The Best Hunting Bag You Can Buy. Period.

The Best Hunting Bag You Can Buy. Period. 


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The humble hunting bag is a piece of equipment many people who haven’t actually been hunting overlook. I mean the actual bag you either carry the bulk of your gear in, or the bag in which you carry your kills home—not “the bag” as in the number of animals you bring home.

Some hunters will make do with whatever they have at hand, even if it is their old backpack from college. Others will opt for something more purpose-built, perhaps a rigid frame camping backpack. Others will go for the traditional look, and select a supple leather shoulder bag.

Other hunters will buy a specially made hunting bag. These tend to have the most useful features, being made specifically for one or another type of hunting, but they also tend to be the priciest.


Do I Need A Hunting Bag?

Possibly not. Hunting bags are primarily useful for those hunters who drive out to the hunting grounds and take the rest of the journey on foot. If you need to be hauling a brace of pheasant, a turkey or 2, a quartered deer, or even a few pounds of morel mushrooms back (vegetarians can hunt too) on foot, you need a hunting bag.

If you are taking something a bit nippier a lot closer to the action – whether that be a quad bike or a trusty horse – you can definitely get by with a standard camping bag or a general backpack. These will be lighter, less expensive, and much easier to carry gear in instead of meat.


What Should You Be Looking For In A Hunting Season Bag?

A hunting bag is a tool, and the more specialized a tool is for a particular job, the better it will perform in that job. Likewise, the worse it will likely perform if used for a different job. Just what your bag is specialized for should depend on why you buy it.

A hunting duffel bag, for example, could be very generalized. It might then work for many different tasks. A duck hunting bag might be great for holding 5 or 6 mallards, but poor for other duties. A mushroom hunting bag is probably very simple – a lot of mushroom hunters literally use grocery bags – while a scent-free hunting bag will be specialized to keep the scent of earlier catches away from scent-sensitive prey (or, you know, bears).

A hunting blind bag isn’t a game hauling bag at all, it is really a “hunting gear bag.” A bow hunting bag will probably be useful for all kinds of light game, similar to a hunting shoulder bag. If you do hunt deer with a bow (I salute you, that takes dedication), you’ll want a deer bag, not a light bow hunting bag.

But even then, you have to choose from among different brands and models. In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the different hunting bags on the market, including one from DECKED.


2 buck deer


Ozone Hunting Bag

The Scent Crusher Halo Series Ozone Gear Bag is, as you probably guessed, a scent-free hunting bag. In the broadest sense it is a hunting duffel bag, but this is definitely a specialized Ozone bag for hunting.

The core of this bag is the ozone generator inside. It runs on either 110v or 12v current, and works to eliminate both your human odors before the hunt, and the scent of your kills during and after. The ozone does more than cover up odors, it kills the bacteria that cause them. It works with all carbon- or silver-based scent control clothing, and even extends the useful life of this kind of gear. Because you won’t have to launder it as often or as extensively, it should retain its scent blocking properties longer.


 Hunter’s backpack

The bag base is water-resistant, and the backpack straps are fully adjustable. It offers 2 exterior pockets and one large inner pocket (as well as the main interior space). It comes with a 2 year warranty covering the bag and the ozone generator.



The Row Hunting Bag

OK, we included this for a laugh. The women’s black hunting bag from The Row is a purse. It is quite an attractive little thing, as far as that goes… but I wouldn’t carry a dead duck home in it. In addition, “The Row Hunting Bag 9” costs more than my first 2 cars put together, so it’s not very practical.




Hunting Dog


Under Armor Hunting Bag

The Under Armor UA Hustle 3.0 Storm Green Camouflage Camo Backpack Hunting Bag is a versatile backpack, and quite reasonably priced. But don’t be fooled by the name, or even the manufacturer. The Under Armor Hustle line may be called “hunting bags” but they are light, flimsy backpacks better suited to carrying your biology homework to class than actually going hunting with.

It… it is camo. That’s the entirety of its “hunting” feature set. The insulated bottle pocket might be useful on the field, but the presence of a laptop sleeve and a key clip suggests that this is an adventure in mis-labeling rather than a piece of hunting gear.


Drake Hunting Bag

The Drake Waterfowl Walk-in Backpack 2.0 actually is a piece of purpose-built hunting equipment. It comes in several patterns – mossy Oak Bottomland, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat, Realtree Max-5, and Realtree Timber. They all look pretty much the same, but if matching your camo patterns is as important to you as breaking up your visual outline, then why not match?

This is a specialized fowl-hunting bag, offering features like shell loops, a hydration pouch pocket, outer and inner packets, and a really rugged build. The inner liner is seam-welded vinyl, so your catch won’t leak out.



Man with hunting bag


Louis Vuitton Hunting Bag

The Louis Vuitton Sac Chasse Hunting Bag retails for around $3,000, and while yes, you could actually use this for hunting… you’d look pretty foolish. The manufacturer claims that it is intended as an actual sac chasse – a hunting bag – but that doesn’t ring true.

It has a top handle and a shoulder strap, several internal pockets, and leather trim. The primary material is a coated canvas which would, technically, do the job. This is first and foremost a fashion accessory loosely based on the form of the hunting duffel bag.





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Filson Hunting Bag

Filson’s Rugged Twill Medium Duffle Bag is not a bad choice for a hunting gear bag. It is made of decently thick twill and bridle leather, and while it is still really a travel duffel – it is made to comply with airline carry-on size limits, for example, it also has a storm-flap and a solid brass zipper, so there is nothing stopping you from taking this out into the field. Users say they wear very well indeed, and still look like new after years of use. Mind, I suspect they mean years as a travel bag, not years being dragged through wetlands shooting ducks.



Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag

Let’s be clear, this is yet another piece of minimally sturdy luggage being billed as a hunting bag. It isn’t bad for what it is, but it isn’t hunting gear. This is a gun bag, at least, but for pistols. It has plenty of room for a small ammo bag, ear protection, goggles, and anything else you might need for a day of target shooting.

It is heavily padded, with open-cell foam facing the weapon storage pockets. It has a removable pistol pouch. It is available only in black, and measures 10 inches high by 15 inches long by 8 inches wide. It weighs just under 4 pounds (without pistols). The primary material is 600 denier polyester, lined with PVC laminate.





Ozonics Hunting Bag


The Ozonics DRiWASH descenting bag is specifically designed for use with their Orion, OrionX, HR300, and HR230 products. It pre-treats your clothing and hunting gear with ozone, to remove odors that might spook prey or attract predators. It is not designed to be carted into the field with you – so it isn’t exactly a hunting bag – but rather run in the truck on the way there and on the way back.



Barbour Hunting Bag

Leather bags like the Barbour Highgate Leather Holdall have been used as hunting bags for centuries. However, this is another fine example of a “hunting bag” that is really a piece of hunting-themed personal travel luggage. This example would not be useless in the field – it has a 100% leather outer shell and a stout cotton inner lining – but it would be badly stained if it were stuffed with pheasant or ducks and it really lacks any of the specializations that “make” a decent hunting bag today.



Prada Vela Hunting Bag

Do I have to say it? The Prada Vela Small Nylon Hunting Bag is an $800 purse with a shoulder strap. It has a single front zip pocket, a top buckled strap closure that seems reasonably water-resistant, and a fancy, logoed inner lining. I don’t know what you could hunt with this. Perhaps a bird watcher could carry binoculars and a sandwich for lunch.



Decked D-Bag Hunting Bag

The DECKED D-Bag is a multi-use bag which is not only perfect for hunting, but fits conveniently into any of our gear storage systems, such as the DECKED tool Box, or the DECKED Drawer System. It has a hybrid hard thermoformed EVA foam shell, meaning that it is semi-rigid and will keep its shape no matter what it is loaded with.

The D-Bag is made of military-grade materials, and is certainly no mere travel bag calling itself sporting equipment. It is designed to carry everything from heavy hand tools to sporting or hunting equipment, and it won’t mind carrying a duck or 2 home the way many of the bags we’ve reviewed today would.

DECKED D-Bag with hunting/fishing gear


The strap system is very versatile, and can be carried like a briefcase as easily as it can be worn on your back. Inside, you’ll find a DECKED Tool Roll (removable) and a DECKED Duffel Bag, which will be perfect for hauling home your catch. The duffel is made of 900 Denier coated nylon, and features a thermoformed EVA foam base.

The total volume of the DECKED D-bag system is 42 liters or 2,500 cubic inches.



How Environmentally Friendly Are Your Hunting Gear And Accessories?


This isn’t something we’re used to thinking about, but the ecological value of the plastics used in the construction of your sporting goods accessories is something we should really address. You don’t have to be a climate activist to care about the state of our environment. If you just make informed buying decisions, you can shoulder a little more of that responsibility, and keep our world just that little bit clean and habitable.



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Where Are Your Hunting Accessories Made?

DECKED factory in Defiance

DECKED is proud to be an American company, and we manufacture the majority of our fine products out of our factory in Defiance, Ohio. We do all of our assembly, shipping, quality control, and warranty work there, too. Not all manufacturers can say the same.


Finding Hunting Bags And Other Sporting Accessories Near Me

Hunting, fishing and even hiking are popular all over America, so there are few places where you can’t find sporting goods and hunting equipment for sale. That said, we can all do our bit to travel less these days, so online shopping is becoming the norm.

While you are shopping online, can we ask you to consider some of the fine DECKED accessories we offer? Many people think of DECKED when they think of truck-mounted tool storage, but we have a great deal to offer the sportsmen (and sportswomen) out there as well as the hunters, fishers, and other enjoyers of the great outdoors.  

We hope you learned a little about hunting bags, how they are used, and what to avoid when shopping for one. We hope you also noticed the superior sporting goods transport and organization accessories you can get from DECKED.