quite pricey but in the long run you get to enjoy time honored value  saving more as a result.  

  • Premium  Pricing – The price is generally fair and all accessories quite affordable
  • Free Shipping – You will get your product at your doorstep at no extra cost
  • Lifetime warranty – The DECKED Tool Box is the ultimate beast and it promises a lifetime warranty. Why would we not offer a lifetime warranty, yet our products are designed to last for years and years? If there are any defects in the product, the warranty covers you.

And Now the Winner Is ……

The DECKED Tool Box ultimately takes the day. If you care about security, durability, versatility, and elegance, then the DECKED Tool Box should be your pick. This tool box is designed both for use and abuse.

The Milwaukee Packout rolling tool box is definitely not a bad option. However, it is expensive and may not be convenient for all your needs.

Choose to invest in excellence. Visit our website online and find a custom deal that will leave you dumbfounded.