DECKED Tool Box or Craftsman 3 Tool Box? Choose Innovation On The Go With DECKED

DECKED Tool Box or Craftsman 3 Tool Box? Choose Innovation On The Go With DECKED

Side angle view of a Craftsman putting away his tools in his organized DECKED Drawer Tool Box in his truck bed.

Trucks aren't just another four-wheeled vehicle as they carry a sense of attitude, encompassed with ruggedness and strength. It's their multi-utility feature and the build quality that sets their owners apart from the regular bunch. Talking about trucks, we can certainly not forget the associated accessories.


However, a typical truck is incomplete without a toolbox that can store all your tools and items of utility that you might need while strolling around in your truck. Proud owners of trucks often strive to equip their vehicles with the best accessories, and that's when they begin the hunt for great truck tool boxes which complement their car in the best manner.


Toolboxes aren't just about strength and quality, but they also need to be the right fit for the vehicle and must suit all the requirements of the trucker, which again is dynamic. So let's talk about two common options for truck tool boxes, and one is from DECKED. The other is a well-known manufacturer of truck accessories and systems, Craftsman, which also has a good range of truck accessories.


While looking for a toolbox, most truck owners stop at the DECKED Truck Tool Box, which is built with solid material and won't let any dent, dust, or moisture spoil its utility. It also comes with an optional integrated ladder which eliminates the need for crawling into the truck bed to fetch the tools from the toolbox. Another popular option in the market is the Craftsman 3 Drawer Toolbox, a popular name among truck owners.


But the tussle between the two choices often gets close, only if we take the broad features into context. By dissecting the general characteristics, we see a lot of distinctiveness between the two products. It, however, depends on the buyer what their expectations are from a truck toolbox, but the scale is never perfectly balanced when we compare the two toolboxes.

Which Toolbox Suits Your Truck?

Talking about the option by DECKED, its dimensions and shapes are quite suitable for most of the popular trucks on American roads, including the ones by Chevrolet and Ford. The company considers the truck bed sizes and shapes to model their toolboxes so that they appear to share their DNA with the truck.


As for the option of having a Craftsman toolbox 3 drawer with tools, even their toolbox is widely popular among truckers of the USA. Still, those who focus on peculiarities have a few points to make about the Craftsman 3 Storage Box.


Although they come in standard dimensions suitable for popular trucks, they don't tick the boxes in a similar way to the DECKED Tool Box when it comes to compatibility. This implies that dimensions are a very general parameter for toolboxes, while the toolbox's shapes, lines, and mechanics are also important and DECKED gets that. Some truckers who have had a good experience with toolboxes accepted that DECKED has done good work.

Is Your Toolbox Safe Enough?

Back view of a truck bed with the DECKED Drawer Tool Box

Break-in attempts are common, and your truck toolbox needs to be equipped with a tamper-proof system. DECKED has taken care to address this, as they have fitted their toolbox with a rugged lock and latch system, which makes forced entries and break-in attempts difficult. Most truck owners who are concerned about the safety of their tools also opt for the DECKED option.


And why wouldn't they? The tub-lid interface has minimal theft pry bar points, which is not the case with the Craftsman metal 3 drawer toolbox option. Although the toolbox appears and feels all robust and rugged, there are pry points that make the toolbox vulnerable to theft. Therefore, it again converges to the point where the truckers need to decide how much weightage they give to the safety parameter while buying a truck toolbox.


How Convenient Is Your Truck Storage System?

side view of the back fo the truck where a man is putting away his tools in the DECKED Tool Box.

Truck tool boxes are more than just boxes, as they need to store some very rugged and sophisticated mechanical tools. Therefore, both the DECKED Tool Box and Craftsman 3 drawer tool chest boxes have a unique offer for ease of storage. At the same time, the DECKED Tool Box comes with standard and easy-to-grab portable toolboxes which have hangers inside the tub to hold it in place.


They also offer cargo bins and pre-installed tie-downs for securing a moto/ATV or large cargo. In addition, the Craftsman 3 Tool Box comes with extra storage under the lid for more storage and a comfortable grip to help lift the toolbox when it is full.


However, the extra and innovative features of the DECKED toolbox often make it easy for the buyers as the Craftsman 3 Tool Box doesn't have the portable toolbox option and the tie-downs for cargos are a far-fetched thought. Every truck owner wants their truck to be loaded with full features, and the DECKED Tool Box makes sure to provide that emotional benefit and the functional one.

Don’t Forget About The Core Qualities: Build and Ruggedness

Truck owners cannot compromise on a few parameters for accessories for their trucks, and they are built on the quality and robustness of the toolbox. No one would ever want their truck toolbox to develop cracks and dents after prolonged usage. When people check out grand old trucks on the roads, they look at more than just wheels and chassis.


The DECKED Tool Box comes with a no-nonsense steel body with a good life and can sustain wear and tear. The company has focussed on the visuals, but the well-researched material surely adds value to their toolbox. The Craftsman 3 option claims to be made in the USA tag with global materials in Sedalia, Missouri.


The Craftsman 3 toolbox also appears to pack some serious punch on the ruggedness ground, but that's where they get beaten by the DECKED option as the visuals have been generally compromised. However, if we keep the two toolboxes and ask a layman to tell which toolbox is stronger, they will surely pick the DECKED one because we deliver what Craftsman 3-drawer rally toolboxes don't.  


The other thing that may not work favoring the Craftsman 3 toolbox is that they don't offer customization features like the ones provided by the DECKED Truck Tool Boxes. Buyers who search the internet for toolboxes for trucks often tend to incline towards an option that provides a wholesome package, especially in the build quality and ruggedness area. That’s where DECKED comes out unmatched and victorious compared to any other brand.

Don’t Miss Out On Experiencing Value-Added Features With DECKED

Trucks are meant for multiple terrains, and different terrains have unfavorable weather conditions which may not be suitable for standard toolboxes. In addition, it may end up taking a toll on the contents. Therefore, the toolbox needs value-added features like waterproof lead, temperature-tested body, dust-proof locks, and anti-reaction components and parts.


If we compare both our options, then we find out that DECKED has closely researched all the worst-case possibilities, and they have cleverly included all those features with their toolbox while considering questions such as ”What if everything goes wrong with the weather?”


DECKED Tool Boxes come with a unique selling proposition that their products are genuinely waterproof and all your tools and components are safe, regardless of the weather outside. The DECKED Tool Box often finds a place due to the many value-added features they provide.

Take The Final Call And Choose Right

A man using DECKED D-Box and drawer system

Truck toolboxes are different from other truck accessories in the manner that no trucker would ever want to replace them out of pure interest. The only reason someone wants to replace their toolbox is when the older one gets damaged.


"However," truck toolboxes are permanent accessories, and making a buying decision involves a lot of thinking and comparison. In this case, we have compared to widely popular truck toolboxes by DECKED and Craftsman, and both have their own set of features, merits, and demerits.


As the two toolboxes seem to offer the same functionality, the DECKED one stands apart due to the extra features it provides and the way the product has been researched and designed to suit the requirements of a modern trucker. First, the rugged design offers a visual image to the DECKED product, which plays a huge role while letting the buyers decide which toolbox to go for.


The lined edges, handle-bars are rightly aligned to match all needs, which a typical toolbox should offer while keeping the style quotient intact. DECKED also offers their toolbox in multiple shades to fit your vehicle, something that the Craftsman 3 buyers might have to compromise. The DECKED Tool Box is widely used as it has been custom made for the car.


DECKED Tool Box On The Go And All The Way

Don't be surprised when you come across multiple Chevy trucks donning a DECKED Tool Box!


Some truckers have also started treating the toolbox as a standard issue with trucks. All in all, considering the safety parameters, we had a clear winner in the form of the DECKED Tool Box as they have again come up with innovative features. The system includes an integrated lock to keep your tools safe while you're on the go.


The availability and after-sales services also come into play when a buyer has decided to buy a truck toolbox. This implies that delivery, installation, maintenance, services, and repair also need to be looked after while purchasing a truck toolbox. In this detail, DECKED has established a wide area of service centers. They offer on-site delivery and installation, making it easy for the buyers to purchase their product without a second thought.


Finally, the ratings and reviews of the DECKED Tool Box also reflect that the product has been doing quite well so far. And the truckers using it are pretty much satisfied with it. We compared multiple perspectives in this article, which can surely help you decide if you are planning to buy a truck toolbox anytime soon.


Always remember, it is seldom what the seller says about the product matters, and the word-of-mouth factor comes into play for genuine reviews. To validate your choice regarding the truck toolbox, it is always better to ask around long-term users. Refer to independent resources which can give you honest opinions regarding the truck toolbox to find the best tool box for your truck!