Factors To Consider When Shopping for Hunting Backpacks

Factors To Consider When Shopping for Hunting Backpacks

Picking the right hunting backpacks can be quite confusing, frustrating, and intimidating. You could ask your friend, and all you get is "try them all." This is impossible, especially when you are operating on a tight budget. This is why you need to find a way of identifying the best hunting backpacks that will suit your needs.

In this guide, we have discussed some of the most crucial factors you should consider when shopping for your hunting backpacks. While these factors might not directly influence your decision, this will give you a direction of what works best. Read on to learn more.


A good hunting backpack should be organized. From a manufacturing perspective, there are a few guidelines that you must consider. When a hunting backpack has more pockets, it means it has complexity, more weight, and water entrance opportunities. Several factors contribute to the total weight of a hunting backpack. For instance, dual layers, zippers, seams, and edge binding all contribute to the total backpack weight.

This takes additional materials and labor to build. When hunting with your backpack, too many pockets can be a problem. This is because they make it challenging to organize your tools. You might confuse which pocket has your binoculars and which has your headlamp. This is why you need a backpack with one or two security pockets for easier access. It will also be easier for you to find critical gear, especially in the dark.

D-Rito Tool Roll

For that reason, many experienced backpack hunters go for narrow-range preferences. You can go for a big backpack but with an overall lightweight. By doing so, you will find it easy to organize your tools. The DECKED D-Bag offers you this kind of organization. It has several pockets where you can keep your devices. The pockets, when partitioned, make it easy to access your tools. The DECKED D-Bag ensures that you waste time looking for items on your hunting mission. Therefore, it guarantees maximum efficiency and productivity.

Backpack Weight

Weight is another essential factor to consider when getting ELK hunting backpacks. If you get two deer hunting backpacks with similar durability and comfort, similar volume, and ideal organization, then the lighter backpack wins. It is very uncomfortable to go hunting with a heavy backpack that can slow down your progress. For better choices, you are encouraged to count ounces. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of weight in a hunting backpack. Imagine gaining around 2,000 feet in 2 miles and topping out a significant amount of distance, you will be very tired and looking to drop extra weight.

Of course, lots of thoughts will cross your mind on some of the things you can get rid of to cut extra weight — it could be the heavy boots, soaked gears, or some hunting items. In simpler terms, the total backpack weight can slow you down significantly. It can hurt your ability to move fast and hit your targets on time. If you are going on a long hunting mission, you need to ensure everything is in the right state.

One way of doing so is ensuring that your backpack is not heavy. By going light, you will move faster. You will not wake with sores and back pains the next day. In fact, you might be motivated to explore other areas due to reserved energy. Therefore, you must consider the weight of Badlands hunting backpacks before buying.

Weight is one thing we considered when developing the DECKED D-Bag. We know that carrying tools on your back can be tiring as it is, and that's why we made this D-Bag very light. Apart from providing the security needed, this D-Bag makes it easy to move around with tools on your back because it is light. Therefore, all the weight will entirely depend on the size of your tools.


You wouldn't want a hunting backpack that doesn't last long enough. Thankfully, durability is a much simpler goal to achieve with hunting backpacks. However, you must know that a heavy backpack isn't always a durable backpack. Similarly, a backpack can't be fragile just because it is light. Ideal hunting backpacks are strong in areas that matter, something that must be admired. For instance, a backpack weighing four pounds can be durable and stronger than a backpack weighing nine pounds.

The secret lies in how they are made, not how much they weigh. The durability of a backpack has a very small connection with its weight. With that in mind, you need to avoid any kind of catastrophic failure. Luckily, this can be done in a number of ways. For instance, you can overbuild all pieces and parts of a hunting backpack.

Alternatively, you can strengthen the backpack where it needs to be. This is possible because most of the critical components of a hunting backpack are repairable. Some of them are also replaceable. While repairing a backpack is possible, you don't have to go through that experience when using the DECKED toolbox. We have made our toolbox from durable materials that guarantee long years of service. The high-impact polymer resin doesn't dent or rust, meaning you will use it for quite some time. The same applies to our DECKED D-Bag. This state-of-the-art storage tool will keep your tools safe and organized. You don't have to worry about possible damage when moving from one point to another.

Function and Operation

Apart from evaluating how much small hunting backpacks weigh, what brand makes them, and the material used to make them, you must also check whether they are easy to use and operate. Therefore, you must always consider the operation and function of a hunting day backpack. This feature comes down to your personal style and preferences and how you would like to pack your hunting items. Remember that there is no right or wrong in doing it. You can get a hunting backpack with other excellent specifications but not ideal for you due to its operations and functionality. If you are using a hunting backpack for the first time, then you might have an easy time choosing your ideal one because you don't have any preferences.


Nonetheless, you must go for a hunting backpack that is easy to operate. After using hunting backpacks for some time, you will find out what works for you and what doesn't. This will give you the factors to consider when shopping for your next Walmart hunting backpack. What we can advise you is that you should keep things simple. Too many zippers, pockets, and weird features can make things complicated and messy. Backpacking is all about efficiency, so go for a backpack that makes operations easy for you. The more time you have to look through a hunting backpack, the less ideal it is.

Therefore, when buying a hunting backpack, you should do as much research as possible. You should also know how the backpack is designed to be used. The secret is that if you use a backpack the same way the designer intended it to be used, you will find it easy to use in the field. On the other hand, if you use it in a manner not intended by the designer, you will have a difficult experience in the field. You will end up frustrated and disappointed.

Luckily, most backpack makers have YouTube channels where they show you how the hunting backpack works. They also show examples of how you are supposed to pack your things. For the best results, you should watch as many videos as possible to familiarize yourself. This will enlighten you on the best way to use the Tenzing hunting backpack. If you have a hunting backpack that you find uncomfortable or is making you frustrated, start shopping again. Make sure that you get a hunting backpack that is easy to use and operate.

Overall Pack Volume

Another important factor you should consider when getting your hunting backpack is the pack volume. Most established backpack makers offer a modular system where you can swap the main backpack into different sizes and designs. This is possible while still keeping the same pack frame. Before deciding on this, you must decide the backpack you want to use. Avoid going for the largest hunting backpacks available (more than 5000 cubic inches). If you are new to using backpacks, you might be thinking that bigger hunting backpacks are the best option. However, this is not always the case.

At times, a smaller one is better because you aren't trying to come out heavier than usual. While a bigger backpack means more space to carry supplies, it can be inconvenient in several ways. With a smaller backpack, you can bring essential gear and other items you need. You don't have to invest in a large backpack that could make it difficult to move. A good backpack should be in the 3000-3300 cubic inch range. This is a small hunting backpack that is light and makes it easy to move.

However, you should go for a smaller backcountry hunting backpack that can accommodate all your items. There is no point in going for a small backpack when you have a large supply of items. That said, if you would like a backpack that ensures comfort and convenience, you should consider one with a small pack volume. Deciding between the two should be based on your wants and needs. Don't go for a backpack that looks cool but doesn't satisfy your needs.


Hunting backpacks require studier materials to survive the ups and downs of hunting adventures. Generally, a pack frame is vital for the stability of a hunting backpack. Most pack frames are made from titanium, carbon fiber, and other load-stable and durable material. Most of these materials come at a cost, meaning you will have to spend more on a durable hunting backpack made from high-quality materials. At DECKED, we know the importance of materials in a tool storage bag. All of our products are made from high-quality materials that guarantee durability. You will not be forced to repair or replace any of our products because they remain in excellent condition for a long time.

Leather Hunting Pack


A good hunting backpack should make things easier for you in case of any changes or challenges. You need to know what you will carry and how you are going to arrange items in the bag. If you regularly change your hunting equipment, you need flexible organizational solutions within the backpack. You might also need some detachable compartments for easier storage and accessibility. Generally, a good hunting backpack should serve you no matter the kind of tools you have.

Versatility is crucial, and getting a versatile hunting backpack will help significantly. Our DECKED hunting bag comes with great features that make it versatile. For instance, it is made from a rigid material that can keep your equipment safe no matter the conditions. Therefore, when shopping for a hunting backpack, you should go for one that guarantees versatility.

Bonus Tip - Warranty

A majority of established hunting backpack makers offer a solid warranty when you purchase this item. Perhaps, that is why this is a bonus tip and not one of the vital points to consider when choosing a hunting backpack. It is more of an insurance policy for you just in case you start exploring other candidates. This factor also eliminates smaller brands that are not likely to offer quality hunting backpacks. You will do yourself a big favor by checking the warranty information and assessing online reviews of different brands. If you are spending a significant amount of money on a hunting backpack, you will like to know what the manufacturer can do in case something goes wrong. The warranty levels vary from one manufacturer to another, and it will help if you get one with better warranty terms.

Checkout the DECKED Hunting Backpacks

Hunting backpacks are vital for those on hunting missions. You need a backpack that can keep your items safe and organized. While it might seem straightforward, shopping for a hunting backpack can be very confusing. This is likely to be the case if you are shopping for the first time. For that reason, we have provided a detailed checklist of the factors to consider. If you are interested in high-quality tool storage backpacks that will last for many years, contact us at DECKED.