First Choice DECKED Tool Box or Harbor Freight Tool Boxes?

First Choice DECKED Tool Box or Harbor Freight Tool Boxes?

It's evident which is better, and that's the DECKED Tool Box, but we'll look at the Harbor Freight tool boxes to put these products in perspective. Even though you’ll find multiple truck tool boxes at Harbor Freight, few, if any, can compare with DECKED. And while this statement may sound biased, it is a fact.

You may find several tool boxes Harbor Freight models for trucks, but these are available in 56- and 73-inch lengths. While they may be serviceable, they are also overhead add-ons for the Harbor Freight rollaway tool boxes and are suitable for stationary work purposes.

Other than these overhead storage systems, you’ll find a range of smaller truck tool boxes Harbor Freight models, which may even fit into the DECKED Tool Box. But why bother with other brands when DECKED makes its own accessories to fit into its tub and Drawer System?

Also, when you need something that travels with you to job sites, choosing DECKED over any truck tool boxes Harbor Freight models is better. First, we'll take you through some of the brands that Harbor Freight stocks and then provide alternatives as to why we believe you'll do better with the DECKED Tool Box.

Image of the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System installed on a pickup truck.

Truck Bed Tool Boxes Harbor Freight

First off, Harbor Freight doesn't make truck bed tool boxes. Sure, you can buy any number of tool boxes, place them on your truck bed, and call them truck bed tool boxes, but that's not what authentic truck bed tool boxes are about.

Actual truck bed tool boxes fit behind the cab and provide a solid storage solution. An example is the DECKED Tool Box. It is customized to fit a range of full and mid-size pickup trucks. They have a no-drill installation process and secure your equipment when away from your vehicle, and neither can anyone walk off with the storage system.

Any tool boxes at Harbor Freight may fit on your truck bed and have locking systems, but unless you use an alternative method to secure them on the bed, they're vulnerable to disappearing.

However, if you have the DECKED Tool Box, it is possible to store any number of small Harbor Freight truck tool boxes in the DECKED tub. If you have or want to buy small storage units from Harbor Freight and keep them in the DECKED tub, you'll have the security of Fort Knox for your gear.

Here's a look at some of the tool boxes from Harbor Freight that we’re talking about.

1. Voyager Harbor Freight Tools Tool Boxes

The 18-1/2 in. Voyager's stainless steel toolbox is a sturdy, rigid, hard-wearing, and dent-proof container. The tray, lid, and base are made from a high-impact polypropylene (PP) material, and it features two latches for security.

Image of Harbor Freight's Voyager brand's 18-1/2 in. stainless steel toolbox.

You can store round items in the pipe channel of the diamond plated lid or use the long inner tote tray to organize your sockets. It features a handle that folds down and has a comfortable rubber grip to transport loads of up to 55 pounds. The Harbor Freight tool boxes reviews reflect 4.6 stars out of five for this box, which is a good indication of customer satisfaction with this item.


Unless you’re only using this product at home or in a workshop, you’ll need to secure it in something like the DECKED Tool Box. The DECKED Tool Box has an armored locking system, an impenetrable rain gutter that resists crowbars. Moreover, the lid has steel and aluminum reinforcements that maintain its structure (no dents or break-ins are likely with this product, but it will keep the Voyager 18-1/2 in. safe.


The DECKED D-Box is also a PP product, is highly durable, and has two removable drawer dividers. It also has horizontal and vertical carry handles, two grip points, and recessed locking levers.

Other features include waterproofing gaskets, a bolt and bit guide, and a ruler in the lid. This D-Box lies on hangers in the DECKED tub, so you can still store other gear underneath it. It handles up to 50 pounds of equipment in this D-Box, and you will always have the confidence that it is safe inside the tub when you're away from your pickup truck.

Image of the blue DECKED D-Box with dividers.

Like the DECKED Tool Box, this small D-Box is impact-resistant. If you drop it from a normal carrying height or it slips off the truck bed, it will remain intact. However, the DECKED tub can handle 500 pounds of carrying weight and has even greater impact resistance because it is made from high-density polyethylene, industrial-grade plastic.

If you’re not convinced that DECKED products are better, you can always search for new or Harbor Freight damaged tool boxes for sale, but DECKED products are not susceptible to damage.

2. Bauer Harbor Freight Tool Boxes For Trucks

You can get a sizable heavy-duty job site backpack in which to carry your tools around work sites. This product is manufactured with 1680-denier material, has a water-resistant base, and is impact-resistant.

You have ample storage space for diverse shapes and sizes of tools in 23 pockets. When carrying this backpack, you have the comfort of a padded harness that is breathable and designed for bearing heavy loads. An additional shoulder strap is also adjustable for greater comfort and positioning when carrying this product. Meshed compartments and sturdy zippers are other features of this backpack.

With multiple pockets inside and outside this backpack, you even have a separate space to store a laptop safely away from tools that can potentially damage this item. Additionally, the special-shaped molding inside this backpack keeps it upright when you place it on various surfaces.

Bauer's Heavy Duty Jobsite Backpack from Harbor Freight.


The DECKED Tool Box and accessories consist of weatherproofing and waterproofing materials from the future. You can store almost anything in DECKED products and have the assurance that your kit will stay dry and dust-free even if you’re soaked to the bone.


As far as the Harbor Freight tool boxes for truck beds go, the heavy-duty Jobsite backpack is good, but the D-Bag is better. The DECKED D-Bag has a hard outer shell, soft inner shell and is a military-grade storage solution.

This product is snag-proof, allows for storing and transporting sharp and heavy items, has a versatile strap, so it works as a backpack, briefcase, or over one shoulder. Also, it contains a removable tool roll, together with the DECKED Duffel Bag, both of which fit into the main bag with military-style, heavy-duty ring snaps.

Unique materials like the 900D TPU coated nylon ensures flexibility and durability. Other special materials include the thermoformed EVA foam base for the Duffel Bag. Also, this product is weather-resistant, has semi transparent pockets, easy grab aluminum handles, and heavy-duty, glove-friendly zippers.

This product has a reinforced lid and will also fit into the DECKED tub. But unlike Harbor Freight tool boxes on sale, you won't find discounts or DECKED products on sale as we believe in charging fair prices up front.

Image of the back of the DECKED D-Bag containing the removal Duffel Bag and tool roll with adjustable shoulder straps.

3. US General Tool Boxes Harbor Freight

You can source plenty of US General tool boxes Harbor Freight designs. This brand specializes in modular storage on wheels like the 34 in. Full Bank Service Cart, Red model.

Most of these Harbor Freight rolling tool boxes are manufactured from steel treated with rust-resistant, industrial quality powder coat finishing. You can load up to 1200 pounds of gear in the six drawers in different sizes.

Each drawer has a ball-bearing sliding system, holding up to 100 pounds of equipment, and features robust latches. When you’re not using this unit, you can secure your gear with the integrated barrel lock.

Additionally, this rolling storage system moves smoothly on durable five-inch casters and has rugged corner bumpers to prevent damage. These US General units are probably the closest you’ll come to finding Harbor Freight stackable tool boxes that offer high-level, modular storage benefits because you can simply keep adding to your collection.

Image of US General's 34 In. Full Bank Service Cart, Red from Harbor Freight.

Pro Tips

Because the DECKED Tool Box is available with a complimentary Snack Tray, built-in tie-downs, and a D-Box, your equipment organization becomes so straightforward that your job becomes much more manageable.

Moreover, you can fit so much into the DECKED Tool Box, primarily because of the ample space below the D-Box, which is suspended on hangers within the tub. When you invest in DECKED, you optimize modular storage. However, if you don’t move around for work, you might as well stick to the Harbor Freight portable tool boxes.


Instead of purchasing one of these US General tool boxes Harbor Freight units, invest in a DECKED Drawer System with modular storage that handles 2000 pounds of weight.

Alternatively, the DECKED Tool Box is ideal for modular storage and can take up to 500 pounds of gear. DECKED customers often speak of experiencing organization jealousy because of the modular storage capabilities of the tub.

Another benefit of the DECKED Tool Box is ordering it with the optional integrated ladder. This ladder takes up little space, allows you to store more portable tool storage units like the DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit and D-Rito Roll, and still gives you the benefit of removing equipment from the tub in comfort.

Image of the DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit with open lid showing its contents.

When you buy the tub with the integrated ladder, you will no longer have the hassle of jumping onto the truck bed and off again because you can get to your tools with convenient side access as the ladder that telescopes over the side of the truck.

4. Harbor Freight Scratch And Dent Tool Boxes

Besides the brands mentioned above, Harbor Freight carries many others. This company also has a section where you can buy shop damaged goods like the Harbor Freight scratch and dent tool boxes if you don’t want to look for any on sale.

These shop-damaged units sell for less, and you may find what you need for a stationary workshop. However, you won’t find the level of quality and portability in these products that you’ll find in DECKED products.


Before you search to "show me tool boxes at Harbor Freight," you may want to know who makes Harbor Freight tool boxes.

The reason why Harbor Freight products are so cheap is that most come from China. This is probably why Harbor Freight maintains that it can sell its products cheaper by cutting out the middleman. And while you may get tool boxes cheaper at Harbor Freight, you’re unlikely to get the same affordable quality as you get when you buy DECKED.

First Choice DECKED

A white pickup truck kitted out with the DECKED Drawer System, DECKED Tool Box, and the integrated ladder.

It’s a no-brainer.

If you want quality assurance at affordable prices, with or without financing, know that DECKED products are made in the U.S.

In our opinion, this should be your first choice and last stop for tool boxes.

You can buy the DECKED Tool Box with the integrated ladder or DECKED Drawer System today and enjoy a custom fit for your pickup truck with a product that will outlast all others.