Face Off: AWP Tool Bags vs DECKED

Face Off: AWP Tool Bags vs DECKED

Face Off: AWP Tool Bags vs DECKED


Tool bags are a vital piece of gear for any tradesman or workman. Whether you need something to carry your drill and screwdriver around in or a perfect bag to take all of your items, we've got you covered. The tools bag market is huge, with the number of companies producing cheap and ill-made bags very common.


AWP is a brand that manufactures premium bags and is a favorite amongst many people in the US. People may ask: “is it worth the price?” In the article, we will compare and contrast some of the great features of AWP with some that are not as good. We'll look at these bags' strengths, weaknesses, and overall functionality.


Tool bags are favored by many people across the nation, from industrial tradespeople to homeowners. It is not only due to their durability but also their functionality. You can carry whatever you need with an industrial tool bag, but you may have questions about how well it will hold up under pressure, particularly if you work with your hands for a living. We will also be comparing AWP bags with a more popular option, a tool bag from DECKED.

The image shows an AWP tool bag

Popular AWP Tool bags

AWP offers a few different bags, which are all popular because they are hard-wearing, durable, and practical. Some will be specific to construction, while some will be ideal for professional users.

1. AWP Polyester 16-in Zippered Tool Bag


This bag is made up of polyester, a really strong and durable material. It has a zippered opening on top, which makes it easy to access. Features like carrying handles on either side make it more convenient to carry. There are two mesh pockets on each side of the bag, which are great for storing small items like screwdrivers or spanners.


The AWP Polyester 16-in Zippered Tool Bag has a large main compartment that can hold larger tools and things that don't need to be accessed as often. This bag is a great size for the tools that you need to carry around on a day-to-day basis. It has enough space for larger devices, as well as smaller items. It can hold larger items, making it great for tradesmen who may need to carry their work belts and other safety equipment.


  • Features high-quality construction, high resistance to moisture
  • Apex grip redistributes the weight of a bag on your hand
  • A big main compartment for easy access
  • Zippered pockets in the outside and inside for vertically easier storage and organization
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable and padded, allowing comfortable hands-free storage.


2. AWP 15-in Zippered Tool Tote


The AWP 15-in Zippered Tool Tote is a great bag for any tradesman or professional. It has a high level of durability and capacity, essentially allowing you to carry everything you need at once and have enough space to move around all items. The AWP 15-in Zippered Tool Tote is made from a heavy-duty 600D Cordura.


The material is strong and still flexible, making it ideal for carrying larger items. The capacity is what makes it so attractive. You get plenty of space to store all of your necessary items. It also has an easy zipping system on the top with two zippered pockets on the outside and inside. It allows you to organize and store your items where you like. AWP 15-in Zippered Tool Tote is one of the best tool bags in the market and would make a fantastic gift for any tradesman or professional.


  • Features a large main compartment with a large capacity
  • Two zippered pockets on the outside and inside for easy organization and storage
  • A high-quality 600D Cordura construction
  • A strong polyester lining for maximum durability
  • A high level of resistance to moisture, heat, dirt, and stains- perfect for any tradesman or professional
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable with a padded ergonomic design, allowing for comfort on your shoulders without the weight of all your tools.

3. AWP Black Polyester 19-in Buckle Tool Roll


The AWP Black Polyester 19-in Buckle Tool Roll is a fantastic tough, durable and practical bag. Just like all other AWP bags, the AWP Black Polyester 19-in Buckle tool roll is made up of the same high-quality polyester, but the exterior material is black with some green highlights this time around. It is a long bag that can compactly house lengthy items.


The AWP Black Polyester 19-in Buckle Tool Roll has several small pockets on its interior, and they are lined with foam to reach the tools inside and be organized and stored easily.


  • Features a high-quality construction of 600D polyester for maximum durability
  • A large main compartment with 19-in length to store lengthy tools
  • Perfect for tradesmen, mechanics, handypersons, and more to organize and store their tools
  • Strong elastic strap for extra support and easy carrying
  • Small spanner pockets on the inside


4. AWP 14 in. Rolling Tool Bag


The AWP 14 in. Rolling Tool Bag is one of the most popular options from the range, with high functionality and great quality. Being nylon, it has a very strong yet flexible construction which is great for carrying larger items. The nylon bag will stretch when you take things out but be stiff enough to hold things safely in place when put back inside.


The bag has several compartments designed to fit tools and other larger items comfortably. The trolley system of this bag allows you to roll it up and carry it with ease. The AWP 14 in. Rolling Tool Bag will let you take everything you need within the bag and still have enough space to store other items.


  • Durable nylon construction for high resistance to moisture, dirt, heat, and stains
  • A high-quality buckle system so you can roll the bag up and put it on your back with ease.
  • Several individual compartments to house your tools and other items in a practical manner
  • Strong trolley system on the wheels so you can roll the bag around without carrying it.


5. AWP 1L-22518-C Polyester Tool Bag


This bag has a fascinating construction, using high-quality polyester to give it a really strong and durable make that will last you for years. The AWP 1L-22518-C Polyester Tool Bag has a zippered opening at the top of the bag, making it easier to access the inside of your bag without taking everything out. It also has two zippered pockets on either side of the bag, particularly useful for storing small items like screwdrivers or spanners.


  • Features a strong polyester construction for high resistance to dirt and stains
  • A reinforced bottom so the bag can support heavy tools
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable with a padded design, making it comfortable to carry around on your back
  • It is big enough to hold all the tools you need on a day-to-day basis
  • A zippered opening at the top of the bag for easy access without taking everything out.
  • A big opening at the top of the bag to grab items easily.



AWP tool bags are one of the best options when looking for a tool bag. They are incredibly durable and are of high quality, which will ensure all of your tools are properly protected at all times. The bags are designed to house lengthy items compactly, so you will always have enough space within your bag to carry everything you need.


They come in many sizes, colors, and designs to suit any tradesman or professional out there who is looking for a tough yet functional bag. However, another option is going with a tool b ag offered by DECKED. DECKED has been one of the leading manufacturers of pick-up truck accessories for almost a decade now.


A DECKED tool bag can comfortably house all of your tools and equipment in its little case without being too bulky or heavy. DECKED’s D-Bag is a good one  to go for if you're opting for a tool bag.


Why should you go for a DECKED?

DECKED offers a wide range of tool storage options. The article shares some of the top features of products offered by DECKED.

1. High Strength Build Quality

All of the boxes from DECKED offer fantastic quality and strength. They do not sacrifice power to make the boxes lighter, so they are extremely tough, durable, and reliable.


The tool boxes are lightweight and compact in design, so it is easy to transport them around with you, even if you are going for a road trip.

2. Easy To Organize

DECKED tool boxes are designed to be organized, so you can easily keep your tools and equipment stored in them. They have many compartments and dividers so you can make sure that your devices are always within reach. Even if you need a new set of tools, the deep compartments will ensure that they will all be there for you to use, no matter which drawer they are stored in.

3. Weatherproof

DECKED boxes are designed to function in all weather conditions, and this is because they are built to withstand the elements and can be used throughout the year. No matter what time of the year you need your box, you can always rely on DECKED to ensure you get one that will work effectively in your specific environment.

4. Highly Secure

The boxes built by DECKED are extremely secure, featuring heavy-duty latches and locks. It is to ensure that whatever tools and equipment you store in them are kept safe at all times. They are not easy to break in or open, making them a very secure option for anyone to use. It also has a 2000 pound payload capacity, so it can handle all of your tools no matter how heavy they are.

5. Lifetime Warranty

The boxes from DECKED come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure to get a new one if yours breaks. DECKED offers great customer service, so you can always contact them if you want to get a new box for any reason whatsoever. It makes DECKED boxes the perfect choice for anyone looking for truck toolboxes that will last them for years.


Top features offered by a DECKED D-Bag

  • The DECKED  D-Bag is weather resistant
  • It is a versatile hybrid soft and hard shell tool bag
  • The D-Bag offers amazing storage capacity and space efficiency
  • The outside dimensions of the DECKED D-Bag are 19" x 16" x 9"
  • It has a storage capacity as large as 42 liter/2500 cubic inches
  • The DECKED D-Bag is made up of top quality 900D TPU coated nylon

The image shows a DECKED tool bag


We believe that the above features are attractive enough for you to consider DECKED as an option for your tool storage.


What’s next?

Overall, DECKED  is one of the best options, if not the best, for anyone looking to get a good truck toolbox. They offer excellent value for money and great quality, making them perfect for all types of tradesmen and professional use. They are all built with an extremely tough build quality designed to withstand various weather conditions.


The DECKED D-Bags are also lightweight, compact, and secure, so they can hold all of your tools securely at all times while still being easy to transport around the site or on a road trip. We are biased, but we believe that DECKED will prove to fulfill all your requirements. Check out DECKED products today.





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