Seeking to Purchase a Klein Tool Bag? Evaluate the DECKED D-Bag First!

Seeking to Purchase a Klein Tool Bag? Evaluate the DECKED D-Bag First!

A tool bag is the simplest way for you as a tradesman, contractor, hobbyist, DIY warrior, or handy homeowner to keep your tools safely organized in one location. Imagine the annoyance of realizing you forgot or misplaced your handy equipment at home while miles and miles away out there in the field at your place of work. Without a doubt, to avoid such impediments to convenient work process flow, you need a proper means to secure your tools arsenal in an easy to carry, organized, easily accessible, and easy to find manner.

There are many ways and means to secure and move tools and items. You could use chests, boxes, or even pouches. But each of these is supposed to be suitable in specific situations. Sometimes you need a small collection of your frequently used tools kept close. Therefore, you may need something smaller, lighter, and less bulky than a tool chest or a tool box. That is when a tool bag comes in.

But you don't just need any tool bag; certain things such as versatility, ergonomics, and durability come into play, too. You need a special tool bag.

The Klein tool bag has earned remarkable acclaim as a brand of choice among many. For the record, this is not your everyday tool storage equipment. The brand itself is huge, and the trademark quite profound. Klein offers a variety of tool bags, from small to large ones that you may find convenient for everyday use.


The D-Bag is an all -in-One: Agile , military-grade hybrid soft and hard shell bag for securing , transporting and protecting handy tools and equipment .It is by design meant for the drawer system but works well with the Tool Box.

But DECKED has been proven to give Klein tool products a run for their money. With a new tool backpack dubbed the D-Bag, we are pretty much putting up with the pressure and are fast creating a legacy to last the test of time. To understand us better, let's get the low down of how a Klein tool bag stacks up against the D-Bag.

First Things First. What Do you Look at When Purchasing a Tool Bag?

Believe it or not, tool bags are just as important as the tools they carry, and they make such a difference, which is why when making purchase decisions, you've got to look into several things to ensure you invest in the right ones.

  • Durability – You want a tool bag that does not bug you with loads of repair and replacement costs. You want a bag that will survive everyday rough outdoor treatment.
  • Organization – you need something that will not only hold but also organize your tools appropriately. Something with inlay arrangement features that will make it possible to secure different types of tools with just as ample room for placement , access and removal of items.
  • Material – Material is key. Tool bags are made primarily from leather, nylon, or canvas. You want something that will protect your tools from bad weather while withstanding the wear and tear of daily usage.  
  • Ergonomics – Comfort and ease of use are worthy of consideration too. You don’t want a tool bag with straps and fasteners haphazardly fitted to the point of causing strains to the body injuring you as a result. While you care for your tools, you care for your body too and need something safe to move around with.
  • Carry options –Tool bags come with carrying handles, others with shoulder straps, and others a combination of the two. It would help if you had something you could easily and comfortably move around with .

Let’s Compare the Nitty-Gritty

Build Quality

You should go for a rugged tool bag designed to withstand the harshest of abuse but still performs just fine. Klein tool bags are made using different materials, including ballistic weaves (for backpacks), nylon, polyester, leather, and canvas. They could also have a molded base.

Overall, Klein tool bags are hardy and capable of withstanding rough treatment. However , the synthetic fiber and fabric used as its major material may not hold up for long.

The D-Bag is made from  Rugged, cloth coated EVA foam giving it a super-strong frame capable of resisting the rough  treatment .

The D-Bag overcomes this shortcoming. It is made using 900 Denier TPU coated ballistic nylon with a thermoformed EVA form base. Want to test how tough it is? Run your truck over it, and see it endure that load of more than 5,697 pounds and come out without any significant deformation .

The D-Bag’s handles are aluminum reinforced , making them flexible yet sturdy and resistant to breakage . For an extra layer of protection the bag comes with non-snuggling YKK zippers with teeth that never degrade or separate even when carrying heavy loads, you can be sure that your cargo will be safely secured .The D-Bag is the ultimate bag of this century .

Does the Tool Bag Survive Mother Nature?

If you choose to purchase a Klein backpack, you may be safe from water. The bottom will surely keep your tools free from moisture . On the other hand, if you decide to go for a canvas or leather tool bag, you may get some protection from the elements. Sadly, a Klein tool bag is not wholly weatherproof since water could sip through the side fabric or the zipper holes.


Weather conditions can be a deterrent to your work process flow unless you have an all weather tool and cargo management equipment. The D-Box is made to work just fine under all weather situations snowy , dusty , rainy , very high temperatures you name it.


DECKED is entirely safe from weather elements. The D-Bag’s 900D cover and the heavy-duty, double-taped, double-stitched zippers will keep all the water at bay. It will also withstand dirt, rain, hail, snow, and other climatic hazards you encounter at your workplace, camp, or hike site. Better still, it can take a serious pounding and still work as nothing happened.


We bet that one of the major concerns is where all your bits will go. A Klein tool bag will offer ample space and pockets to carry your tools. You get a wide range of choices from 21 to a whopping 48 pockets. These pockets are more than sufficient for keeping your implements . It is also easy to retrieve them since a Klein tool bag will come standard with an orange interior for enhanced visibility.

The D-Bag sets the bar even higher. Why would you want to have a million pockets in a backpack where a tool roll could have been most convenient? Inside the D-Bag is a removable tool roll sleeve known as the D-Rito Tool Roll.

The Tool Roll is collapsible and fold-able with inlay pockets for securing different types of small tools and items.

This is made of the same high-quality material used to make the D-Bag. It can carry hand tools, such as spanners and screwdrivers on one side. The other side has two zip-up pockets. Additionally, the tool sleeve has a modern semi-transparent design for enhanced visibility.

The D-Bag will give you the convenience of carrying only the tools you need in cases where you don't want to bring the whole lot of them. If you choose a Klein backpack, you get a portable tool caddy which is okay, but honestly the D-Bag would beat it in its own game .

Just in case you have extra storage needs, there is a hardy duffel bag built using the same materials as the D-Bag for storing and securing tools and cargo.

There are times you want a duffle bag to carry just a few items. DECKED’s got you covered. The integrated duffle bag fits snugly within it. It is made of 900D TPU nylon and is completely waterproof. This will prove a life saver in carrying handy things, including shoes and fieldwork clothes. With a Klein tool bag, though, you will have to purchase a separate duffel hence digging deeper into your pocket . With the D-Bag you definitely have a chance to save for a rainy day.

Size and Storage

Klein tool bags come in a myriad of sizes. But this can be such a disadvantage. If you bought a smaller one and need to upgrade, the only option would be to purchase a bigger one.


Talk about comfort and adaptability .The D-Bag is manufactured to give you seamless storage making your tool and cargo organization fun.

The D-Bag comes in one standard size. With an agile inlay design, there is a capability to upscale or downscale with your storage needs. It offers 42 liters of storage, which is more than sufficient for your day-to-day needs. In addition to the tool roll and duffel bag where you can keep chargers and power tools, the main compartment is suited for large items like ratchets and drills.


If you carry heavy tools daily, you might be worried that your back will kill you. Depending on your choice of a Klein tool bag, you will mostly find the backpack to be incredibly bulky. It has an ergonomic design, but it may injure your back significantly when the straps are damaged.

The D-Bag promises you superior comfort. It has a hard shell with soft sides and military-grade rings. This means it can carry heavy loads without putting undue strain on any single part of your body. It also has multiple carry options that you will find very useful.

  • Backpack carry – This has shoulder straps, and you can comfortably strap them on the back. It is useful when you climb up a flight of stairs or a ladder. The backpack also leaves your hands free to bring other essential items.
  • Briefcase Carry – Sometimes, you do not want to hang the bag on your back. The D-Bag has adjustable straps that enable you to carry it like a briefcase.
  • Horizontal Carry – You can also adjust the straps of your D-Bag to get a horizontal carry.
  • Single Strap Carry – the D-Bag has one long strap that you can carry on one shoulder. You can have that classy look and roll like a boss in a D-Bag.


Times are complex, and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a single tool bag. You will get a good Klein tool bag at different price ranges. Klein is a manufacturer, meaning they won’t have any stock for sale direct to consumer. Prices will depend on the 3rd party company or retailer you purchase from.

Amazon offers Klein tool bags ranging from $89 up to $199.99. That is quite a price tag. Walmart also offers almost similar prices to those of Amazon.

Currently, the D-Bag sells at a standard price of $200. But this is very much worth it as an investment for the long haul. By now, you already know the numerous benefits you get with a D-Bag, and $200 is not a hefty price to pay.

DECKED also offers more benefits that sound too good to be true.

  • A limited lifetime warranty – The D-Bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We offer this warranty since our products are crafted to last for ages and ages without getting a dent. A D-Bag is a product of the creativity, science, and engineering we foster at DECKED. You will only get a one-year limited warranty if you purchase a Klein tool bag.
  • Free Shipping – You definitely have to pay for shipping when purchasing a Klein tool bag. DECKED will ship your D-Bag anywhere in the continental US at no extra cost.

Well, still thinking $200 is a heavy price for a D-Bag? I guess not.

Compatibility with Storage Systems

Klein tool bags are not designed to fit any storage systems. A Klein tool bag may not fit well in a large toolbox or other modular storage systems. After all, you may say that it’s just a tool bag, and it can sit anywhere. You are right, but the place you choose may not be appropriate for your tool bag.


The D-Bag is meant to work in harmony  with other tools and cargo organization accessories including DECKED's very own Drawer System and the Tool Box.

The D-Bag works excellently for solo use, and it is also compatible with the DECKED Drawer System and the DECKED Tool Box. If you already own one of these storage facilities, visit our accessories page to get a D-Bag to enjoy more convenience.

Go For Something More than Just a Tool Bag

If you care about durability, affordability, brag-ability, and excellent organization, the D-Bag should be your ultimate choice for a tool bag. It is suitable to carry to a job site or other outdoors or even field service missions and engagements such as  hiking, fishing, or DIY-ing.

A Klein tool bag is okay, but the D-Bag sets the bar even higher. It will stand the good and bad days and all sorts of use and abuse. Just think about the extra benefits of a lifetime warranty and free shipping, not to mention it will last forever.

Get your D-Bag here and revolutionize your mobile storage for good.