Overland Expo PNW 2023

Overland Expo PNW 2023

The sky was clear. The sun was hot. We were there, but many were not. Here's a look back at this weekend's Overland Expo PNW, hosted just outside of Bend, OR.

overhead shot of beer in Double Drawerganizer

We made sure the display trucks in our booth were fully stocked with everything show attendees want to get their hands on. Major thanks to Ricky Forbes  and Tim Muniz for loaning us their trucks and spreading the good vibes with us.

WanderTaco at the CBI Offroad booth

Our guy @wandertaco was highlighted at the CBI Offroad booth all weekend. Let's take a look at his Drawer System...

dog on tailgate

The new security system! Meet Camper, a road dog in training.

AEV Prospector flatbed truckq

Our coworker and in-house photo guy Matt drives a Power Wagon, so he's always on the lookout for hot Rams in the crowd. This AEV flatbed conversion is lookin' pretty capable on 37" tires and without too many bells and whistles.

Ram 5500 conversion from Global Expedition Vehicles

This Ram 5500 conversion from Global Expedition Vehicles is on the opposite side of the spectrum. More IS more, it turns out.

Ram 4500

Another heavy duty Ram conversion, this time from the heavy payload specialists at Elevation Off Grid .

Ram 3500

Even more Ram action. Our chief complaint: when you eliminate the factory pickup bed, where are you supposed to install the Drawer System?

Gen 1 Toyota Tacoma

We've always had a soft spot for older trucks. This Gen-1 Tacoma looked every bit as capable as the $100k+ builds.

RHD diesel HiLux

Diesel? Check. Right-hand drive? Check. Matte paint and custom bits all over? Check. This Hilux sponsored by Kenda Tires  is ready to get to work.

4x4 Toyota with Sunrader camper

These old Sunrader campers are sweet, but require a lot of work to deliver true 4x4 performance. This example from Elevated Overland  in New Mexico is at the top of our wishlist. 

Jeep Wagoneer

A restomod Jeep Wagoneer was a show favorite, right around the corner at the Global Offroad.us booth.

Scheel-mann G Wagen

This race-prepped G Wagen was the main attraction at the Scheel-Mann booth. "Gute Fahrt" means "good ride," but you can share your favorite gas-related jokes with us on social media.

2025 Land Cruiser?

It wasn't all vintage rigs. Here's a glimpse at the next Land Cruiser to become available in the States.

drawers extended

We love seeing DECKED equipment in the wild. Our new bud Jason is a professional mechanic and had one of the cleanest Gen 3 Tacomas we've seen. He gave us a peek at his Drawer System to show off how he stays organized in the backcountry.

custom 6-wheel Jeep Gladiator

It ain't Overland Expo without going over the top. This 6x6 monstrosity is based on the Jeep Gladiator and was drawing crowds throughout the weekend.

Stellar Built Toyota has its wheels replaced with tracks

This Toyota Tacoma from Stellar Built has some unusual footwear. Is this the "toe shoes" of the truck world?


We gave away product all weekend long, handing out accessories and stickers to the masses and even awarding one lucky winner with a complete Drawer System of his own. Be sure to join us next month at Overland Expo Mtn West in Loveland, Colorado from Aug 25-27.

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