Unboxing Everything Inside the DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

Unboxing Everything Inside the DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

Unboxing Everything Inside the DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

Are you tired of buying emergency kits over and over, but nothing can survive long-term storage? Say goodbye to the old boring survival emergency preparedness kits.

The DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit is a rugged, waterproof, compact, thoughtfully organized kit. It is fully loaded with the essentials you'll need to make it through emergencies, accidents, and incidents.

For DECKED, it has always been about the most vocal advocates of our brand: YOU. We developed this first-ever D-Bag Emergency Kit to celebrate this brand loyalty.

This car emergency kit, made in collaboration with DECKED and Uncharted Supply Co., contains everything for the toughest outdoorsman to survive.

This co-branded emergency car kit can be stashed in a DECKED Drawer System, flung over shoulders, or can be left in your car, and you'll be ready for anything.

This kit is rugged, waterproof, compact, thoughtfully organized, and is fully loaded with the essentials you'll need to make it through emergencies, accidents, and incidents.

Co-Created By DECKED, Built For Adventurers, Loaded For Emergencies

The two companies have joined forces to co-create this Roadside Emergency Kit. We've stocked our famous DECKED D-Bag with Uncharted's Seventy2 Pro Survival kit.

Uncharted Supply Co. has excellent know-how for putting together emergency preparedness kits to help you survive any situation.

The DECKED team has unmatched expertise for putting organizational storage to optimum use to help our customers always be prepared for life anywhere, whether hunting, camping, over-landing, or whatever life throws at you.  

The survival kit can help two people for the first 72 hours of an emergency. It's packed full of life-saving supplies, plenty of food and water rations, first aid supplies, and necessary medications.

Contents of DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

The survival kit can keep two people alive for the first 72 hours of an emergency. It's packed full of life-saving supplies, plenty of food and water rations, first aid supplies, and necessary medications.      

Inside there's an intuitive layout with multiple storage pouches .

We looked at every aspect of what makes an awesome multi-functional, easy to store, and ready for action emergency kit for a car. We launched our D-Bag Emergency Kit, a unique, custom bag with curated gears that gives you the tools when things don't go according to plan.

We are incredibly proud to fill these bags with high-quality gear because we’re passionate about helping others during their adventurer lifestyle. Like our community on Facebook and join in on the adventure!

The first thing you'll notice is our famous instructions on use cases. We didn't just put a piece of paper. Instead, it's a ruggedized screen-printed piece of material built right into the cover, so no matter what you do, you always get expert guidance to get through whatever's happening.

So you’re excited, awesome! Let's cut that suspense for you and tell you what's inside by digging inside the emergency kit for the car,

Air & Vision Kit – Get Through Hazmat Situations With Ease

Hate breathing in other people's air? You need this kit to live freely and enjoy that fresh, loving feeling.

This mini emergency kit for cars comes equipped with two chemical light sticks, two pairs of goggles, and two N95 particulate respirator masks for when the good times go bad.

Goggles:  These fully ballistic single-pane goggles are great for eye protection in cold weather. They have a packable design, adjustable straps, clear lenses, and are comfortable.

Air Mask: These have two F1 Active Carbon Filters to block out 99.9% of particulates, a one-way valve, an extension strap, and are N-99 compliant. The valving mechanism forces most of the air to be purified through filters.

Glow sticks:  Ever wish you had a reliable, military-grade way to provide light in an emergency? These are the brightest ones sourced from the market and produce high-quality military-grade chem lights for 20 hours of illumination once cracked.

All these units are tested in extreme weather conditions and can withstand any climatic condition. It can undoubtedly appeal to any urban explorer or adventurer and mean the difference if you have to spend time in a chemically or biologically hostile environment.

First-aid Kit – When Surprises Hurt, We've Got You Covered

Inspired by a survivalist's mentality, this first-aid kit contains everything you'd need in any medical emergency. It includes 1 Uncharted First Aid Kit Pro, a few antibacterial wipes, 2 mylar emergency blankets, 1 emergency splint with instructions, and 1 Thinksport Sunscreen.

Uncharted First Aid Pro: W e have many high-quality first aid products inside this durable, organized, water-resistant nylon bag. It includes everything you need to treat minor injuries and a first aid manual with tips, triages, and instructions.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes: These alcohol wipes are explicitly made to clean wounds when away from home. While using them, it's like rubbing alcohol. These 15 wipes packed inside are chemical-free, so they're safe for all skin types.

Thinksport Zinc Oxide SPF 50 Sunscreen: Too much sun? It might not seem like an emergency item, but anybody who spends a lot of time in the sun outside knows that sunscreen is essential.

Two Mylar Emergency Blankets: When the temperature drops, it's time to start thinking about layering yourself. These blankets reflect up to 90% of your body’s heat, so they retain that infrared heat that your body's putting off. Get these on your body before you're cold. Once you're cold, this will not help as they only retain heat.

A well-stocked first-aid kit is an invaluable resource for any outdoorsy person. While it's probably not practical to carry it around, it's undoubtedly a good idea to keep one in your DECKED Drawers.

Warmth Kit – When It's Cold Outside, Get Warm Inside

Don't freeze your body off while you're out there winterizing in an emergency. Stay warm wi th this winter emergency car kit  which includes a mylar survival tent, 2 heat factory large hand warmers,  2 acrylic beanies, and stay safe and warm with 2 Insulated/Waterproof Cold Weather Gloves.

Mylar Survival Tent: These tiny but mighty warm and waterproof mylar triangular shelters can be put up in seconds with a string through them that fits two people. It's incredible how warm and ultra-lightweight these are.

100% Acrylic Beanies: These Acrylic hats are great companions for warmth and style and are the quintessential embodiment of practicality in winter.

Insulated/Waterproof Cold Weather Gloves: These have a thermal knit liner, waterproof outer shell, and durable textured nitrile palm for grip. You will love these two sets. They're first dipped in silicone and then dipped in nitrile silicone. These are fleece lined, are hot, and completely waterproof.

Heat Factory Large Hand Warmers: One of the most frustrating parts of winter is putting on cold, wet clothes. This winter emergency car kit has separate packs for hands, feet, or head, providing 20 hours of heat. Keep thes e where there's a lot of blood moving through.

Let's keep you warm in an emergency! While you are stuck outside, you are potentially vulnerable to hypothermia, frostbite, or worse. However, this warmth kit will help you to remain warm if you are stranded in the wilderness.

Tool Kit – Built For Unexpected & Unanticipated

You can take th is roadside emergency car kit for camping , hiking, or just about anywhere! Inside this tool pouch, we've duct tape, a multi-tool set, 2 windproof & waterproof matches, 1 empire knife, a 100-foot roll of 550 lb paracord, and a convertible shovel/pickaxe military shovel.

Uncharted x RediTape Flat-Pack Duct Tape (5 yd x 1.8 in): It's basically magic. You can use this tactical and stylish accessory to  fix a flat tire, hold together a broken piece of gear, or even put together a shelter in an emergency.

Multi-tool : This is a mini survival kit in itself. This set has Needle-nose pliers, Wire cutters, Bottle-opener, Serrated-tooth Saw, Philips-head screwdriver, Flat-head screwdriver, Scissors, Glass-breaker, and Knife for some extraordinary use cases.

A 100-Foot Roll of 550 lb Paracord:  This is one of the most versatile things you can carry at all times, and there are dozens of uses for it. It can be used in an emergency as a tourniquet, belt, clothesline, fishing line... the list goes on and on.

Empire Knife:  This knife has a serrated edge and a flat edge and can be used as a finger guard, bottle opener, glass breaker, etc.

25 Windproof & Waterproof Matches: You can use this to get your fire started with its several striking pads. Once these are lit, you can submerge them in the water, pull them back out, and they will keep lightening.

Convertible Shovel/Pickaxe Military Shovel: You can dig, saw, chop and cut with this high-carbon steel shovel and pickaxe. It isn't a super heavy-duty shovel, but if you are stuck in the snow, sand, or ice, this shovel can be life-saving.

You'll be glad that you benefitted yourself with this action-packed  emergency kit for home as well as while you’re stranded in the wilderness needing some tools to get you back on the  track again.

Power Kit – Be Prepared For Blackouts With Power In Your Hand

A typical car breakdown or dead-battery situation is enough to send most people into a panic. You co uld be stranded for hours, miles from home, and have no way to call for help.

This convenient and durable emergency roadside kit combines 1 Zeus portable power station and jump starter, 1 flashlight, and 1 crank radio/USB charger.

Zeus Portable Power Station: This lithium-polymer battery bank is compatible with most smartphones and devices. It works as a power station and a power bank for most devices to plug into the USB port.

Crank Radio:  This waterproof, solar, and hand crank-powered NOAA radio offers 21 NOAA channels. It even has a USB port so you can charge your phones. Just tune to the weather band, and you'll instantly have access to weather updates.

USB Chargers: If your Zeus is dead, you can produce energy with this solar charger and a crank. It has a flashlight, and you can even plug this into the USB port and charge your phone.

Ultra-bright, Submersible Flashlight With Zoom Feature And Four Light Settings: You can get a broad field of light or very narrow if you're trying to look further.

Never get stranded in the dark again with t his best car emergency kit. Power can be hard to come by when you need it the most. We've gathered this emergency tool kit for the car, which will cover you anytime, anywhere.

Food and Water Kit – Stay Hydrated & Energized

T he emergency food kit has e verything you need to keep refueling your body. The food is high in calories and easily digestible.

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System: It includes a Sawyer Mini water filter, one reusable squeeze pouch, a filter tip cap, and a cleaning syringe. Just simply fill this with water, screw the filter on and squeeze, and you've got purified water.

Twelve 200 Calorie Ration Bars:  These are filled with 2400 calorie bars to replenish your energy without cooking anything.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle (48 oz): It reduces contamination and maintains the original taste of filled water over time, leaving your water taste refreshing always so you can stay hydrated without any sacrifices.

Refillable Drinking Pouch (16 oz): Keep yourself hydrated wherever you go with this drinkable water that is free from any chemicals. You can reuse this pouch as much as possible to have a more environmentally-conscious approach.

The emergency survival kit has everything you need to help you get the nourishment your body needs in a survival situation. You no longer have to worry about going hungry or thirsty while outdoors.

Having The Right Supplies Can Make Or Break Your Chances Of Survival

It's a ruggedized screen-printed piece of material built right into the cover, so no matter what you do, you always get expert guidance to get through whatever's happening.

While its contents may seem a bit overwhelming (just a little bit), we can't think of a single item that we shouldn’t include in the D-Bag Emergency Kit.

The contents of this emergency preparedness product have been curated by expert survivalists who were inspired by their love of adventure, discovery, and practical preparedness.

Believe it or not, there will be a day when you wish you had many of our sophisticated survival tools. Therefore, now is the time for investing in a survival emergency kit that is vital to you.

We hope you never have to u se the emergency kit that  we put together. But if you do, at least you know that you're prepared. We want to keep our safety-conscious customers safe no matter what predicament they get themselves into.


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