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How to Choose the Best Auto Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

How to Choose the Best Auto Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle


Car emergency kits are unsung items that every driver should have. These kits can be used in various situations, ranging from replacing your car's tires to finding alternate transportation if you're stranded or injured on the road. And, best of all, they don't cost much at all.


Auto-emergency kits should be stocked in the trunk (or glove box) of your car. This is a way to prepare for emergencies on the road.


The image shows a man carrying DECKED survival bag

The Purpose of an Auto Emergency Kit

An auto emergency kit is designed to help motorists deal with road mishaps and emergencies while traveling. People can use these kits in various ways, ranging from replacing or repairing damaged tires to providing a safe place to sit if you've been in an accident and need assistance.


There have been many instances where car emergency kits have saved lives and helped motorists in dangerous situations. Emergencies and accidents can happen at any time and without warning. Therefore, you want to be prepared for the unexpected. You should always keep your emergency kit stocked in your car's trunk or glove box in case you need it.

The Basic Components of an Auto Emergency Kit

When shopping for an emergency auto kit, it's important to purchase a few key things – things that will be helpful during different emergencies and accidents. Here are the essentials to stock in your car's emergency kit:


Tire Patch Kit: 

This is a must-have part of an auto emergency kit. It will help you change your flat tire if you need to. It's also very handy for repairing your vehicle's minor cracks or dents and will come in handy for many other emergencies. If you see any cracks or dents in the road, you can use these patches to cover the area and prevent it from getting worse.


This is a must-have part of an auto emergency kit, and it will help you change your flat tire if you need to.


First Aid Kit: 

If a roadside emergency happens, having some basic first aid supplies in your kit will make all the difference. This includes a few safety pins, some adhesive bandages, and a roll of paper towels. You should also include items to treat minor injuries (a roll of tape for blisters and pain, antibacterial hand gel for warm wounds, antiseptic cream, or ointment for minor scrapes or burns).



The medications you choose to store in your auto emergency kit will depend on your personal preferences. You should include items to treat cold and flu symptoms. You can keep prescription medications that you may need in case of an accident or emergency and other items to help with minor medical conditions and injuries.



Having some flashlights in your emergency kit can come in handy during various emergencies. This includes flashlights for signaling other drivers and finding your way around after an accident. You should also include a flashlight in your kit as an extra precautionary measure, and you should keep one in each car you own.


Battery Pack: 

Another crucial part of any auto emergency kit is a battery pack that will power various electrical devices while they're being used. These items can provide power to the following: radios, cell phones, GPS units, CB radios, and portable fans.


Jumper Cables: These cables are used to start a car that's out of fuel or that has a dead battery. Jumper cables are an essential piece of any auto emergency kit, as they can help you get your car started again.



You should include a few basic tools in your kit, including wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and wire cutters. You may need these items to fix minor car problems or help secure your vehicle in an accident.


There are many more things that you can carry in your auto emergency kit, but these are the basics that will help you in an emergency.

Thorough Planning

In addition to purchasing an auto emergency kit, there are a few things you should do before deciding on what to include in your kit. When planning out your emergency kit, it's important to select items that will be helpful and versatile.

1. Select the Kind of Emergency Situation You're Planning for

If you have a particular situation in mind, you can be sure to have the necessary supplies for that particular situation. For example, if you know you may need to replace your tire, you can stock your car's emergency kit with auto tire repair kits.

2. Select Your Kit's Content Based on Your Preferences

Before purchasing an auto emergency kit, it's important to consider which items are most important to you and what kind of situation you're preparing for. It's important to include items that will be helpful in the event of an emergency, but you should also consider what your personal preferences are.

3. Determine How Much You Can Carry

When deciding how much your auto emergency kit will hold, remember to factor in the weight of your vehicle. If you're carrying your kit into the woods, you may need to have a different kind of emergency kit. Again, if you're planning for a camping trip and know that you'll be camping for several days in the wilderness, you may need heavy-duty items such as extra food and water.

4. Plan for a Variety of Situations

If you're preparing an emergency kit for your car, consider having one for each car you own. Various situations may occur while driving in your car; therefore, it's important to have some helpful items available for an emergency. If you're traveling across the country by car, you should be prepared to visit different states and experience different weather conditions.



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DECKED x Uncharted Emergency Kit

This emergency kit from DECKED, often known as D-Bag Emergency Kit or DECKED x Uncharted Emergency Kit has several components that will help you out in an emergency. A DECKED D-Bag is a built-in emergency kit that fits into your car's trunk and can help you out in various kinds of emergencies.


The D-Bag is waterproof, so it won't let any water inside. It also has many compartments to keep things organized. This kit has been designed to hold everything you need, even if your trunk is full of other stuff.

The image shows a DECKED x Uncharted Emergency Kit

Contents of the kit

1. Tools

A strong set of tools is a must-have in any car emergency kit. The included tool kit comprises multi-tool equipment, waterproof matches, and other essentials that will help you in many emergencies. Each tool has been made to fix different vehicles and repair minor damages. This is an essential part of your emergency kit and should be taken at all times when you are out on the road.

2. First Aid

A small first aid kit will help you keep your health in check when you are out on the road. It contains basic items such as band-aids, crepe bandages, antibiotic ointments, antiseptic creams, and other essential supplies to treat minor injuries and wounds. These products can treat minor problems that may occur while on the road.

3. Air and Vision

Air and vision are essential to protect the eyes and prevent you from getting into accidents. Sunglasses for when the sun is too bright and a pair of dark glasses for when it's too low. Also included in the kit are a pair of air filtration masks, a pair of chemical lights, and a pair of goggles in case of visibility issues.

4. Power

For any on-the-go adventure, it's important to have the right tools that will help you stay on the move. The portable power bank in this kit is light and easy to carry around, and it can be used to keep all your devices charged up when you are out on the road.


It has been designed for quick charging and fast charging in case of an emergency, and this makes it ideal for use in an emergency when your vehicle is not running or is out of fuel. It also has a jumper cable and a flashlight.

5. Warmth

At all times, it is important to be prepared for any kind of weather and protect yourself from adverse climate conditions. This is why hand warmers have been included in the kit. These hand warmers can be conveniently used to heat your hands if you are exposed to extreme temperature conditions. It also has an emergency shelter in them.

6. Food & Water

If you get stranded while driving, you need to prepare food and water. You also need to know how much of it will be required if you do get stranded. This kit contains a 48-ounce water bottle that is useful for longer durations when you are out on the road. It also has energy bars and similar products to help sustain your energy levels when you have little time for rest or when needed for survival purposes.


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DECKED Drawer System

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DECKED Drawer Systems have great storage occupancies. You can make use of a separate DECKED Drawerganizer as a survival kit in your DECKED Drawer System. You can store all the necessary emergency kit accessories for a long time.

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DECKED Truck Tool Box


A DECKED Truck Tool Box gives you the ability to store various tools to use on the job and a place to keep extra supplies you may need during your work. This truck toolbox is

easy to install and comes with everything you need, including hardware and a manual. This allows you to start moving your tools safely and efficiently without any hassle.


DECKED Truck Tool Box is designed so that you can customize it according to your truck. The toolbox can be divided into multiple compartments where you can store your tools and whatever other items you need to keep at hand while on the job.

Rethink before making a final decision…

Auto emergency kits are one of the most essential things to have while on the road. No matter where you are heading or what you are doing, having an emergency tool kit will save your life in any unforeseen danger. The ones offered by DECKED are made with high-quality and are durable.


The kits offer multifunctional tools that are essential in all emergencies. Whether it's a medical emergency or an accident on the road, these kits have everything you would need to tackle emergencies. Since DECKED products are built to last and provide the quality that you deserve, their truck toolbox and other emergency kits have become highly popular among customers. We believe that DECKED products would never disappoint you. Why not tie a not today?