A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing a Car Gun Holster

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing a Car Gun Holster

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing a Car Gun Holster

As a legal firearm owner, you have most likely figured out how to conceal your gun by strapping it on your body. However, most people forget that they have to conceal carry when traveling using their vehicles. For instance, if you prefer strapping your weapon on your belt region, it may be uncomfortable to drive while it is still in its holster; therefore, you will need to find an alternative spot for it while you're driving. This spot needs to be easily accessible and at the same time safe.

Finding the perfect way to conceal carry in a car can be challenging, with not many products available for that purpose. Luckily, there are various car gun holsters in the market. Also known as a vehicle holster, a car gun holster is a storage unit specially designed to conceal weapons in cars. Irrespective of the type of gun you possess, there is a car gun holster that will suit your needs and preferences.

Read on to understand the various types of car gun holsters available in the market and tips to consider when choosing a car gun holster.

Types of Car Holsters on the Market

The demand for car gun holsters has increased the production of these items. For that reason, there are different types of car holsters you can choose from, ranging from car door gun holsters to under car seat gun holsters. While all perform the same function of concealing your weapon, their effectiveness varies from one type to another.

Here are different types of car gun holsters available for your selection.

Magnetic Car Holster

The magnetic car gun holster is the most popular way of concealing weapons in your car. This type of holster is more effective because it guarantees easy weapon access. Besides, magnetic car gun holsters are easy to install. They also come with great flexibility because you will know exactly where your weapon is. Unlike other car gun holsters, you can easily move the magnetic holsters to different areas in your car. You will also have a wide range of car magnets to choose from. We encourage you to use a powerful magnetic car gun holster to prevent movements. Imagine how dangerous it is to have a bouncing gun in your car.

A magnetic car holster under the steering wheel

Car Holster Strap

This is one of the popular car holsters available on the market. However, these holsters come with one setback - you can only install them in one area. The ideal location for this type of holster is between the center console and the car seat. Remember that some weapons might be too large to fit in a strap. Therefore, you should confirm the size of your weapon before getting a car holster strap.

Stringer Gun Magnet Car Holster

This is another popular type of car gun holster. The stringer gun magnet car holster is one of the most reliable car holsters for several reasons. For instance, this holster is widely universal. This is beneficial because it can be used on trucks, cars, SUVs, etc. It is even better if you have the DECKED truck toolbox  because it works with this holster efficiently. The toolbox is made from strong magnetic material that keeps the stringer gun magnet intact. The installation process is also simple and fast. You won't spend much time trying to fit this holster into your vehicle. Even better, the design of this car holster includes a trigger guard! Therefore, your safety is guaranteed at all times.

Car Holster Mount

You should also consider the car holster mount when shopping for an ideal car holster. There is a wide range of car holster mounts you can choose from. These mounts typically have nylon straps or come in a pancake style to keep your weapon in position. Therefore, this type of car holster is one of the most ideal for concealed-carrying weapons. Even though its design is similar to that of magnetic holsters, car holster mounts cannot be installed in different places.

However, holster mounts can also be magnetic. Even though its design guarantees safety for your weapon, you need to keep a keen eye on it to prevent inconveniences. You should also go for the most reliable car holster mount to prevent inconveniences. Go through the online reviews and frequently asked questions about your selected product to see whether other users have experienced problems with the holster.

Glove Box

You must have heard of the glove box before. This is typically an old way of concealing weapons. While it does a good job of protecting your weapon, it makes it less accessible. This means that in case of an emergency, you might be inconvenienced. Nonetheless, some glove boxes have added security that prevents people from stealing your weapon. Most of them have locks that make it incredibly hard to break.

Conceal Carry-On-Person

If you get the right holster, you can conceal carry with your body instead of the car. This is more effective because there is no chance of a person breaking into your car and stealing the weapon. You should also find a way of conceal carrying on a motorcycle if you don't use a car regularly.

Side Door Pocket

You can also conceal carry a gun in your vehicle by storing it in between the seat or door compartment. This gives you more access to the weapon in case of an emergency. However, you should know that the weapon can move or wiggle when opening the door. Therefore, you should have a gun trigger guard that ensures the weapon doesn't accidentally miss fire when you open the door. This helps keep you and your loved ones safe.

Steering Wheel Car Holster

When you conceal carry in your vehicle, preventing people from seeing the weapon is vital. Imagine someone seeing the weapon in your car while you are out in the store shopping. This can increase the chances of a break-in. The steering wheel gun holster gives you a solid way to conceal your weapon in a secure way. With this type of holster, no one will see your weapon. Besides, it is advantageous because it guarantees easy access.

Tips To Consider When Choosing a Car Gun Holster

The need for a gun holster for far keeps increasing with time. This has led to the massive manufacturing of these important items. The market is flooded with a wide range of these products — unfortunately, not all of them are of excellent quality. While there are many options to choose from, you might not know what points to an ideal car gun holster. Luckily, here are some of the factors to consider when buying a car gun holster.

An example of a Car Gun Holster


Security is the first factor you should consider when buying a car gun holster. You wouldn't want a gun holster that doesn't guarantee the safety of your weapon. Taking the right steps to ensure that your weapon is not stolen is vital, for that matter. Remember that leaving your weapon in the car is not always advisable because you are using a gun holster. Instead, you should always take your gun with you whenever necessary. While leaving with your weapon is possible, it is not always the case.

You will find yourself in circumstances that don't allow you to leave your car with the weapon. In that case, you should lock the weapon in the center console, glove box, or trunk. If you are using our DECKED Drawers , you can easily lock your weapon in. The drawers have enough storage for your entire arsenal of long weapons. Apart from the toolbox, some people hide their weapons in the trunk or the spare tire compartment. If you are completely out of options, you can hide the gun holster under the seat.

Secure DECKED Drawers

The important thing is ensuring that your weapon is out of sight for any possible intruder or thief. Some car holsters are firmly mounted or screwed to the vehicle to enhance security. In some cases, they are locked up. While this can help keep your weapon safe, it is always a good idea to take it with you whenever possible. If you cannot do that, ensure it is out of sight. You should also use lockboxes that guarantee the safety of your weapon. If you leave your gun in the car, ensure that it is tightly sealed to avoid inconveniences.


Another consideration is the type of attachment on the locking gun holster for the car. There is a slight variation in the type of attachment found in car gun holsters. Nonetheless, it will help to read product reviews to ascertain whether the gun holster has attachment issues. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of holster attachment styles. Some of them include;

  • Glue Attachment Car Holster: This attachment style is very easy to install. However, you should know that large temperature changes can affect how the glue attachment works. Therefore, you should go through various product reviews to ensure there are no attachment issues in the product. You must also check whether the attachment works well with your weapon and efficiently conceal it.
  • Screw In-Car Holsters: These are the type of holster attachments that are firmly mounted. While it guarantees the safety of your weapon, this attachment style will leave a few holes in your car. However, you can prevent the holes from being seen by correctly positioning the holster. Keep it in a position that blocks the site of small holes drilled by the screws.
  • Magnetic Car Colster Attachment: This is by far the most popular holster attachment style. You are likely to notice this style when shopping for any car gun holster. The magnetic attachment style is effective because it doesn't leave your car damaged by small holes or drilling. Instead of drilling holes, a powerful magnet is used. By doing so, your weapon magnetically attaches and doesn't fall off. Using magnetic attachment is beneficial because it encourages easy access. You can easily take it out when leaving the car or engaging in other outdoor activities.
  • Strap Attachment: You will also come across the strap attachment style. This one is also reliable because it provides a strong attachment and guarantees easy access. However, the one significant setback with strap attachments is that they don't work on all vehicles. Besides, the straps can also resist the area you place them in your car. Therefore, you should read through reviews and frequently asked questions for any possible attachment problems other users might be having.

Therefore, always check whether your car is compatible with the attachment you are about to select. It can be very disappointing to shop for a car gun holster only to find out that it cannot work on your vehicle.


Apart from ensuring that your weapon is secure, you should also consider your safety. A good car gun holster mouth should guarantee your safety  at all times. To do that, start by looking for a gun car holster that keeps the weapon firmly in place at all times. You don't want to risk having a weapon bouncing around the vehicle while you drive — this can always increase the chances of a misfire.

For that reason, we encourage you to use a trigger guard whenever the gun is in the holster. This is important because a trigger guard provides added peace of mind and protection if something goes wrong. While the trigger guard helps keep you safe, you should know that it can slow down your response in case of an emergency. The process of removing a trigger guard takes a few seconds, a time that can be too long in an emergency.


Safety is one of the crucial features of our DECKED D-Box . If you are looking for a place to keep the long-size weapons you use for hunting or other related purposes, the DECKED D-BOX will be of great help. Apart from ensuring the safety of your weapons, it helps keep yourself safe. The guns are safely concealed away, with no one able to break in. This helps keep your weapons safe and free from damage. Cases of water entry are also prevented due to the strong materials used to make this storage unit. Therefore, when shopping for a gun holster car, you should always check its safety features.

Car Gun Holsters Are Vital for Your Security

Owning a gun is legally a privilege in the US. While being armed helps guarantee your safety, it comes with great responsibility. You need to take good care of your weapon at all times. While traveling, a car gun holster helps keep your weapon safe. Getting a high-quality gun holster is vital for your operations. This is why we have enlightened you on some of the factors to consider when choosing this storage unit. If you are interested in a durable and reliable storage box for your tools and weapons, contact us at DECKED  right away.


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