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Too Sexy for My Black Truck Tool Box, Too Sexy

I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt—Too Sexy for My Black Truck Tool Box, Too Sexy

Right Said Fred said it, and we built it—because your truck is sexy, your toolbox should also be. What does that even mean? It means we make a black truck tool box that will blow your mind.

At DECKED, we wanted to build a toolbox that is practical and looks fantastic. So, we did. Where our product differs from competitors is that we create a tool box that is from this century. No more grandad's toolbox that has sentimental value but has seen better days.

Our product is streamlined, capturing the essence of a good-looking black truck bed tool box made with materials from the future.

What you get is a no-drill black slim truck tool box that fits firmly on your truck bed.

Black Full Size Truck Tool Box Highlights

The open DECKED Tool Box shows the handy Snack Trays on each end with the blue D-Box, all of which are included in the your order.

The DECKED Tool Box clearly has a slimline, but it has much more than the black Slim-Line truck tool box with its glossy black diamond plate shell and finishes.

Instead, DECKED uses materials from the future to construct its sexy matte black truck tool box. When you couple scientific engineering with technology and forward-thinking design, you get the toolbox that epitomizes a 21st-century product that makes any other look like your grandad's toolbox that is stuck in the 20th century.

Your toolbox is meant to be sexy because you use it every day. It should complement your modern truck or jazz up an old one. And it does this for both because of its elegant yet tough exterior. Also, its exterior is not just any old ordinary shell.

1. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 

DECKED uses high-density polyethylene to make the base of its Tool Box. We treat the HDPE to create a high-impact polymer resin product containing fiberglass for further strength and longevity.

Injection molding is an integral part of the entire engineering of this tub, creating a black plastic truck tool box that is no mere plastic. In addition, combining HDPE with injection molding eliminates weak points, making it waterproof and rust-proof.

Although HDPE is a standard product with many uses, the DECKED Tool Box is industrial strength that can take up to 2,000 pounds of weight without breaking a sweat (so to speak). Sweating is not that sexy—it just depends on how you wear it.

The open DECKED Tool Box showing what tools and equipment you can pack in the Snack Tray.

2. Galvanized Steel and Aluminum

Steel is another familiar material that we treat, so corrosion is a thing of the past. Combine the injection-molded high-impact resin lid with steel reinforcement and aluminum, and you get the black tool box for truck beds that you've always wanted. They're unbreakable, rust-proof, waterproof, and impervious to thieves, no matter how diligent or talented they may be.

3. Hardware and Softer-Ware (Because we know what we're doing)

We use stainless steel in our hardware to boost wear and tear resilience and create a water and weatherproof system that makes this slim truck tool box black a thing of beauty that will turn on any red-blooded person (just because it's so darn clever).

Super tight sealing materials like the EPDM gasket and bub seal are the finer details that show we've thought of everything possible to enhance the waterproofing function of this product.

EPDM is a specific material that increases resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV factors. The black plate finish is the main hero in this scenario that protects your black slimline truck tool box from harmful environmental factors, including chemicals.

The bub seal complements the design of this toolbox, effectively keeping your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.

Open D-Box with inner tray removed to show the smart design and tough construction of this small, portable toolbox.

4 Polypropylene (PP)

We mainly use PP in our small tool boxes because it is so robust. Like the large tub, we use injection molding to build seamless containers to store your tools.

Also, PP is recyclable, so we collect this material from the environment and process it ourselves. As a result, you end up with smaller toolboxes such as the D-Box, Crossbox, Drawganizer, and others which serve as storage solutions that you can use alone or stack in the DECKED Tool Box.

5. Sexy Smarts

We can use materials from the future to bring you the Tool Box that represents this century. However, without the sexy smarts behind it, it would simply look like a Kobalt truck tool box with diamond plating and a shiny exterior with joins (just like the black diamond plate truck tool box that concentrates on the low profile black truck tool box style). Or we could have turned our focus to developing a black aluminum truck tool box.

We didn't want any of that for our customers! We wanted to bring you something that doesn't leak, so we employ state-of-the-art engineering. We wanted to bring you something better that won't ding and dent easily, like aluminum, so we use more robust materials with reinforcement and high impact durability.

Our focus was also on innovative design to support modern materials and processing, so we used injection molding to round off our concept.

We believe our efforts have been successful, and you can now enjoy the benefits of our sexy, innovative engineering.

The outcome? A toolbox that looks as good as your truck with more benefits than friends with benefits.

Flat Black Truck Tool Box Benefits

Empty D-Box with tray insert, indicating the storage features of this product.

Just in case it's not clear—we do not make anything like the black Husky truck tool box with its shiny black diamond plated shell. We prefer understated sexy for the full size truck tool box black matte finish. It's subtler—and in this case, it's less of a "less is more" situation and "more is much more" if you get our meaning.

Here, we move on from the lyrics of Right Said Fred to the movie line of "build it, and they will come" line from the Field of Dreams, with a bit of paraphrasing.

And our customers are coming—preferring our black flush mount truck tool box to the black low profile truck tool box or black metal tool box for truck beds.

Some testimonials may give you a hint of just how enticing our black truck tool box truly is:

"This is by far THE BEST American-made product I have ever purchased! The manufactured quality of the product, easy install, the durability, the jealousy factor…" – Charles B. (aerospace manufacturing).

… and what sexy story is without its intrigue and a touch of jealousy?

"I had a black diamond plated truck tool box for years and assumed the inconvenience was the price I had to pay for the utility. DECKED is a game-changer." – August B. (law enforcement).

If this one doesn't just capture the intent of our black truck tool box – nothing does.

Look at why our customers give us such glowing testimonials…

Truck Tool Box Black – Designed Like Fort Knox

Man standing over the DECKED Tool Box with a baseball in hand, demonstrating the indestructibility of this box

You can go for the black truck tool box for sale, but it won't be designed like a safe. Instead, ours are tough, invulnerable to dings and dents because of the high-impact polymer resin. And the steel galvanizing and aluminum reinforcement increases its ruggedness without influencing its looks.

You won't find this level of resilience in any cheap black truck tool box.

The critical fact here is that a box so strong makes it impossible to dent but easy to love. We thought you would love this benefit as much as we do!

Security Is Key

Security is essential when thinking of how to store expensive tools safely. You can lock up the DECKED Tool Box and go because it is way too challenging for thieves. They can try to open it with a pry bar without luck and without damaging the box.

Steel reinforcements provide stability and security, providing a barrier that is theft-proof. Even the tub lid design accounts for theft attempts, ensuring failure while maintaining the ultra-tough resin surface in its original form.

Your tub has a locking system made from steel armor on the driver's side of the vehicle, which is one more design initiative to protect your valuables.

You get two keys with your order—one to keep on you and the other to store safely.

The only way that a thief can deprive you of your Tool Box is if you leave the lid open. Leaving it open enables criminals to remove the tub from the back of your pickup truck so always lock it when not in use.

We have never seen a black diamond truck tool box (or other product) with any of these features or benefits. Only DECKED makes this state-of-the-art product to secure your stuff to this degree.

Organization Simplified

We ship our DECKED Tool Box with a D-Box that hangs on supports within the tub. Also, inside the D-Box, you'll find separate dividers, simplifying your organizing plans. Also, this small tool carrier has a handle that is easy to grab and carry with you.

Open Desert Tan D-Box with Drawer Dividers for better organization of tools and equipment.

These D-Boxes also include a gasket seal to support weatherproofing, so your tools stay intact and efficient.

A simple Snack Tray delivers exceptional convenience for storing, quick tool and equipment access, and nests at the inside end of the large toolbox.

Use the tie-downs to secure bigger items like ATVs or construction materials on your truck bed. These tie-downs are pre-installed, and you will find them at the tub's base near the tailgate.

Besides easy organization and weatherproofing, the lid includes a torsion system that works with spring steel. So you can lift it and open and close it without worrying that it will slam down on your fingers.

No low profile truck tool box black that you install has this benefit—one more reason to buy this sexy thing to make your day.

Made Sexy—and Tough

The DECKED Tool Box and D-Boxes are so tough and weatherproof that even the military use them.

You can go for a black low profile truck tool box Tractor Supply product, but it is unlikely to measure up.

Load up to 500 pounds of equipment without ever worrying that the tub will bend, buckle, sag, or warp—it's that tough, and we know because it has undergone the tests to prove this industrial advantage.

Moreover, heat and cold tests at 180 and minus five degrees Fahrenheit did not affect the contents of our sexy black truck tool box.

Likewise, the mechanism and design of the lid are just as enduring because the torsion bars are made to last forever.

You get what you pay for—a product that keeps your tools intact, does not dent, is waterproof and weatherproof and easy on the eyes, yet tough on thieves.

Your toolboxes won't rust either because they're made from resin. They stay waterproof because of injection molding. Neither will the hardware rust because it is treated.

If that all doesn't reflect a sexy storage solution, we don't know what else will convince you, except, maybe, an integrated ladder?

The Optional Integrated Ladder

Two guys demonstrating how the integrated ladder telescopes out to the surface alongside a pickup truck for easy tool access inside the DECKED Tool Box.

You can order the optional integral ladder with the DECKED Tool Box to make it easier to get at your tools. Most customers love this feature because it saves jumping in and out of their trucks to retrieve tools.

Open the toolbox lid, telescope the ladder to the ground while locking it in place, and you have steps to search for anything in your arsenal of tools.

The ladder saves you effort and potentially prevents twisted ankles, spines, and jolts to knee joints. All it takes is a fast 2-minute installation process with no drilling involved, and your 6000 series aluminum ladder is ready to use. The clever nesting design also doesn't take up storage space or obstruct your reach for tools.

Get Your Toolbox Looking as Sexy as Your Truck

A pickup truck with the DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box installed, together with the integrated ladder on the ground, giving you the full, sexy Monty.

You need to place your order because you want your black toolbox to look as sexy as your truck.

Click on the Tool Box tab, explore the features, and select the Shop Now option when you're ready. Next, choose your vehicle make, model, and year on the pop-up to check whether we make our sexy black box for your pickup truck.

Remember that now's the time to order the integrated ladder because if you skip this option now, there's no turning back.

You can also explore our valuable financing benefit, especially if you want to match your DECKED Tool Box with our DECKED Drawer System to complete your new look. Click the DECKED Drawer System tab to place an order for this product.

You're just a few moments away from completing your black truck tool box makeover to achieve the new sexy full Monty look. So get it done because now's the time.